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The Wonderland Family bonus for 2/3/4/5 heroes is: The special event heroes are all part of the Grimforest Family and get a bonus when more than one different member of the family is part of a players team. In addition, if you retrain a. The Boss Hoss For sure considered as the best hero in Empires & Puzzles by many players, Hel has her place in the S-Tier for sure. The hero’s healing bonus or the amount of health received from potions and other special effects. Ultimate Farming Guide for Empires and Puzzles, 2020 Empires & Puzzles Seasonal event guide, Empires & Puzzles: Alliance War strategies, Defense team – Strategies, advice and tactics, Season 2 – Atlantis rises / Atlantis Hero Summons, Empires & Puzzles Hero Summoning Guide/Hack/Cheat, Best overall 5 star (Legendary) hero award, How Empires and Puzzles heroes are graded / Ranked, 5 Star Nature / Green Heroes list & Grading, 4 Star Nature / Green Heroes list & Grading, 3 Star Nature / Green Heroes list & Grading, 5 Star Holy / Yellow Heroes list & Grading, 4 Star Holy / Yellow Heroes list & Grading, 3 Star Holy / Yellow Heroes list & Grading, 5 Star Dark / Purple Heroes list & Grading, 4 Star Dark / Purple Heroes list & Grading, 3 Star Dark / Purple Heroes list & Grading, Bonus Legendary Secret hero: 0.1% [Myztero], Empires and Puzzles Ultimate farming guide - Updated March 2020, Season 3 Realms - Empires and Puzzles Game Guide, Empires and Puzzles - Tavern of Legends *BETA* - Summon Past HotMs, Empires And Puzzles Hero Ranking – Kapan Games, Empires And Puzzles Hero List – Kapan Games, 2020 Empires & Puzzles Guide for all seasonal events - Springvale & more, Empires and Puzzles - Mana - Not Pay to Win. … That's 14 x 20 days = 280 days so about 9 months. Ranking heroes below #7 is meaningless to do so. You can try a. 3: For stat bonus. When you have a HA-10, you can afford to have one of these cooking all the time and maybe get lucky enough to pull a superhero. The Boss Hoss On balance, I would not build the Hero Academy just for this strategy alone, since it is not a big improvement on TC19. Killing titans also gives you a kill point towards opening the chest for the titan wanted mission. _g1.classList.remove('lazyload'); The Boss Hoss These regenerate at a rate of 1 flag every 4 hours. TC 19 is a great way to get quick heroes, but is very food heavy. However, you can put together a semi-decent team with the chance to clear most PvE missions even without spending real currency. The best use if you are going to go through the time and expense of leveling it up is to focus on Level 6 and use it to get 3* RARE troops using the hack / strategies found above. 3 Energy: 1-1 to 7-4, 7-7 to 8-1, 8-4, 8-6 to 9-1. By continuing to use the site, you consent to work with these files.

Personally, I use a lot of iron to craft battle items to use in tournaments, so never have much extra. I think I’ll get more use out of the trainer heroes but there’s a small chance I could get a good 5*! Your defense team does not depend on gem matches to hurt opponents, so you do not have to worry about having one of each colour. Once I have the food storage fully leveled, I'll run HA10 once in a while, but still feel it's a waste of a lot of food etc. FOR ONE NON TC20 HERO on average after you've waited however long just to get to Level 10. Users may opt out of personalized advertising by visiting Ads Settings. Cheap, and easy to make. Then, add more iron and recruits to train more 3* troops. In total there are 5 peaks, and 4 abrupt declines. Mobile iOS and Android Games Guides & Tips. How to Pass Abyss Tower 101 – 110 Floors. This method of performing summons is based on the Presumed streakiness of RNG in the game. A lot of my alliance mates are convinced HA10 is worht it. That seems to be the majority view in my alliance as well. On your defense team choose your strongest heroes/best combination of special skills. (Karil mostly sees play in Challenge Events). New areas open up in your base when the stronghold gains levels 3, 5, 8, 11, 15, and 20. They are really not that difficult to Accumulate. If you get your desired 5* hero (or HotM), then you may stop. Thanks in advance.

#2 Alberich Similarly, highly versatile in Offensive and defensive positions and against Titans. You can collect any time by clicking on the building, not just when it tells you to! TC 20 is definitely a push goal for free to play and low spending players. Knowing that you now need to decide what you would use to consider the RNG streaking high.

I’m still leveling for storage so the I can use Level 10 but my plan is to have the 5* retrain abs the trainer heroes running non stop. When you ascend a hero it automatically gains a level to its special skill. If you don’t have the right number of buildings at any given step, then there’s an excellent chance that you built a barracks over the missing building and forgot about it. The most reliable way to obtain 3* heroes is via the Training Camp at TC12 or TC13. So I decided to rank up all heroes here in this guide so you see what heroes you should spend all your hard earned resources and precious time on in Empires and Puzzles. These  can be received as a reward from Wanted Missions, Titan Battles, Alliance Wars and Challenge Events. For folks willing to pay to get great heroes you’ll probably just want to research up to TC 11 initially, then focus on your forge for battle items. Or if you are lucky, you got quests full of fire enemies. You may also find opportunities to purchase heroes via. As a note, you will gain no loot or kill point if you don’t hit the titan, or you are not within your alliance when the titan dies. It's gem-free, cheap way of constantly getting rare 5*'s.

Although Empires & Puzzles is clearly geared towards P2W players, there are almost no resources that cannot be accessed through gameplay and that must be purchased with real currency. Using four copies of the same hero during a level-up guarantees that the character’s special skill will be improved. The chart below shows what each of the icons mean. Lv 3 – antidotes ** remember, 1 vial will cure your whole team of negative status effects! Finally, the average chance of pulling a Legendary hero is about 1% and 1.3% for the current HOTM. It was every 3,4,5* hero, their overall ranks for monster, raid, war, titan battles. I like to play mobile games.

_g1.setAttribute('src', _g1.getAttribute('data-src') ); If it results in a second 1* troop, repeat step 2.

Upgrading a hero in Empires & Puzzles is hard work and take a ton of time and costs a load of resources. Click on the image of an item when in your forge or inventory to find out where you can find it! In the above, monsters and items (including recruits) have the same average on all levels, so the harder the levels get, more energy they cost and the monsters/energy ratio start to drop considerable. About the limited time hero of the month! It's another viable strategy for the Hero Academy. The hero’s attack or damage done to enemies. In addition for free to play (FTP) Empires & Puzzles players, the Hero Academy might be good, even to level 10 as a chance to get more rare 5* heroes.

Zeline is a great choice in most aspects of Empires & Puzzles and an awesome choice for the flanks with great durability in offensive actions as well.

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