compare and contrast essay city life vs suburbs

It’s no secret that cities attract more tourists than suburban areas do. Compare and Contrast. Urbanization is a process. Cities have grown a lot, and with all these newcomers come new cultures and social diversity. Whether it’s to school, after-school activities, or even to the grocery store, there is a heavy reliance on private transportation when growing up in the suburbs. It was a calm spring day on the 25th of March in New York City. Vermont. Provide detailed reasons and … Their lifestyle is simple with a reasonable cost of living. Therefore, in many cases – especially for millennials, suburban living offers a higher value for money. It is important, Urban Life in the Gilded Age and the Development of Suburbs for the American Middle Classes With the business sectors and industrial companies dwelling in the city, more people are employed in their specializations.

While these two groups are fairly financially similar otherwise, these findings reflect three of the biggest differences between city- and suburban-dwellers: demographics, cost of living, and lifestyle. This is a reflection of both city lifestyle and living costs — rents have increased by 46% from the 1960s to 2000 when adjusted for inflation, according to Student Loan Hero. Account active Population in the city is much greater so movies, malls, restaurants, grocery stores, and other reliable sources are at easy access because there are so many.

Let’s face it, wouldn’t you rather travel to Los Angeles than to the LA suburb of Pacoima (which most people have never heard of)? Can anybody help me? Blame it on TV series, like The Wire, or flashy news headlines, not to mention high-profile cases of cities with police brutality, but we associate crime more to city areas than we do to suburban ones. Three-fourths of the population resides in urban areas which range in size and character from isolated communities of 2,500 residents to such a massive sprawling megalopolis as New York City. During the late 19th century, the massive growth of the American economy was dominantly formed in urban industrial centers, yet the wealth generated from the upper and middle classes allowed them to move out into rural areas near major cities. However, there are many in city who feel that it is better to live in a peaceful and quieter suburb than in a city to have the twin benefit of living in a peaceful environment and yet being so close to all the amenities and facilities of a city. People usually read for an escape from life, to learn something new, to confront human experience, or simply for pleasure.

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