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I plan on adding roof shingles to the house so I wanted to start with a thinner layer so it doesn’t add too much bulk. Therefore, with that said, be safe & have fun! Read More…. Jig saw

Read my full terms of use here. Start by ripping a 12″ piece off the long edge of the sheet of plywood with the Kreg RipCut. Kreg RipCut This dollhouse opens up for hours of play. Then use the jig saw to complete the cut. You may download our free printable dollhouse misc. I am only planning on finishing the outside of the house and a couple of the rooms inside before Christmas so that we can work together later to create the perfect handmade dollhouse with lots of personal touches. Learn how to build a chic wooden dollhouse with my DIY modern dollhouse plans, including a free printable PDF!

Each piece can serve two or more purposes. PS Please excuse Eric’s nakedness. Then cut the roof wall out of the larger piece. Have fun building your dollhouse! ), Reminder, if you want to download the printable PDF plans for this modern dollhouse, including the detailed cut list and lumber shopping list, pop your email in the signup form below. printables by clicking on the PDF file. From the remaining piece of plywood, cut the following pieces I used the RipCut to cut the 12″ sections only to the corners, then finished the notched cuts with the AccuCut and a jig saw. I added wheels to the bottom of the dollhouse so we can wheel it up against the wall like a bookcase, but then easily wheel it out for lots of play time.

Scrap wood and a few tools are all you need. Print ), For the full cut list and pocket hole placement guide, you can download the free printable DIY modern dollhouse plans at the link below.

Use these handmade dollhouse plans to make the perfect Christmas present this year. Build a simple wooden dollhouse for hours of enjoyment. This is a guide about free printable dollhouse and dollhouse furniture plans. Since there are so many steps to my dollhouse project, I am breaking them up into smaller posts. How to DIY a chic, modern wooden dollhouse—free plans! / ild a fun patio lounger for an 18 inch doll using this free tutorial. The width is not on this picture, but is noted in the instructions. The jigsaw was great for this. Next add the bottom floor inner walls and top it off with the second floor. Alright, I’ve been working on this post for a few weeks now and decided to just publish it—even though the dollhouse isn’t completely finished. I just used one coat of black acrylic paint and a few coats of matte water-based polyurethane for extra protection and a bit of sheen. Starting at the bottom, attach the front of the house and then the side walls with wood glue and the 1 1\/4\u2033 nails. Yes, you may use the templates and information provided on this website for non-commercial use. © Kati Farrer A link back to this site is also appreciated. All … I just wanted to show the scale. Best part is you can fold it up for storing when not in use. Doll Vanity free building plan.Here is a quick and easy project you can build in no time. I’m also planning to paint the backing and make it the “front” of the house, as well as add some siding? 1 Dollhouse Subscribe today and gain access to the entire library of printables & downloads. I attached this using the pocket holes as well. Start by ripping a 12″ piece off the long edge of the sheet of plywood with the Kreg RipCut.

Kreg AccuCut Or if you have to buy a second sheet, you can always use the 1/2″ plywood as well. You can make it as detailed as you wish. I just attached these using wood glue and nails. First I added the side pieces using the pocket holes and pocket hole screws. Truly amazing work, we will try to remake it, in a way, for our twin girlies. ","position":4,"name":"To keep the corners clean, cut just to...","url":"https:\/\/\/handmade-dollhouse-plans\/#mv_create_106_4"},{"@type":"HowToStep","text":"Using the drill, drill holes in the corners of the windows and then cut them out with the jig saw. If you’ve never used pocket holes before, also make sure to check out my ultimate guide for using the KregJig K4. Remember to wear a mask and eye protection while cutting and sanding wood. Doll House Bookshelf free project.Build a child this small dollhouse bookshelf using these free instructions. So if you have a garage full of scraps, you can get away with just one sheet. And don’t forget to check out the rest of my Woodworking Tutorials for more DIY gift ideas. I plan on adding roof shingles to the house so I wanted to start with a thinner layer so it doesn’t add too much bulk. I know, just over one sheet really sucks. How fun!! Then use the jig saw to complete the cut. Furthermore, all videos, materials, templates and information provided within this website is for informational & entertainment purposes use only. And they are super easy to use and accurate. I did two vertical dividers—one for the bottom and one for the top floor. It’s this adorable set from Amazon. These are my two favorite new tools because they make it possible for me to rip down full sheets of plywood all by myself. Rating: 4.3. The doll furniture set I got had 5 rooms, so I wanted a 5th! Free plans to build Doll Bunk BedsFollow the step-by-step instructions and download the free plans to build this set of doll bunk beds. Build it using this tutorial.

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