describe two ways the blue tongued skink can defend itself from predators

Blue-tongued skinks will also eat such vegetation as fruits and flowers. Bearded Dragon Diet: A-Z Food List (Vegetables, Fruits, & Insects), Background information on Blue Tongue Skinks, Where to buy a healthy Blue Tongue Skink (plus what to look for!

Keep your lizard close to the floor or a piece of furniture in case handling does not go well and your skink leaps from your arms. The blue-tongued lizard is one kind of lizard found in only a few places in the wild. However, I highly recommend you instead perform a quick Google search for Blue Tongued Skink breeders near you, or investigate nearby reptile expos for your future pet. Photo by David Brossard licensed CC BY-SA 2.0. Since Blue Tongue Skinks are poor climbers.

Simply put, commercial pet stores are notorious for improperly caring for their reptiles and also miseducating new owners on how to care for them. With the wrong substrate, too-small of an enclosure, or incorrect humidity level, your blue-tongued skink can suffer. In the tank I have two 12x12 tiles with 2" feet on them. After all, November 13 is International Tongue Twister Day. Under good care, these reptiles can live at least 10 to 15 years, with some exceptionally healthy skinks living to 20 years old or more. Any new reptile, especially a new Blue Tongue Skink, An easy way to win over your skink? When under attack by a determined predator, however, they make an effort to stand out: the skinks open their mouth suddenly, as wide as they can, to reveal a brightly-colored blue tongue. Also, keep in mind that the height of the enclosure needs to accommodate a hood to hang a heating element, but, since blue-tongued skinks are terrestrial, they don’t need a tall enclosure for climbing equipment. These skinks are crepuscular, and well adapted to borrowing and terrestrial habitats. In the wild, blue-tongued skinks eat flowers, berries, fruits, earthworms, and insects. Expect to spend around $200 for your skink if purchased through a reputable breeder. If handled roughly by the tail, blue-tongued skinks (particularly younger ones) may drop the tail. While the Blue-Tongued Skink is neither, it can fool predators to avoid being eaten long enough to escape. 5.0 (Iguana/Tropical) ReptiGlow (T-8, 15W) bulb. Not to make them self-conscious but these tongues must be a sight to recoil from — because that’s exactly what predators do. While you can share chicken or turkey you would eat, you can also purchase pinky mice, crickets, and mealworms to round out your lizard’s protein requirements. If you notice these signs in your Blue Tongue Skink, schedule a veterinary appointment.

The salad is sprinkled with calcium supplement. Look for any signs of abrasions on the skin, face or body. Misting the animal and enclosure will help expedite shedding. The best way to keep your Blue Tongue Skink healthy is to provide a wide variety in their diet, rotating produce and animal protein sources to ensure complete nutrition. Glass tanks are also preferable, because the glass easily allows the transfer of heat in and out of the tank. Northern Blue Tongue Skinks may only cost $150 to $250, while high-colored or rare species, such as Centralian and shinglebacks, may cost anywhere from $1500 to $5000. Avoid purchasing multiple sizes of enclosures and stick with a minimum of a 60 gallon aquarium to ensure your lizard will fit as an adult. Skinks don’t have the legs to hold on as well as other lizards, so always take care to support them. x��Zˮ�6��+�`�EQ��� �%�@���Ġ{�M~��"���ۙ���6M��8uꐲ�@���S��o�M�������ݿN�����B����� >�+��2���/��~���]?���~`�W��8�ݔ�����2�96軯�2����?}������q�K?���������O0]�0L+?�y�N���?

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