csgo demo controls

If you have any custom binds, enter your values in the section "Keyboard Binds", "Numpad Binds" and "Zoom Binds" accordingly. Commands/controls for the "Watch" feature It would pretty nice to have the possibility to control the replay of the match we've downloaded to watch. You need to specify a filename to save the demo as.

This command allows you to load a saved file. Optional. Demos should be placed in your Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo folder. there was a link that copied automatically but is no longer valid. Define the speed of the demo, enter a number that works as a multiplication: Tick to a specific timestamp for example 3840 for 1min. unbind kp_5 Plays the specific demo if it's in the CS:GO folder "Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo".

The next demo of the demo sequence will be played. // | Timescale Binds| // controls the demo playback time. bind "i" "show_loadout_toggle" it seems that only "exec autoexec" works, "exec overwatch" does not work and appears on the console: "window resized, ok, in that same option that appeared marked "do not show hidden masses, units and files" I changed it to "show".

The demo file (.dem extension) is saved in your current game directory, e.g. In other words, it can be used to fast forward through rounds you're not interested in watching.

bind "SPACE" "+jump"

host_writeconfig // write changes to config.cfg

To pause demos, use the command demo_pause.

unbind kp_downarrow bind "w" "+forward" Toggles the player UI for the demo. Important to note that a Valve matchmaking server produces 64 ticks a second.

© Valve Corporation. bind DOWNARROW "fov_cs_debug 0" // zoom view out This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. This useful command is used to resume the demo you're watching, if you have previously paused it. This command will make the next demo in your current demo sequence be played. demo_listimportantticks: List important ticks that the game client determined to be important.

load [Game Name] Load a specific file or demo. unbind kp_uparrow

Enter a number to represent how fast you want the demo played back. // __________________ Specify a 1 here to pause the demo after skipping ahead. If you place them in your "replays" folder, you need to specify "replays/" before the demo name. bind kp_leftarrow "demo_timescale 0.4;sv_showimpacts_time 0.4"

Displays all of the information about the demo. // | Misc | Optional. sv_cheats 0 To resume it use the command "demo_resume". This command prints to console information about the demo that is currently playing. You can open this by typing the following command into the console: If you want a command to rewind demos, you can use the demo_goto command.

Simply replace TICKS with the amount of ticks you wish to rewind or fast forward: This command would rewind 64 ticks (note the negative number): This useful console command is used to pause the demo you're watching. It also allows to restart or end the demo. autoexec.cfg loaded !!!" // __________________ For watching Overwatch demos, players get rewarded with XP to increase their profile rank, you can find all 40 profile ranks here. bind "r" "+reload"

Use this command when watching demos to toggle between being paused or not. This can help to identify if the potential hacker might have reacted to something he should not be able to see.

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