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(December 13, 2016), S4E10: "Do You Hear What I Hear?"

The Most Epic Holiday-Themed Disney Channel Episodes Ever. The secret ingredients for a … The Most Epic Holiday-Themed Disney Channel Episodes Ever And you know that Lizzie McGuire /Aaron Carter masterpiece makes the list. 1 day ago, by Victoria Messina I hope so, though! Season 2 Episode 13 A Very Possible Christmas.

Get 10% off, Walt Disney World Checklists and our Newsletter every Friday! Boy Meets World Christmas Episodes capture the true spirit of the holidays every time! While we love a good Christmas movie around here, sometimes we need to go back to our favorite Disney Channel shows and spend Christmas & our favorite holidays there, too. Angry Head" (December 11, 2000), S4E10: "The Ghost of Christmas Presents" (December 10, 2001), S4E10: "Mary and Her Lambs" (December 17, 1982), S6E13: "Home for Christmas" (December 21, 1984), S1E7: "A Christmas Story" (December 19, 2001), S3E3: "Road to Tradition" (December 14, 2003), S1E13: "Home for Christmas" (December 19, 1962), S1E14: "No Place Like Home" (December 26, 1962), S2E14: "Christmas at the Clampetts" (December 25, 1963), S5E15: "The Christmas Present" (December 21, 1966), S7E13: "The Week Before Christmas" (December 18, 1968), S7E14: "Christmas in Hooterville" (December 25, 1968), S1E15: "A Vision of Sugar Plums" (December 24, 1964; re-aired in 1965 with new introductory scene), S4E16: "Humbug Not to Be Spoken Here" (December 21, 1967), S6E14: "Santa Comes to Visit and Stays and Stays" (December 18, 1969), S2E11: "The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis" (December 15, 2008), S3E11: "The Maternal Congruence" (December 14, 2009), S7E11: "The Cooper Extraction" (December 12, 2013), S8E11: "The Clean Room Infiltration" (December 11, 2014), S10E12: "The Holiday Summation" (January 5, 2017), S1E10: "Black Santa/White Christmas" (December 10, 2014), S3E10: "Just Christmas, Baby" (December 14, 2016), S5E8: "Christmas in Theater Eight" (December 11, 2018), S6E10: "Father Christmas" (December 10, 2019), S1E12: "A Christmas Story" (December 21, 1992), S2E7: "Have Yourself a Married Little Christmas" (1993 - unaired), S1E6: "A Wife for Christmas" (February 6, 1955), S2E13: "The Christmas Spirit" (December 15, 1955), S2E14: "Grandpa's Christmas Visit" (December 22, 1955), S4E13: "Bob's Christmas Party" (December 24, 1957), S1E14: "His Busiest Season" (December 24, 1972), S2E15: "I'm Dreaming of a Slight Christmas" (December 22, 1973), S3E15: "Home Is Where the Hurt Is" (December 21, 1974), S4E15: "Bob Has to Have His Tonsils Out, So He Spends Christmas Eve in the Hospital" (December 20, 1975), S5E13: "Making Up Is the Thing to Do" (December 25, 1976), S6E12: "'Twas the Pie Before Christmas" (December 24, 1977), S8E6: "The Bleakening, Part 1" (December 10, 2017), S8E7: "The Bleakening, Part 2" (December 10, 2017), S9E10: "Better Off Sled" (December 9, 2018), S10E10: "Have Yourself a Maily Linda Christmas" (December 15, 2019), S1E10: "Santa's Little Helper" (December 10, 1993), S3E10: "Train of Fools" (December 15, 1995), S5E11: "A Very Topanga Christmas" (December 19, 1997), S6E11: "Santa's Little Helpers" (December 11, 1998), S1E12: "The Voice of Christmas" (December 19, 1969), S2E10: "The Pontiac Bandit Returns" (December 7, 2014), S3E10: "Yippie Kayak" (December 13, 2015), S4E10: "Captain Latvia" (December 13, 2016), S1E10: "Caroline and the Christmas Break" (December 14, 1995), S3E12: "Caroline and the Decanter" (December 15, 1997), S4E11: "Caroline and the Fright Before Christmas" (December 21, 1998), S1E11: "Home for the Holidays" (December 19, 1984), S1E12: "The Spy Who Came In for a Cold One" (December 16, 1982), S6E12: "Christmas Cheers" (December 17, 1987), S11E11: "Love Me, Love My Car" (December 17, 1992), S3E7: "Die Semi-Hard" (December 11, 2011), S4E6: "'Tis the Cleveland to be Sorry" (December 16, 2012), S2E12: "A Very PC Holiday" (December 16, 1997), S3E9: "Our Lady of Rodeo Drive" (December 15, 1998), S3E12: "Christmas Brains" (December 18, 1990), S5E11: "My True Love Gave to Me..." (December 16, 1992), S6E12: "Christmas of the Van Damned" (December 14, 1993), S9E8: "You Win Some, You Lose Some" (December 18, 1996), S1E12: "Father's Day" (December 20, 1984), S6E12: "Getting to Know You" (December 14, 1989), S8E12: "Clair's Place" (December 19, 1991), S1E8: "Dancing in the Dark" (December 15, 1988), S4E11: "'Twas the Fight Before Christmas" (December 27, 1991), S1E12: "The Christmas Show" (December 20, 1954), S5E12: "Car for Christmas" (December 18, 1958), S1E11: "Dennis and Christmas" (December 13, 1959), S2E12: "The Christmas Horse" (December 25, 1960), S3E12: "The Fifteen-Foot Christmas Tree" (December 25, 1961), S2E12: "I'll Be Home for Christmas" (December 21, 1987), S6E11: "Julia and Mary Jo Get Stuck Under a Bed" (December 2, 1991), S6E13: "Tales Out of School" (December 16, 1991), S1E10: "The Gift of the Magi" (December 17, 1987), S3E10: "For Whom the Jingle Bell Tolls" (December 21, 1989), S4E11: "I'm Dreaming of a Dwayne Christmas" (December 13, 1990), S5E12: "Twelve Steps of Christmas" (December 19, 1991), S6E13: "White Christmas" (December 17, 1992), S1, Episodes 8 & 9: "Retrospective" (December 29, 1978), S5E12: "Santa's Helper" (December 18, 1982), S2E11: "A Two-Family Christmas" (December 22, 1969), S3E15: "It's Christmas Time in the City" (December 21, 1970), S4E14: "Whodunnit, Doris?"

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