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In 2020, she participated in the survival show Produce Camp 2020, finishing first and debuting as the center of the girl group BonBon Girls 303.

She participated during her final year during important exams. BONBON GIRLS 303 Officially Debuted, Xu Yiyang…. Xiao Zhan’s 3 TBA dramas occupied the expectation list 1, 2, 8 places. China 2018” cheer song “The Direction of Dreams”(梦的方向) which she participated in was released.

Later on, she entered the first group in the theme song test and finally joined the group Bonbon Girls 303 with the 1st place. The Dunman High School Secondary Three student migrated to Singapore at the age of nine.

高), better known as Curley Gao, is an idol under Dream Sound Entertainment. In 2020, she participated in Tencent Video’s reality show “Chuang 2020”, and in the first episode of the program, as one of the three “strongest vocalists, she entered the list of the first seven members to form a group.

Gāo; Uyghur: شىرىناي گاو Shirinay Gaw; born July 31, 1998), professionally known by her stage name Curley G or Curley Gao, is a Chinese singer-songwriter. On August 18, the song “Do You Think About Me” was released. In Episode 10, she ranked #1 and took the center position for Bonbon Girls 303.

Did X NINE Disband? 高) English Name: Curley Gao Nickname: Xi Lin Position: Leader, Main Vocalist, Rapper Birthday: July 31, 1998 Place of Birth: China Zodiac Sign: Leo Height: 168 cm Weight: 45 kg Fandom Name: Keli (Granule) Fandom Color: #073198 At a very young age, She would hum songs with her mother. [3], Curley Gao auditioned for Sing! R1SE and SNH48 and Rocket Girls 101, Which Group Will Be Win! If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

高), better known as Curley Gao, is an idol under Dream Sound Entertainment. On December 7, she released her solo single “Night and Day”(夜昼). We’ll choose to focus on Curley’s impossibly rich rendition of Sodagreen’s ‘Incomparable Beauty’ that had an impressed Eason raising an eyebrow right from the get-go of her audition. China season 2 in 2017 and eventually finished second inside the team led by Na Ying.[4].

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. On May 1, she released her solo single “My Beautiful Xinjiang”(我美丽的新疆).

[2] She attended Macpherson Primary School and Dunman High School.

She is half Uygher Chinese (mom) and half Han Chinese (dad).

China and The Voice of China (ensemble), Solo performance in single collection by contestants of Sing!

She lived abroad for eleven years and can speak English. In Episode 10, she ranked #1 and took the center position for Bonbon Girls 303.

Curley Gao’s love of music was evident from an early age, as her mother, who is from Xinjiang, could sing and dance well.

Curley Gao was born on July 31, 1998, in Beijing, China. Singapore-based Chinese student Curley Gao, 19, will now focus on her studies.

[5] She also performed in several events organized by the label before starting her study in Berklee College of Music in 2019[6] While in college, she collaborated with different producers and released several songs independently.

In July 2017, She participated in the “Sing! She first gained attention in 2017 on the Chinese singing competition show Sing! She studies at Berklee College of Music. [1] She is the only daughter of a Han Chinese father from Beijing and a Uighur mother from Xinjiang; her surname Gao is a common Han Chinese surname, while her parents decided to give her an Uighur personal name, Shirinay, which is transcribed in Pinyin as "Xilinnayi". [8], On August 11, 2020, it was announced that Curley Gao was elected as the team leader of BonBon Girls 303. Sing! 高) English Name: Curley Gao Nickname: Xi Lin Birthday: July 31, 1998 Place of Birth: China Zodiac Sign: Leo Height: 168 cm Weight: 45 kg Fandom Name: Keli (Granule) Fandom Color: #073198 Fanchant: xī shì zhēn bǎo zhàn chū xià, lín xià zhī fēng nǐ zuì sà(希世珍宝绽初夏,林下之风你最飒) In Singapore, and later in the United States, she took on the English name "Curley". [9] On August 12, her single 2030,我想对你说 (2030, I want to tell you) was released as the theme song of the United Nations 2020 International Youth Day Dialogue. Curley Gao, 18 Say what you will about a Chinese national representing Singapore. Curley G) (2019-05-31), “You Are Everything To Me” (你最最最重要)(2020-05-02). In 2012, she finished as a finalist in the songwriting competition Eco Music Challenge with her song This Is Our Paradise.

In 2020, Curley Gao appeared on Tencent's girl group survival show Produce Camp 2020.

China Season 2 (2017.7 – 2017.10)Chuang 2020 (2020.5 – 2020.7), To Know more information about Curley Gao and CPOP, Pls visit our website: CPOP HOMEIf you have any content to add or articles, member pages to contribute, Welcome to contact us or leave a comment below.Email: [email protected].

In November, she participated as a guest performer in the 3rd Berkeley China-America Music Awards Night. [7] Before the debut, her first EP 停不下来 was released when she was still on the show. In 2016, she participated in “Sing! 高)English Name: Curley GaoNickname: Xi LinBirthday: July 31, 1998Place of Birth: ChinaZodiac Sign: LeoHeight: 168 cmWeight: 45 kgFandom Name: Keli (Granule)Fandom Color: #073198Fanchant: xī shì zhēn bǎo zhàn chū xià, lín xià zhī fēng nǐ zuì sà(希世珍宝绽初夏,林下之风你最飒)Weibo: 硬糖少女303-希林娜依高Instagram: curlet_.

She gave a speech titled 用克制生活换更好的未来 (Self-control for a better future) and performed the theme song live as one of the Chinese Youth Advocates for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals at the event. On February 14, 2018, she participated in Zhejiang TV’s “2018 China Blue Burning New Year’s Eve” gala.

She was later elected as the leader of BonBon Girls 303. Wang Yibo’s web drama “My Strange Friend” was aired, it’s really laughable. Yang Zi appeared at the start-up banquet. Produce Camp 2020 Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Luo Yunxi will play the leading actor, Cheng Xiao will be the…, TNT(Teens in Times): The future is bright, BONBON GIRLS 303 Officially Debuted, Xu Yiyang Ranked #8, Zhang Yifan’s Dream Comes True, The 2 “Chuang 2020” Contestants Become The Hottest After Bonbon Girls 303 Debuted, Luo Yunxi looks very handsome in the live video streaming, Rocket Girls 101 was disbanded on June 23rd, 2020. Curley Gao (Final Rank 1) Name: Curley Gao (希林娜依高) Birthday: July 31, 1998 Company: The Voice of Dream.

She is friends with OuYang NaNa, a star in the Chinese Entertainment industry. After the show, she released a few songs under 梦响强音, including her first original single 颗粒季. On March 22, 2019, the song “Don’t Lie to Me”(被对我说谎) was released. These might be the reasons why it might delay the disband! She won 1st place and debuted as the center of BonBon Girls 303.

Zhenan Zhou’s absence from live broadcasts and the disappearance of variety show has reduced his chances…, The9’s First EP “SphinX” How Many Copies Will Be Sold By Each Member. China season 1 in 2016 but did not make it through the blind audition. China.

Xiao Zhan, Xia Zhiguang are going their own way.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. On July 27, her original single Granule Season”(颗粒季) was officially released, which was her first attempt at songwriting.

[11][12], 2020-present: Produce Camp 2020 and BonBon Girls 303, "Meet the 2012 Eco-Music Challenge finalists", "Young People in China Leading the Charge on the Sustainable Development Goals - 2020 International Youth Day Dialogue on Youth Engagement for Global Action",, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles containing Chinese-language text, Articles with Chinese-language sources (zh), Pages with login required references or sources, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Theme song of UN 2020 International Youth Day Dialogue, Special version of the theme song of the 9th Fight Night of, Special Chinese version of the theme song of the 9th Fight Night of, Charity song by contestants of Sing! She first gained attention in 2017 on the Chinese singing competition show Sing! She was raised in Beijing until the age of 9 and later moved to Singapore with her parents. Bonbon Girls 303 Released The Mini-Album “The Law of Bonbon Girls”, How many copies will be sold? On March 14, she released her solo single “Yue Ye Yue Xing Zhe”(越夜越醒着).

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Xiao Zhan Won The 2020 Asia Pacific’s Most Handsome Face., "2030, I Want to Tell You" (2030,我想对你说) (2020).

PHOTO: SINGTEL JIA LE CHANNEL “We Are Blazing” Announced! Curley Gao Facts: Participated in ‘Sing!

China Season 2”, thus officially debuted. The9 and Bonbon Girls 303, which member have more fans, Cai Xukun rearranged Weibo followings, unfollowed LAY, and followed Wang Yibo first, Wang Yibo’s new drama “Luoyang” was announced, Huang Xuan is the leading role, The shooting of “The Psychologist” started finally! [2] She auditioned again for Sing!

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