do geckos eat their eggs

One female leopard and one snow morph. Don’t remove a hatchling until it is fully out. In addition to keeping clutch laying and hatching records, I record in my journal most nights how many weeks and days it’s been since the lay date for each egg. When the two have successfully mated, inspect the box after a few weeks for eggs – you must do this periodically. I have an egg in a container in the incubator. It does happen sometimes (it’s happened to me) that the hatchling doesn’t make it through the hatching process, which, I feel, is nature’s way of preventing more weak animals.

Instead, gently dry them off or wipe them down then put them around the house. But if you heat the room, make sure to cool the vivarium itself. They are fed with crickets, flies, cockroaches and other insects. Geckos are not very caring towards their young. hello… so i was stupid and thought putting a male and female gecko in one cage was a good idea and now my female gecko just laid eggs and i’m not ready at all and i’m also only 13 and my family does not have any idea what to do ether and i don’t want to just throw them away. They will then shed and eat their skin which will provide them with early nutrition. Should I try helping or just let it go? Furthermore, some lizards eat meat and other lizards. Fascinatingly some geckos, like the leopard gecko, can lay eggs without ever mating; these eggs are not fertilized and will not create a live baby gecko. So, the best age to breed your crested geckos is 18-24 months. Hatchlings that continue to eat little or not at all after 2 weeks and do not seem to be growing well may need to be hand fed until they catch on to the idea of eating. No red looking mass inside that I could see. This should help. Place this egg-laying box in one side of the tank.

Please note that female crested geckos can also lay eggs without being with a male – but the eggs won’t be fertile. Ideally, the only “accidental” fertile egg-laying (some female geckos lay infertile eggs without benefit of a male) should occur when an already gravid gecko has been purchased unintentionally.

Egg-laying females are not the most devoted to their offspring, but they sometimes appear to tolerate their young for long periods – offering some protection with their presence. Aside from carefully protecting their future hatchlings, females deposit their eggs, go about their lives, never to return, unless to eat their own eggs – which happens occasionally. Perhaps but, given the mounds that are around my granny’s house, I’m skeptical. The incubation period lasts from 3 to 7 months, depending on the conditions created in the terrarium. How long will the footprints on the moon last? Now, let’s talk about what you need to prepare for breeding.

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