curl sponge on straight hair

The curl sponge is a unisex sponge-like brush with textured holes that give the hair a finger-curled look in minutes. In the 70s everybody had an afro, because it was the “The Black Hair Style.” And since everyone had an afro everyone had an afro pick.

We often laugh when we see some of the youtubers who claim to be experts or influencers of the tool give misguided information. Overall, the smooth-n-hold pudding is amazing for controlling dryness with a small amount of product. In most cases, such as manufactures who produced knock-off sponges the liquid dry’s with bubbles which then causes holes in the foam, and thereby creating a cheap foam that is open cell and doesn’t last long.

Overall, the curl styling milk is super convenient for all hair types that provide no harmful chemical. Bianca is a contributing writer for Byrdie specializing in natural hair. After receiving a few samples in different shapes, they agreed on oval shape and proceeded to have 1000 produced. Now you need to use the sponge to go through your hair in a circular motion. And of course, we must continue to defend our patent. It is washable that a user can simply clean it by rinsing with bubbly water to get rid of germs. Once you get used to using your curl sponge, upgrade to the larger size to reduce styling time (a bigger sponge=more holes=more hair twisted at once). Creatively initiating and maintaining a strategy for defending one’s patent has been expensive yet rewarding. To ensure your curls are going in the same direction, you'll want to go in the same circular direction all over your head gently for one to five minutes or until you have your desired look. The acronym says it all Nurturing, Uplifting, Divinely, Rejuvenating, Evolving, Daily, is totally in alignment with our MISSION: To Inspire greatness, creativity, health, gratitude, and love for self and others.

He told the friend that he is on the verge of creating a product that required a sponge with holes in it, and how he is not being successful with putting holes in it. Of course, the young son, all the while had been the subject of trial and error and was always eager to be the guinea pig. Additionally we see NuDred as a “Lifestyle”, going well beyond a hair tool! You can also try styling production other tools, but be ready to deal with some damages that way. We are also experimenting with Vegan hair solutions that is now on the table. This has earned us the title of the GOAT. For people with long hair, you can try using a hair sponge with large holes. NuDred totally revolutionize ethnic hair care and we are still pinching ourselves of the reality that we invented something that has left a mark on the WORLD and is here to stay.

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