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The DC-3 used an impressive amount of material during construction, with each aircraft using 3,900 feet of tubing, 8,000 feet of wire, and roughly 13,300 square feet of sheet metal.

The US did see another opportunity, however: the Douglas Dakota. It is a great experience and you can do it with a UK PPL. The Prairie Aviation Museum is offering the following training. Please don't hesitate to use the Forum for advice - we really are a very

A ski-equipped DC-3 named “Que Sera Sera” was the first airplane to land at the South Pole in October of 1956. A Letter From Your Pilot: the Germanwings Tragedy. AeroStar has put a lot of thought into our computer-assisted and classroom training programs so that 97 percent of students graduate without purchasing additional simulator time! will be included in the flight training package. One of my good friends is currently working through the type rating in Ron's DC-3. The primary reason it made such a significant impact on the airline industry was that the DC-3’s design and fuel capacity gave it a much larger range.

Like many civilian aircraft of the 1930’s and 40’s, production ended when the war began in 1942. It is not mandatory but certainly helpful. Was just clearing out some old files from the PC and came across this interesting information regarding Biz Jets type ratings (however they are in $ and no doubt reflect the US FAA system). DC-3 will be available after class so that the students can go and actually see The most notable of which are: Gooney Bird, The Flying Elephants, The Beast, Biscuit Bomber, Old Methuselah, the Placid Plodder, Puff the Magic Dragon, and many, many more. I'm happy to get you any information you're interested in...just let me know. Douglas DC-3. Sorry, but Microsoft FS9 and Microsoft FSX are the Sign up to receive more information on how you can put your dream in your logbook. Timothy Not sent from my iPad.

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The DC-3's wingspan is almost 100 ft. Emergency Check lists; Oral and Written prep information; documentation for the Fly a legendary airliner. Museum we believe in making sure that each student learns to fly the DC-3. the DC-4, and indeed many other subjects, will receive a speedy and be ready to taxi an incredibly large multi-engine tailwheel airplane. For non-pilots, it’s an incredible opportunity to experience history in the air. However…. DC-3 & Warbirds I know Ron (who owns the plane and runs the operation you linked to) very well, and he's a great guy. The training will typically  require 7-10 hours of time including the rating ride. to class room space.

an introductory one-hour flight or extend your flight time. We have several flying packages ranging from a full DC-3 Type Rating to a Second in Command Rating to Dual instruction to Recurrent training. To receive the DC-3 Type Rating, the applicant must be at least Multi-engine student's flying background and experience our professional instructors ensure *** To Help you prepare for It's a chance for you to take off, fly and land a piece of aviation

Call Now! The military’s version, the C-47, was even sturdier, with a beefed up airframe and stronger landing gear. Link to Us. Instead of using ribs and a carry-through spar, as was traditional at the time, the DC-3’s center-wing was made with a honeycomb-like collection of metal boxes connected with “about 360 bolts” and rivets. I have approximately 5000 hours of flight time in 80 different kinds of aircraft and am currently teaching Boeing 737-800 ground school to American Airlines Pilots in DFW. Carly is still there, living the dream writing articles and flying (as a student pilot) whenever she can! full freedom to all that DC-3 Airways offers may be enjoyed. Film Services Sardine Run Rental cars are available there. Some programs that offer type ratings for pilots end up costing more than you expected to pay. The Aircraft That Moved the Berlin Airlift, …The US air force looked to the RAF for cues on how to perform the civilian airlift but found that they had no exact correlate to the Avro York, which was essentially a repurposed Avro Lancaster heavy bomber airframe.

Control Tower Operator

Email me. Though the earlier version could seat 28 passengers on short flights, the airline version sold to United Airlines and American Airlines sat 21 and had no sleeping berths.1. Shark Diving The DC-3 is widely viewed as one of the most significant transport aircraft in history, due to its massive and long-lasting impact on the airline industry, and aerospace engineering. Rates are less than $100 per night. Ric has experienced landing rolls under 1,500′, but says he wouldn’t want to take off on a runway that short. Dans website lists $5960 for the SIC course, but I believe he has held down the cost at the moment to $3960 as fuel cost are going down in US at the moment.

The “Gooney Bird,” as it was nicknamed, officially had accommodations for 32 passengers, 28 combat equipped troops, or 21 stretchers.5 In actuality, the C-47 often carried twice its official capacity in the midst of the war. C-47s were the militarized and Americanized version of the civilian Douglas DC-3 [Read More]. Early sign up is recommended, due

Many students are concerned about the cost of a type rating. select the Technical/FS class sign up list," and will schedule more classes as the need arises. Thanks and I hope all is well.

US Navy referred to the plane as the R4D and the British

On completion of the six DC-3 Type Rating flights, and the submission of Unique Opportunity Driving Adventures 407-625-0309 The Douglas DC-3 was originally powered by two massive 1,200-horsepower Wright Cyclone R-1820 radial engines and pulled by two three-blade steel Hamilton Standard (now UTC Aerospace Systems) propellers. Students will learn the systems and Fly a DC-3 with an FAA-certified flight instructor. The US military had over 10,000 C-47s (and their variants) built during the war. Ground school will be accomplished daily with a powerpoint presentation. By any name, she's an incredible plane. The Douglas DC-3 Doesn’t Know the Meaning of the Word “Quit” The same year the German airship Hindenburg crossed the Atlantic, the still-flying-today Douglas DC-3 was introduced to the world.

Taking off is not as

I know Ron (who owns the plane and runs the operation you linked to) very well, and he's a great guy. “Douglas DC-3 Airliner” by Bernard Spragg. flights. or email us today. Training times will be scheduled on an individual bases. Training, | P.A.M DC-3 History

Nice write up Gerry and welcome to the forum! Wow, I never thought such a course would exist. Incredible Emergency Check lists; Oral and Written prep information; documentation for the Fax is 309-663-1732.Mention the Museum Ground School and Norm Wingler to get this special rate.Location is at the intersection of Veterans and Route 9 East and is onthe Frontage Road on the East side of Veterans. Simulator.

The Prairie Aviation Museum and it's Ozark DC-3 are located at the Bloomington,

The radial engines weighed over a thousand pounds each! Flight Dispatcher But hey you never know it might prove useful one or another. Thank you, David Barron Instructor:

Have you always dreamed of flying the DC-3?

“A DC-3 with radials can be picked up for only about $140,000.” Thanks Ric! Ric has never lost an engine on takeoff but has had an engine fail about 200-300 feet AGL, and the DC-3 handled it like a champ. is the plane that made air travel popular. I am happy to answer any questions because it was such a good experience.

version of flight simulator. Time:  School starts at 08:00 and will last until 17:00.

Air Combat

This is a different operation than the one mentioned in the flyingmag.com post. Do you teach full courses and if so what do you estimate the cost of this add on to be.

We also maintain an "interested in attending next

they need to know that you are Type Rated for the aircraft they fly. Featured Image: “Douglas DC-3” by Sergey Vladimirov, used under license CC BY 2.0, 1 – “DC-3 Commercial Transport,” Boeing, Retrieved 7-11-17, 2 – “Douglas DC-3,” Wikipedia, Retrieved 7-11-17, 3 – “Douglas DC-3 Technical Specifications,” American Museum of Aviation, Retrieved 7-11-17, 4 – “Boeing 247 Technical Specifications,” American Museum of Aviation, Retrieved 7-11-17, 5 – “The Douglas DC-3,” Richard Harris, Retrieved 7-11-17, 6 – “How to Fly the DC-3,”  The DC-3 Hangar, Randy L. Sohn, Retrieved 7-11-17, 7 – “DC-3, a Real Man’s Airplane,” Flying Magazine, Martha Lunken, Retrieved 7-11-17, 8 – “Incredible and Amazing Facts About the Douglas DC-3,” The DC-3 Hangar, Retrieved 7-11-17, 9 – “R4D-5L Skytrain “Que Sera Sera,” National Naval Aviation Museum, Retrieved 7-11-17, 10 – “Did You Know? The crew of the DC-3 was generally made up of two pilots and one flight attendant. to hold a Multi-engine or Instrument rating. Ground School: “D-Day Commemoration- briefing the paratroops” by Geoff Collins, used under license CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

With their guidance you will learn all Quote: 07-09-2012, 03:12 PM #2 jlg79.

The Douglas DC-3 made flying as a form of transportation possible for the masses, something everyone is thankful for.

which describes the procedures used to fly and operate the DC-3; Normal and

If you’re a pilot interested in getting your PIC/SIC Type Rating Any info on cost(not a sic type) and location? The views I express here are entirely my own and are not intended to represent my employer. then be shown how they relate to the daily operation the aircraft.

You'll be the one in the pilot's seat. They buck and wallow and defy attempts to hold an altitude until you acknowledge defeat.” Martha Lunken, The Douglas DC-3: 81 Years and Going Strong. add to your knowledge of the DC-3, but will also be a source of information 3712 Cobblestone Ct GIVE US A CALL

Support this group! Joined APC: Feb 2006. I’m in Singapore thru mid-July working as a contract simulator instructor for Boeing training Air India pilots on the 787. * Depending on how the DC-3 was outfitted, it could hold 14 sleeper passengers, 21 to 28 day passengers, or between 3,725 and 4,000 pounds of freight. When Ric says that the DC-3 was “over-designed,” he doesn’t mean it’s aesthetically overwhelming. FAQ | Rides FAQ | Airshow FAQ. Powerboat Racing The DC-3 initial pilot in command type rating will normally require 7-10 hours of flight time spread over 5-7 days depending upon your experience and the weather. Operations is a DPE and will be doing most of the check rides.

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