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See the boy version of this name. Test names compatibility and your numerological profile. ****** Please enable Javascript in your browser. Scientists may have an explanation for a mysterious moon around Neptune that they discovered with Hubble in 2013. Alternative spellings & nicknames: Stephen, Stephan, Stefan Diminutives: Ste, Steph, Steve, Stevie ******. The present Greek name day portal includes more than 3800 Greek first names with known name day and 980 Greek names with non established and thus unknown name day. advertisement | page continues below Related names.

Despina: Lady. Monday after Easter Sunday. The irregularly-shaped moon orbits Neptune every eight hours, circling in the same direction as Neptune's own rotation. See your list. Like Despina? NASA has taken the next steps toward building Space Launch System (SLS) solid rocket boosters for as many as six additional flights. Born: 5 October 1985. Bill Dunford. Director, NASA Planetary Science Division: Search thousands of names, meanings and origins.

Find a name day in the country's calendar of your choice. Our Baby Name of the Day is Mileva. What about:

The rocket booster segments that will help power NASA’s first Artemis flight test mission around the Moon arrived at KSC.

Popularity #6,652. in 2019-183. from 2018.

Greek Name Days. NASA has selected four Discovery Program investigations to develop concept studies for new missions. if not it is celebrated on the Visit Appellation Mountain's profile on Pinterest. Despina was discovered in late July 1989 from the images taken by the Voyager 2 probe. In Greece Name Days are the days that we celebrate our names with

How Despina Got its Name. Despina — Name days calendar — беларускую български čeština dansk deutsch eesti ελληνικα english español français italiano latvijas lietuvos magyar македонски norsk polski português român русский slovenski slovenský српски suomalainen svenska türk україна It was given the temporary designation S/1989 N 3. NASA's Mars Odyssey spacecraft has captured these six infrared views of the Martian moon Phobos., "The orbits of the inner Neptunian satellites from Voyager, Earthbased, and Hubble Space Telescope observations", "Planetary Satellite Physical Parameters", NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day: Despina and its shadow transiting Neptune (3 September 2009),, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 21 October 2020, at 19:10. As it is also below Neptune's synchronous orbit radius, it is slowly spiralling inward due to tidal deceleration and may eventually impact Neptune's atmosphere, or break up into a planetary ring upon passing its Roche limit due to tidal stretching. Last year it ranked 7,817th in the U.S. Social Security Administration list of most popular baby girl names. Name Day Customs in Greece. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The next full Moon will be early Sunday morning, July 5, 2020. Some of the names below are linked to the original saints or martyrs from which they originate. [9]Despina is irregularly shaped and shows no sign of any geological modification. Name Days are celebrated more than birth-days in Greece. All Rights Reserved. He was a 1st century Christian deacon in Jerusalem, who was stoned to death for defending his faith. NASA scientists have identified a molecule in Titan’s atmosphere that has never been detected in any other atmosphere. Log in. When someone in Greece is named after one of these saints, that saint’s celebration day becomes their “name day” and is celebrated much like their actual birthday. The Voyager imaging team asked for the photo to show Earth’s vulnerability — to illustrate how small, fragile and irreplaceable it is on a cosmic scale. Here’s a rarity that I stumbled across while researching Despina: a lovely Mila-Eva mashup that could wear well in 2016. Humanity's first and (so far) last visit to the outermost giant planet in our solar system was a monumental event for scientists and the public alike. His feast day is celebrated on 26th December. We use cookies to ensure you the best experience on our website. Despina … The Nameday Book encourages children and their families to celebrate the sacraments and traditions of the Orthodox Faith, including baptism, chrismation, communion, and honoring the saints or feasts for whom they are named. Science Writer: The discovery was announced (IAUC 4824) on 2 August 1989, and mentions "10 frames taken over 5 days", implying a discovery date of sometime before July 28. Guiding that effort are NASA test directors, or NTDs. Popularity of the name could be attributed to the first Christian saint, St. Stephen. Naiad and Thalassa race around the ice giant in odd orbits seemingly to avoid each other. Amanda Barnett Despina is a daughter of Poseidon (the Roman god Neptune) and Demeter. The irregularly-shaped moon orbits Neptune every eight hours, circling in the same direction as Neptune's own rotation. [8], Despina's diameter is approximately 152 kilometres (94 mi). Nowadays, when many people work in offices, your colleagues would expect you to bring a treat to the office instead. April 23rd (only if Easter has past, In this section we have included many of the Name Days.

[7] The discovery was announced (IAUC 4824) on 2 August 1989, and mentions "10 frames taken over 5 days", implying a discovery date of sometime before July 28. Infrared images from NASA's Juno spacecraft are providing the first glimpse of Ganymede's icy north pole. It was given the temporary designation S/1989 N 3. The meaning of Despina is "Lady, mistress".Its origin is "Modern form English of the Greek name Despoina".This name is mostly being used as a girls name. Technicians recently finished applying more than 180 blocks of ablative material to the heat shield for the Orion spacecraft. Post was not sent - check your email addresses!

Our solar system is a stormy place. Despina is a tiny moon located within Neptune's faint ring system. This composite Hubble Space Telescope picture shows the location of a newly discovered moon, designated S/2004 N 1, orbiting the giant planet Neptune, nearly 3 billion miles from Earth. It is likely that it is a rubble pile re-accreted from fragments of Neptune's original satellites, which were disrupted by perturbations from Triton soon after that moon's capture into a very eccentric initial orbit.[10].

It is named after Greek mythological character Despoina, a nymph who was a daughter of Poseidon and Demeter. Athlete from Greece. ... English Name Greek Name Date; Despina: Despina was discovered in July 1989 by the Voyager 2 science team. Meet the women leading two of humankind's two most distant space missions. The next full Moon will peak after midnight on Wednesday morning, Sept. 2, 2020, The Moon will appear full for about three days around this time, from Monday evening through Thursday morning. Log in. Didymos B is getting an official name of its own: Dimorphos. There are also customs associated with a Name Day, so traditionally, people would arrive uninvited at your house and you would have to treat them when it was your name day. When someone is named after one of those saints, that day becomes their "name day" and, traditionally, is celebrated. In Greece Name Days are the days that we celebrate our names with association to a Saint, or a Holy Day. along with Naiad, Thalassa, Galatea, and Proteus. Visit Appellation Mountain's profile on Pinterest. NASA's next giant leap may be aided by tiny lunar robots that would help scout the lunar surface. In this section we have included many of the Name Days. The name is celebrated on All Saints Day Money Back. 1 year: $30, 9 months: $25, 6 months for $20! Despina was discovered in late July 1989 from the images taken by the Voyager 2 probe.

Phillips Davis The first instance of this name – at least the first one that I found – was the daughter of Lazar of Serbia, sometimes known by her middle name, Olivera. Thanks to Sarah for suggesting our Baby Name of the Day. The next-generation radiometer is being developed to study the atmospheres of Uranus or Neptune, but could be used to study any atmosphere. our site : namedays, name days, synaxarium, orthodox, orthodoxy, saint, saints, martyr, martyrology, hagiology, paschalion, pasha, pasxa, easter, catholic, church, celebration, birthday, eortologio, greek namedays, menology, menaion, menaia, name day, movable, great, feasts, Gospel, Christian community, griechische, namenstage, eortes, giortes, pote giortazei, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, Click for info on how to add namedays to your pages, EKSAKOUSTODIANOS (Exakoustodianos, Xakoustos, Ksakoustos, Xakousti, Ksakousti), ASTRINI (Astrini, Astrinos, Asterini, Asterinos), TRIANTAFILIA (Triantafyllia, Rosa, Roza, Rose, Filia, Fili, Filio), LAURA (Laura, Lora, Laurentia, Laurentina, Lauraine, Lawraine, Lauren), LAVRENTIOS (Laurentios, Laurens, Laurence), DESPOINA (2) (- for married women - Despoina, Deppy, Pipina, Despo, Pepi, Zepo), GESTHIMANI (Gesthimani, Iesthimani, Gethsimani), KRISTALO (Kristalo, Kristalia, Crystal, Krysta, Krista), MARY (Maria - for married women, Mary, Maro, Marios, Mario, Mariori, Marika, Maroula, Maritsa, Margiori, Marigoula, Manio, Marietta, Marousa, Marsia, Marcy), PANAGIOTIS (4) (Panayotis, Panagiotis, Panos, Panousos, Panagis, Panagos, Giotis, Yiotis, Panikos, Takis, Panagiota, Panayota, Yiota, Giota, Panagioula, Panagoula, Pani, Tota, Toula, Pegie, Pegy), SYMELA (Simela, Symela, Soymela, Soumela), APOSTOLOS (2) (Apostolis, Apostolos, Tolis, Lea, Lia, Apostolina, Polina), STAMATIA (2) (Stamatia, Matoula, Mato, Stamela, Stamatina, Stamata, Matina, Mata), ILIODOROS (Iliodoros, Iliodora, Heliodora, Eldora, Eleadora, Eleodora, Elda), THEOHARIS (2) (Theoharis, Theoharoula, Haroula), MALAMATI (1) (Malamati, Mala, Malamatenia, Matina), EFTIHIS (2) (Eftychios, Eftyhia, Eftyhis), LIBERIOS (Liberios, Liveris, Lyveris, Liverios, Liberis, Liberius), ALEXANDER (Alexis, Alex, Alexander, Alexandros, Alekos).

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