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During the course of all nine seasons on the show, who were some of the best couples on Shameless and who were some of the worst? 10 Dottie Frank dated Dottie in season 2 for one terrible reason; wanted her pension money. After attempting to extort his ex-wife for money, Yvonne and Stan Waterman conspired to kill him. However, in Episode 814, Paddy's coffin was carried to his old address in Chatsworth, where a crowd of local residents were openly celebrating.

RELATED: Shameless: 20 Couples The Show Wants Us To Forget. The basis of Shameless is that the Gallaghers put the ... we basically saw him sex a woman to death this week. Summer Loving is the second episode of the second season of Shameless. Jimmy Dee: Leader of a small gang in Chatsworth, who threatened to kill the Gallagher's when Carl Gallagher and Chesney Karib attempted to inform the police after witnessing Jimmy killed a local youth. RELATED: Shameless: 20 Things Wrong With Lip We All Choose To Ignore.

Kash Karib: At Yvonne's insistance, Kash wrote a suicide note for his family to read and disappeared from Manchester in Episode 404, after his reckless spending as a councillor for Chatsworth landed him and Yvonne in serious debt. Frank's feelings for Monica provide viewers with the smallest glimmer of hope that Frank does, in fact, have a soul. There are a lot of couples on Shameless who do despicable things in their relationship. Jimmy was secretly killed by Joe Pritchard, after Jimmy's rampage was getting out of hand in Episode 710. Ian has dated several other people during the time of Mickey's absence, but all his other romances felt stale in comparison to his relationship with his best friend and one true love, Mickey Milkovich. Most of them onscreen. While some of the relationships on Shameless are beautiful and goal-worthy, others are absolute disasters that the world's best couples counselor couldn't dare attempt to fix. Kash Karib: Returned to Chatsworth in Episode 614, after having first faked his death in Episode 404. They are constantly enjoying each others company and they continue to find excitement in their relationship after being together for what seems to be over a decade. She had a bad heart that would explode if her heart rate went above a certain level.

Reggie had been sick for a long time and would later die from his ailments in the episode. Frank left Patty on the beach at low tide to help her get a better view, and told her he would return in an hour. He was dismembered, in secret, by Mickey Maguire after Mickey had learned that Homer had in the past, raped both his daughters. He was stuck in an abusive relationship, where Kassidi literally chained him to his bed so he would never leave her. So basically, he killed Dottie. Baxter: Derilee's husband, whom held Frank, Derilee, Stella and Monica hostage in Episode 11.13. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Summer Loving

John Wells

Previous The two are equally messed up and only cause trouble when they are together, but boy, do they love each other. Carol Fisher: It was revealed in Episode 817 that Carol had died sometime after her departure from Chatsworth after Series 4, when her son, Marty, possessed an urn filled with her ashes. Steve "Bonehead" Boneden: A local youth who died from his injuries after he was savagely assaulted by Jimmy Dee, in retaliation for Bonehead sexually assaulting Jimmy's younger sister, and texting pictures of himself doing so. While Mickey tried his best to constantly portray himself as the ultimate tough guy, he became soft whenever in the arms of his love. How could our favorite South Side Dramedy manage to create a couple that's blander than a bowl of flavorless oatmeal? We knew Frank was a total a-hole, but we didn't know until that point that he was literally willing to have someone die for his own benefit. RELATED: What to Expect From Shameless Season 10. In fact, the two shared so much chemistry on screen that the actors who portray them, Jeremy Allen White (Lip) and Emma Greenwell (Mandy) are dating in real life, and have been since 2011! They just weren't fun to follow as a storyline and we'd be just fine skipping over all of the scenes with Lip and Sierra. As Sheila is conquering her agoraphobia, Frank grows close to Dottie "Butterface" Coronis, a sick woman who might be his next financial windfall. Dottie and Frank were an extremely unfortunate pairing on Shameless and Frank's treatment of Dottie just further highlighted how much of a terrible person Frank Gallagher really is.Back in season 2, Dottie (otherwise known offensively as "Butter Face" by the men at the bar), was on the cusp of death. Lip considers Karen to be his best friend on Shameless and he cares for Karen in a way that he has never cared for anyone else on the show. Sue Garland and her Children: In Episode 819, Shane discovered there was manhunt for Marty Fisher, who was believed to be the main suspect in an arson attack in Spain, which was said to have claimed the lives of Sue and her children with Marty.

Their chemistry is off the charts and the two of them share something that simply cannot be replaced no matter how hard they might try. From an alcoholic father to a mother who has abandoned the kids at an early age, this family doesn't seem to have a whole lot going for them. Dottie deserved much better in her final days. Those We Lost On Shameless 1- Sheila’s husband Eddie dies in the first season by dropping himself into an icy lake. 2

Homer: Kelly Marie Ball's father, who, in Episode 713, came to check up on Kelly's fifteen year old half-sister, Tonya, and her son Enrique. As Frank puts it, Karen is "a beautiful mess".

reunited when Ian was placed in prison alongside his old flame.

Frank used Dottie for her pension although he seemed to gain a genuine attraction towards her. Season Yawn! Although, he would return several years later and die for real (see above). How beautiful is that? Fans were thrilled when the two were (finally!) Debbie Gallagher: In Episode 801, Monica made the Gallagher's believe Debbie was killed in Afghanistan, so she could return to them while they were still in a state of shock. What they lack in stability and financial support, they make up for in their romantic relationships... Well, sometimes. Kev and V are hands down the best couple on Shameless, no questions asked. But, once behind closed doors, the coffin was opened to reveal a cache of firearms which had been purchased by Paddy from the IRA. Luckily, the writers decided to get rid of him in season 9 by giving him a whole secret storyline that could barely justify all those minutes we wasted watching Ford and Fiona fall in love. 2

Joseph Pritchard: Suffered several fatal blows to the back of the skull by Ian Gallagher, who used a tire iron when Joe was strangling Karen Maguire in Episode 716. Fiona explores her sexual freedom. But Frank delays by getting drunk. The next morning, Frank remembers where he had left Patty, and to his horror, finds her wheelchair vacated and half-buried in the sand. Summertime Yet Sean's worst crime of all was how flat and boring he was, putting him in that same unfortunate boat as Sierra and Ford. Lip ultimately decided he had to leave the relationship because he claimed he spent most of their time together overtly drunk.

We all recall that classic wedding scene when Frank revealed to the entire family how Sean was still using, featuring Fiona's classic "ugly cry". Fiona and Ford are not only the dullest couple on Shameless, but they might just take the cake for being the stalest couple in TV history. Ferghal Maguire was not a named character prior to the report of his death in this episode, and may have been present as one of the Maguire sons who were pursuing Ian way back in Episode 103. Frank's death was even reported in the local news.

Kassidi forced Carl to refrain from following his dreams of going to military school at Westpoint because she thought it would ruin their relationship. NEXT: Shameless: 25 Things That Make No Sense About Fiona’s Relationships, All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Read the list below to find out! Ruby Hepburn: After her aunt Mimi says some unkind things about her father, Kenny Murphy (Mimi's late older brother) Ruby loses her temper, takes Mimi hostage and locks them both in her bedroom, with Billy Tutton and Jamie Maguire outside trying to talk her out of anything rash. As Sheila is conquering her agoraphobia, Frank grows close to Dottie "Butterface" Coronis, a sick woman who might be his next financial windfall. However, Kash had overheard them, and went to what was then the Cash and Carry (later Chesco) and met with his estranged son, Chesney, who, in a moment of rage, knocked out his father. It takes time for Lip to fully appreciate Mandy, and he tells her how beautiful and capable she is while she is in the middle of a violently abusive relationship.

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