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I show you guys how to unlock and craft the Crystal armor/armour set using crystal fragments in Hypixel Skyblock. Boots

This set is typically reforged to Wise or Necrotic for increased Intelligence and is often used for the …

Chest The set bonus, Refraction, has the same name as a popular Hypixel YouTuber. How to get a lot of mana in Hypixel SkyBlock.


A “secret” set; in addition, to a set bonus, each piece also has its own item ability.

Combat Level Requirement

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As Of Now May 13th 2020 This Method Still Works! by Lukrembo) +1   every kill, These are helmets that are not part of any armor set that only come in Dungeon variants. This recipe is not part of a collection and has no unlock requirements. Armor can also be Reforged to increase a range of stats, for example, crit damage or speed bonus.

 Defense Crystal fragments can be obtained as a rare drop from Zealots (the ones holding Ender Chests), as a drop from any Dragon fight if the player breaks End Crystals that heal the Ender Dragon during a Dragon Fight (1 Crystal Fragment for every End Crystal broken during the fight) or from getting a high ranking in an Endstone Protector miniboss. Lua error in Module:Armor at line 204: attempt to call global 'rarityColor' (a nil value).

 Defense Hey Guys! Special Effects It’s ZachPlaysAN, coming at you with another banger! Crystal Armor is an Epic Armor set crafted from Crystal Fragments. This is most likely a coincidence, as Refraction is also a term in Physics referring to how light changes the direction it moves in when it passes from one medium to another.

Yes Total Properties Piece Bonus:each of the armor piece's stats are doubled while in The End island.  Intelligence Any healing on other players and yourself is doubled while in Dungeons. Armor is a category of equipable items that increase a player's stats when worn, often increasing  Health,  Defense,  Strength and  Crit Damage.  Defense

 Intelligence +20 +120  Intelligence

Rarity Salable

All stats of this piece are doubled in Jerry's Workshop! Increases arrow damage by 1% every 2 blocks that the arrow traveled above 20 blocks. ​​​​Epic

All you need to dye your armor is a set of crystal armor and you can dye all of your armor in under 1 min!! Dungeon exclusive chestplates that don't belong to any set. Full data can be seen below: Hypixel SkyBlock Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. This is the original Minecraft armor. Auctionable Im going to show you guys how to dye your armor in Hypixel Skyblock Minecraft!

I'll see you guys in the next one, peace out!Track: Biscuit (Prod. Defense point values correspond to the amount of armor points given in vanilla gameplay.

Crystal Armor This recipe is not part of a collection and has no unlock requirements.  Intelligence Materials +65 A good late early-game armor (before mid-game). Stats Currently the only ANIMATED armor in-game as of SkyBlock 0.8.1.

+35 As the ability states,  Defense and  Intelligence of Crystal Armor depend on the light level the player is currently in. Mana Cost:40. Crystal Armor is an ​​​​Epic Armor set crafted from Crystal Fragments. : u guys very much for watching!!  24x Crystal Fragment. The armor also changes color depending on light levels. Im going to show you guys how to dye your armor in Hypixel Skyblock Minecraft! Hypixel SkyBlock Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Full Set Bonus: Bat Power Activate! Helmet Bonus: Radioactive-gain 1% Crit Damage per 10 Strength, Chestplate Bonus: Antitoxin-gain immunity to healing reduction, Boots Item Ability-Double Jump- be able to double jump! Day Crystal - Increases your Strength and Defense by +5 during the Day Prismarine Crystals - Both an item as well as a Collection. Refraction - the stats of this armor change from 0 to 200% depending on the current light level.

Formula for Effective HealthPoints or EHP for short: $ HP \times \left(\frac{DEF}{100} + 1\right) $ The formula for Damage Reduction in percent: $ \frac{DEF}{DEF + 100} \times 100% $

Legs Full Set Bonus: Reflect Your sharp scales reflect 15% of damage onto attacker. +15 Type Raw Materials  Intelligence Hey Guys! +30

Additionally, a sound is played while the player is near a Fairy Soul they haven't discovered yet.

Farming Islands include the Farm, The Barn, and Mushroom Desert. Yes Increases the damage you deal with arrows by, Each piece of this armor reduces the cooldown of. It is possible to dye Armor that is a custom colour by going into the light level which gives you the colour you want and double-clicking the piece you want to dye twice on the Armor.  Defense How to get the crystal armor for this technique and its stats. Armor is divided into four different pieces: The formula for Effective Health Points or EHP for short: The formula for Damage Reduction in a percent: These upgrades can be applied to any armor piece, increasing its stats and boosts.

Colors This is a brand new WORKING Method!

Full Set Bonus Crystal Fragment - A crafting material, used to make Crystal Armor / … Crystal Armor; D Diver's Armor; Category:Dragon Armor; E Elegant Tuxedo; Ember Armor; Emerald Armor; Ender Armor; F Fairy Armor; Fancy Tuxedo; Farm Armor; Farm Suit; Frozen Blaze Armor; G Ghast Armor; Golem Armor; H ... Hypixel SkyBlock Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Any healing on other players is doubled while in Dungeons. This is a brand new WORKING Method! Full Set Bonus: Darkness Within Gain 10 per Fishing Level.

This will dye the Armor that colour.


Grants an additional +5% chance to find rare Candy.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

Grants immunity to de-buffs when equipped. Crystal Armor - An Armor set with high Intelligence, which has stats affected by the light level. Hey! None

You can look at an Enderman in the eyes and it will not attack you. !Last video: here!  Defense Armor can be Enchanted to increase  Health and  Defense alongside other desirable stats. Each armor piece grants +5% chance to get an extra gift for every present you earn during the event. You can dye any leather armor in Hypixel Skyblock very easily. +100 +60 Full Set Bonus: Shadow Assassin Collect the shadows of the enemies you kill increasing your damage for the rest of the dungeon while wearing this set.

Dragon fights are the most efficient way of getting a larger amount at once. Although many armor sets and pieces will also increase other stats, some armor sets offer special bonuses for one piece and full set bonuses. Instead of dying, gain damage immunity and. +‭345‬ Full Set Bonus: Candy Man Grants an additional +5% chance to find rare Candy.

this includes reforges, enchants, and hot potato books. Upgrades your Grappling Hook and turns you into a true vigilante! This set is typically reforged to Wise or Necrotic for increased  Intelligence and is often used for the 7th step of the Romero and Juliette quest, or for dragons. Full Set Bonus: Farmer Aura Regrow an extra crop on farming islands every 3 seconds. Yes Head

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