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You might see them used in chat at poker sites though, or in poker forums and you can even hear them at the live tables. Sign up today for a poker tournament to win real money!

Ladies is probably the most frequently used term to refer to a pocket pair of queens. Bot – A non-human player at the tables. Gap – Refers to a gap between cards of consecutive rank. At EasyPoker we’re passionate about facilitating digital poker with friends, and so it seemed only natural to compose a complete poker glossary to go with our app.our app. Steam – To be tilted.

Sometimes implies reluctance to ditch the hand. Crack – Carries the connotation of outdrawing a strong hand.

Mental Game – Refers to the discipline of looking to better one’s mental outlook when playing poker at the tables. Side Pot – A second pot formed when one player is already all-in but there are still players left in the hand with additional chips to play for. Dead Money -  Money in the pot that is not being actively fought for and hence considered up for grabs. Ragged 'Ragged' describes a flop or a board texture that involves unsuited and non-connected cards; it ithe opposite of a 'coordinated' or 'draw-heavy' board.

Community Cards: (see also, Board) the community cards on the “board” that are shared by all players in games such as Hold’em and Omaha. See this glossary entry for specific examples of counterfeiting.

there is a shortfall. .selected-flag .arrow, .linkTextingWidget .country-list{ Held every year in Las Vegas.

Button position is dealt the last card and is last to act in each betting round. Even if we don’t manage to pick up the pot, there is a possibility we’ll make our flush on the next street. A nit simply hopes to wait for premium holdings and get a big payout. Buy-In: the amount of chips a player must buy in order to enter a card game. If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, call 1-800 GAMBLER. Connectors: (see also, Suited Connectors) two or more cards in sequence; for example: 89 or 10J, Counterfeit: In Omaha Eight or Better, when the board pairs one of your low cards, Cracked: to lose a hand you were initially favored to win, as in “My Aces got cracked!”, Dealer: player or staff member who deals the cards out to players; however, see also, Button, Dead Man Hand: A famous hand that consists of the black eights and the black aces. The game of poker has its own slang or “poker talk.” If you are new to poker, learning the poker slang will greatly improve your knowledge of the game.

Check out this entry for more information on qualification rules.

to call behind. Limp – Describes the action of just calling when there is no raise before us on the first betting round.

Represent – When we don’t have a certain holding but we look to represent that we do through our actions. Maniac: wild, loose player who bets it up with mediocre hands just to build the pot, Middle Position: aprox. Likely they’ve already used their “one time,” but some poker memories fade pretty fast.

Big Blind – Refers to the mandatory investment made by the player two to the left of the dealer button before any cards are dealt.

In My Blood Background Music, Trap – To play a strong made hand passively in the hope that our opponent launches a big bluff.

Cripple – To make such a strong hand that there is no way our opponent can ever outdraw us. Satellite Tournament: a smaller stakes tourney in which the prizes are one or more entries into a more expensive major event, Set: three of a kind, consisting of a pocket pair plus a matching community card, Shorthanded: a poker game with five players or less, perhaps six or less, Slowplay: playing a powerful hand in a weak manner to disguise its strength and lure, or “trap,” other players into the action, Small Blind: located just to the left of the button, it is the smaller of the two forced blind bets preflop, Standard Raise: typically, three times the big blind, Steal the Blinds: bluffing to make the blinds fold, Straight: a sequence of five consecutive cards, like 6 – 7 – 8 – 9 – 10, Straight Flush: a sequence of five consecutive cards that are all also the same suit, Suck-out: to hit a longshot draw, typically on the river, Suited Connectors: (see also, Connectors) two or more cards in sequence and of the same suit; for example: 8-9 or 10-J of Hearts, Swing: fluctuation of a player’s chip count or even overall bankroll. Only players 21 and over are permitted to play our games. We recommend moving this block and the preceding CSS link to the HEAD of your HTML file. Often the money goes in as a favourite and our opponent “sucks out”. For a full breakdown of “levels” and “levelling” check out this glossary entry. See the glossary entry for examples of common angles. Variant – A particular brand of poker: there are many. A type of poker tournament that’s free to enter. In scenarios where two players have the same hand, the best kickers will win. Several other terms are also used with varying degrees of frequency. High VPIP means a loose player. Jam – Colloquial term meaning to shove all-in.

Pair – We make a pair when we hold two cards of identical rank. For example, 79s in Hold’em can be described as a “one-gapper”.

“Normally I would have folded, but I had a read that villain likes to bluff, so I made the call”. One that pokes, especially a metal rod used to stir a fire.

Check out this glossary entry for a guide on how different low hand rankings work across several poker variants. In this glossary entry we discuss betting structures and tournament structures.

Deep Stack: a tournament in which players begin with an amount of chips that is relatively high in relation to the blind or ante.

Al Attles Stats, This is a rather loose term as explained in the glossary entry.

Double Up – To double the size of our chip stack after winning an all in. Does a straight beat a flush? Stand Pat – This is a legal option in draw games.

Dead Man’s Hand - Two pair, Aces and Eights (at least according to most sources).

Regular - A poker player who regularly plays in a certain game. Check the glossary entry for strategy advice.

For example, the starting hand T987 is referred to as a “Ten-high rundown”. See the glossary entry under “Hand Rankings” for a breakdown of all the different hand types. Tournaments often make use of antes in the later stages. Check out this glossary entry to discover whether limping is ever correct in poker.

Straight Flush. are often used in poker. (Card Games) a card game of bluff and skill in which bets are made on the hands dealt, the highest-ranking hand (containing the most valuable combinations of sequences and sets of cards) winning the pool. Learn how to count outs in this glossary entry.

It’s a percentage which describes how often a player voluntarily invests chips into the pot preflop when given the opportunity. If a poker player is called a donkey, he's a bad player who makes blatantly bad poker plays.

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