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The team has never qualified for the FIFA World Cup, but has qualified for the Africa Cup of Nations twice, both as hosts in 2012 and 2015. Species assessed using this system have the following instead of near threatened and least concern categories: The hyraxes are any of four species of fairly small, thickset, herbivorous mammals in the order Hyracoidea. Inflation remained very low in 2016, down from an average of 4% in 2014. The Pygmies are known to be quite short and their height rarely goes beyond half that of an average adult. 8.- Director General of the Equatorial Guinea National Institute for Farming Production (INPAGE), Mr. JESUS ONDO AYONG ASUE. Of the mammal species in Equatorial Guinea, one is critically endangered, eight are endangered, nine are vulnerable, and four are near threatened.[1]. The order Cetacea includes whales, dolphins and porpoises. IUCN. The order Primates contains humans and their closest relatives: lemurs, lorisoids, tarsiers, monkeys, and apes. Monte Alen National Park is famous for its wildlife. Despite it being a mineral-rich country and one of the few countries in Africa to have a balance of payment surplus and a handsome per capita income, most of its wealth goes to private pockets of the few ruling elites. Yet unlike the deserts of most oil-producing countries, it has rich and dense natural vegetation with a diversity of flora and fauna. Subscribe to get special offers and the latest offers from the Afrikanza team. He has maintained military grip over the state instruments. Nonetheless, there is already an economic capital on the mainland by the name ‘Bata’ city. However, probably, there is some ‘logic' due to security reasons. Equatorial Guinea Coat of Arms: The coat of arms of Equatorial Guinea is composed of a silk cotton tree (or the so called God tree) against a grey shield. There are many things to know about this unique country. Like the rest of Sub-Saharan Africa, Equatorial Guinea suffers from the "curse of natural wealth".

There are over 260 species of carnivorans, the majority of which feed primarily on meat.

A silk cotton tree is centered on a silver shield.

The principal religion in Equatorial Guinea is Christianity, the faith of 93% of the population. 2001 dead link] "Mammal Species of the World". Equatorial Guinea is the smallest African country to be a member of the United Nations. The species is facing a high risk of extinction in the wild. However, rampant and illegal loggings targeting its highly precious woods and wildlife, protected areas become the only solution against depletion. Equatorial Guinea is building a new capital expected to be completed in 2020. University of …

It is home to elephants, chimpanzees, and gorillas. The country's current capital city, Malabo, is the only capital city in the world by a non-island nation not to be located on its mainland but on a tiny island.

However, the Goliath frog is the most famous of them all.

The species does not meet any of the criteria that would categorise it as risking extinction but it is likely to do so in the future.

Order: Soricomorpha (shrews, moles, and solenodons), Order: Artiodactyla (even-toed ungulates), International Union for Conservation of Nature, "The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species: Mammals of Equatorial Guinea", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_mammals_of_Equatorial_Guinea&oldid=945859608, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles with dead external links from October 2010, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. They are native to Africa and the Middle East. There are about 220 artiodactyl species, including many that are of great economic importance to humans. About the size of a domestic cat they are well-furred, with rounded bodies and a stumpy tail.

They have two incisors in the upper and lower jaw which grow continually and must be kept short by gnawing. Yet unlike the deserts of most oil-producing countries, it has rich and dense natural vegetation with a diversity of flora and fauna. MINISTRY FOR MINES AND HYDROCARBONS: 1.- The species is in imminent risk of extinction in the wild. The six six-pointed stars above the shield represent the five main islands, and the national motto is displayed below. Larger Equatorial Guinea flag.

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At the current value, this fetches $4.1 billion and $1.3 billion respectively thus leaving it with a handsome trade surplus of $4.2 billion after factoring in its imports of about $1.6 billion. The Next 10 Countries: The World's Most Likely New Nations. Some of them would only reach the knees of a man of average height. National Animal of Equatorial Guinea The national animal of Equatorial Guinea is the giraffe.

The Equatorial Guinea national football team, nicknamed Nzalang Nacional, represents Equatorial Guinea in international football and is controlled by the Equatoguinean Football Federation, a member of the Confederation of African Football (CAF).. Thus, it is rare for a small non-island country like Equatorial Guinea to exist on the African continent. Can move 2ft of soil in just 15 seconds!

Being in charge of an oil-rich country, he ‘naturally’ happens to be a benefactor of international conspiracy to keep him in power just to continue siphoning oil from this rich but impoverished country. Equatorial Guinea is famed for its pristine beaches. Freedom House, the respected US think tank, places Equatorial Guinea alongside Burma, North Korea and Somalia on its list of the world's worst regimes, a … Organize Animals By: Letter (A-to-Z) Scientific; Class; Location; Endangered; Pictures; Favourites; Join AZ Animals FREE to get amazing animal facts, printable animal activities, and much more sent directly to you. There is inadequate information to make an assessment of the risks to this species. These frogs can grow up to 32 cm long and weigh up to 3.25 kilos. Yet, despite its small size, it holds natural wealth that supersedes those of many large countries.

The majority of its small population lives in abject poverty. Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. The even-toed ungulates are ungulates whose weight is borne about equally by the third and fourth toes, rather than mostly or entirely by the third as in perissodactyls.

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