elena of avalor villains

She served as the main antagonist in it's 2016 Disney Channel special Elena and the Secret of Avalor (a spinoff crossover of Elena of Avalor and the TV series Sofia the First), and subsequently reprises that role in the TV series, where she serves as the unseen overarching antagonist of Season 1, the main antagonist of the first half of Season 2, and the posthumous overarching antagonist of the second half of Season 2 and Season 3. Elena winds up being the cause of her being stuck in the Spirit World and unable to return to the living world. After the avalanche, it's just her and Esteban. She has another one in "Song of the Sirenas", in which she realizes she has failed to finish off Elena and is then promptly defeated by her once and for all. They left the castle and gathered the citizens of Avalor to ignite a revolution against Shuriki's tyranny. Also, in "Naomi Knows Best", she only agrees to go back for Victor eventually when Carla tells her to. Elena of Avalor: Shuriki | Fiero | Victor Delgado | Ash Delgado | Carla Delgado | Troyo | Cruz | Vestia | Chancellor Esteban | Chatana | Duke Cristóbal | Zopilote | Pili | Tziloco | Orizaba | Tito | Marimonda | Maliga | Grand Macaw | Saloso | Torpe | Macoco | Kupi-Kupi | Anchimon | Chiki-Chiki | Kizin | Water spirit | Four Shades of Awesome (Cahu, Vuli, Yolo, and Hetz), Take over and rule Avalor by murdering King Raul and Queen Lucia. Carla interrupts Shuriki's rant to complain about how she is not as prominent on the Delgados' wanted posters despite being as wanted as her father is. Elena and the Secret of Avalor The two end up bickering most of the time over each other's plans and actions, mainly in that Esteban is an, In "Spirit of a Wizard", he tries to kill Mateo, resulting in Alacazar. Shuriki initially showed no fear knowing Elena's lack of control over her wand's magic, but instead of using it to strike Shuriki, Elena snaps the wand in half, causing Shuriki to lose her power and rapidly revert to her true age as an old woman, becoming shriveled and weak. Elena of Avalor Wiki. Her name is Ash, for what's left after a fire. "Naomi Knows Best" reveals that his wife Ash looks down on him and considers Carla to be more powerful than him. Aside from a brief look of shock, Ash seems to take it well. Animal Morphing (Yolo)Time Control (Cahu)Weather Manipulation (Hetz)Chaos Manipulation (Vuli) Shuriki furiously ordered her guards to find and capture Elena and Sofia, but as time went on without word of her whereabouts, the sorceress quickly began losing her patience, going so far as to threaten Esteban for showing concern towards his cousin. With Fiero's help, Shuriki went into the Royal Treasury, stole the jewel from the Carnaval tiara, and forged a new wand. As she was prepared to sign Roland's trade agreement, Elena suddenly arrived in the castle and exposed Shuriki of her true colors.

His petrified body is kept in the garden of Avalor Palace afterwards, and he's not freed from his stone prison until "The Lightning Warrior". She's a lot nicer in "The Lightning Warrior", having reflected on her past actions and wrongs while imprisoned in the dungeon, now genuinely wanting to help Team Avalor.

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