eremophila silky bells

Eremophila nivea is absolutely striking even when not in flower, nivea Latin niveus means snow or snow white, referring to the overall appearance of the shrub, this silver colour contrasts easily with other greens in the garden and make this a … [11], Media related to Eremophila at Wikimedia Commons, "Eremophila and it relatives - background", "Eremophila and its Relatives - Propagation", "Seed notes for Western Australia: 5 - Eremophila",, All Wikipedia articles written in Australian English, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 27 April 2020, at 17:52. A form with white flowers is also sometimes available. If you are purchasing pottery as part of your order we will be in touch after you complete your order to confirm stock availability and pick up location. [3], Some species of Eremophila, such as E.freelingii and E.latrobei are toxic to stock whereas others, including E.bignoniiflora and E.oppositifolia are useful fodder plants.

Having large silvery-green 'silky' leaves and amazing purple-blue tubular flowers makes this an amazing specimen in any garden. Flowering occurs from August to October and the fruits which follow are dry, woody, oval-shaped with a pointed end and 4.5–6 mm (0.18–0.24 in) long. These flowers are generally bird pollinated, the bird holding the plant stem while it visits the flower. The petals are joined, at least at their bases, into a tube with the upper petals different in size and shape from the lower ones. Its branches, leaves and sepals are covered with a layer of soft white to greyish matted hairs giving the plant a silvery-greyish appearance. Eremophila is a genus of more than 260 species of plants in the figwort family, Scrophulariaceae all of which are endemic to mainland Australia. Robert Chinnock is the modern authority who has named more than 100 species of eremophilas but because many species grow in rarely visited places, more remain to be named. Sometimes only the petals are coloured but often the sepals are also colourful. The petal tube is lilac-coloured, white with yellow-brown spots inside. [3], Aboriginal people used eremophilas for cultural and health reasons. Evergreen, Native Australian Plant, Outdoor, Perennial, Shrub. [2], Eremophila nivea is only known in the wild from near Three Springs in the Avon Wheatbelt and Yalgoo biogeographic regions. Eremophila maculata is found in all Australian states but there are no eremophilas in Tasmania. Ideally suited to low-maintenance, native and waterwise gardens, it thrives in full sun positions with well drained soil and will tolerate periods of drought once established. (One species, Eremophila debilis is thought to be a recent arrival in New Zealand). Myoporum insulare, M. montanum and M. acuminatum are suitable, depending on where the plant is to be grown. [11][12][13][14] It is possible to germinate eremophila seeds but the process involves either leaving the fruit in the ground for long periods or removing the seed from the fruit without damaging the seed. silky eremophila Happy medium natives Whether you're looking for a flowering feature shrub to impress, a tough plant for an exposed spot or a dense hedging plant this list of medium growing natives will give you plenty of choice.

[7], The name Eremophila is derived from the Ancient Greek ἐρῆμος (erêmos) meaning "lonely" or "desert" and φίλος (phílos) meaning “dear" or "beloved”[8] alluding to the species' adaptation to arid environments.[9]. A good plant for drier areas, as it will be short lived in more humid areas. Most also grow in nutrient-poor soil, and fertiliser is rarely needed or beneficial.

[1][2][3], There is variation in flower shape, the most common being two petals at the top of the tube and three below, with the stamens enclosed in the tube as in the case of E. exilifolia. Their rarity in gardens was partly because they were difficult to propagate or because they were rarely seen, even in nature. Having large silvery-green 'silky' leaves and amazing purple-blue tubular flowers makes this an amazing specimen in any garden. Eremophilas are therefore suited to low maintenance gardens, those where water supply is limited or where gardeners want a garden that does not require large volumes of water. In a severe drought, some species, such as E. microtheca can lose their leaves and appear to be dead after a long dry period, only to recover and turn into a compact, healthy-looking shrub after a deep watering. Por desgracia, cada vez es menos frecuente y … As methods of propagating and growing have improved, the popularity of eremophilas has increased. Eremophila nivea, commonly known as silky eremophila, is a flowering plant in the figwort family, Scrophulariaceae and is endemic to Western Australia. It is helpful to mound the soil to improve drainage. Some species have common names including emu bush, poverty bush or fuchsia bush, reflecting the belief that emus eat the fruit, their arid environment or a superficial resemblance to the flowers of plants in the genus Fuchsia. This very attractive Eremophila is native to Western Australia. In nature it is a rare shrub with hairy branches and leaves, and blue, purple or violet flowers. [6] Only a few populations are known, some of which are in danger of roadworks as they occur on road verges. A significant number of eremophilas have the term emu bush or poverty bush as part of their common names, although sometimes two species have the same common name and sometimes one species has more than one common name. Eremophilas vary in size and habit from low, prostrate shrubs such as E. serpens to small trees in the case of E. bignoniiflora. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. [4] The specific epithet (nivea) is a Latin word meaning "snowy" or "snow-white"[5] in reference to the colour of the hairs on the branches and leaves of this species. [7], Although rare in nature, silky eremophila is often available in specialist nurseries with its popularity in part due to its soft, silvery-grey foliage and pale to deep blue flowers. Eremophila nivea, la sedosa eremophila es una planta arbustiva de la familia de las Scrophulariaceae. The flowers, which bloom from autumn until spring will attract nectar feeding birds. The beauty and abundance of their flowers, variety of foliage and habit, and extended flowering period make them attractive garden plants. All pictures are contributed by our community. They are mostly drought resistant and many also tolerant of frost, allowing them to be grown in most situations. However, many more are rare or threatened by human activities such as land clearing, pastoral activity and mining. Eremophilas are widespread in the arid areas of Australia, especially Western Australia and range in size from low-growing shrubs to small trees.

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