diy zero gravity workstation

This allowed some more experimentation with distance and angle of the screen. I mostly work from home (awesome). The advantage of this design, is that you can switch between positions instantly without any additional adjustments.

People who used the system reported that after a while, you felt disconnected from your body - a "free floating head" vantage point.

A: This is a very relevant question, and points of concern as I was building.

I also made some indentations for my forearms. I haven't worn a headset that I would be happy to keep on for more than 30 minutes at a time, which is a huge limiter on the application of the tech.

IIRC, the image from the projector was "spherically warped" by a lens (or maybe pre-computed - similar to the barrel warping done for current VR headsets like the Oculus Rift, or old ones like the LEEP system), so that it would flatten out by the curvature of the projection dome. I even figured out how to use a standing option using this configuration.

The beauty of this design is that the head, projector and screen are in a fixed geometry, so that any adjustment is instant. I might incorperate this for my gaming rig :D. Sure, this could help a bit, but I suspect you are better off choosing the projector wisely (more options are coming shortly). I tried a laser projector by sony that has no need for focus, but this was not ideal (next gen maybe). Placing the mouse pad on the chair arm caused my shoulder to be too high, leading to minor but persistent shoulder pain (impingement, "frozen shoulder syndrome").

The human body was not designed to spend 8 hours a day sitting with our hands on a mouse and keyboard. I considered different materials for this component, and may go higher tech for the next version (foam board covered in carbon fiber) but I ended up using pine shelving. Thanks for the comment. He had this idea that there'd be special "arcades" where you'd go and pay to use these systems, and the chairs would even be mounted on motion bases to further immerse participants. Now that lots of ergonomic accessories are available, it's quite a bit easier to put something like this together. I have tried a standing desk, but I get a separate pain in my lower back from this position. The dome solution might be a more comfortable solution.

ergonomic keyboard and mouse from Microsoft. Be sure to take some time to get this right given your projector and mount setup (it helps to have a some extra hands here). Something to play with, I guess. I didn't overly trim the vertical extent of the board, to give more flexibility to the position of the projection. Anti-Gravity Workstation (with Standing Option): The human body was not designed to spend 8 hours a day sitting with our hands on a mouse and keyboard. I can mouse in the laid back position no problem. The tech will continue to get better, and I suspect lasers will be better going forward (no heat, high res, tiny). Reply What was wrong with the laser projector? It is easy enough to transition to standing, but it gives me pain in the lower back so I don't. If you google it, this is the chair the comes up... About: A lowly geologist who likes to build stuff.

which projector did you use, do you have any problem reading fine print from the computer or eye strain with it and what is the bulb life? Two holes on the bottom fit into the dowels on on the bamboo poles and a third hole fits a steel rod that holds it in place while working in the standing position. I have developed a nagging pain in my upper back that worsens when working long hours. I did not cut the length of the bamboo till I tested the optimal screen distance.

Haha, you are right, this is a highly misleading and an abuse of clickbaitery. The dip angle (verticality) was not that critical in the end because you can play around with the attachment of the screen at a later step.

Stereo speakers and base shakers allowed for further immersion. I had initially inserted a bamboo skewer to keep the board at an angle, but I ended up just using some document clips to hold the screen in place for now. My current setup still seems pretty temporary. I am somewhat a VR pioneer of sort as well.

hy oh why did the marketing team get away with calling this an anti-gravity seat. The big problem (well, expensive $$$ problem) is getting such a dome made for back-projection; it would likely need to be made from acrylic or polycarbonate, and both are going to be expensive out the gate (if you've ever priced clear plastic domes, you'll know what I mean).

I cut a hole in the fabric at the top of the chair to expose the frame, it is best to check the location with your projector because the mounting hole/lens will likely be offset from center. When it was first being developed, it was really rough; somewhere I have a copy of his old development website before Mr. Park got funding - images of the system with his projector balanced on a ladder in his living room. ",,, I wanted to have the bamboo poles seated onto two angled steel bars, cantilevered in such a way that the screen can swing up and out of the way for entry and exit. I like what you did here; it's something I've considered doing myself, but never got around to (plus, there's things I do that I have to have a real desk for, unfortunately). Did you make this project?

I often switch to this knee chair because it helps to realign my spine for under 2hrs by shifting 70% some of my hip force to my knees.. It's an insult to out inteligence. I've often thought about how a setup like that would be great. Thanks for the comment. Diy Zero Gravity Workstation. I am using this setup almost everyday since construction. A: I rarely use the standing capability. Yeah I’ve had the same problem with text on 1080p televisions, laptops put out 1080p, but the screen resolution is higher and optimized for text. They should have burned on the stake for that.

Maybe using the hack of half bowl/cups to project laptop sound could be applied to direct the fan noise away. Q: Would you actually use this in an office environment? Most projectors are not meant to throw such a short distance. I spent significant time trying to figure out the optimal position and angle (dip and azimuth) for these. He said it's made a huge difference, and if he has a flare-up now, he recovers much faster. haha.

Therefore with some background music, it is no more distracting than your laptop fan. The chair was custom designed as an "anti-gravity" chair (there wasn't anything like it on the market back then) - using ergonomic data measurements of the human pose when relaxed in micro-gravity (like in space). Some years ago, a coworker welded together an elaborate contraption with counter-balanced weights to allow him to easily work at the computer from a reclining position without back pain.

Some years ago, a coworker welded together an elaborate contraption with counter-balanced weights to allow him to easily work at the computer from a reclining position without back pain. Unlike many of my projects that end up in my reject pile, I use this almost every day for many hours (I am using it NOW) and fully expect to continue using it or an upgraded version. 1 year ago. I haven't tried that yet. To attach the supports, I drilled a hole in both the support and the chair to insert the pin and welded the assembly together. You might be interested in something similar that was done a while back as part of NASA's "spinoff" program: Deep Hole in a Small Box, a Different Take on the Infinity Mirror. I considered many different materials before settling on bamboo to support the screen.

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