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and at times (I am 47) I am STILL blown away…. Ricky Skaggs Reunites With Bill Monroe’s Mandolin for 'BIG NIGHT' Event Interview Oct 27. I mean, we covered a lot of ground. And the only Martin I knew anything about, at the time, was a D-18 because my father had given me one.

Hot Burritos, John Einarson, 2008. But even after Clarence had joined the Byrds and acquired an enormous amount of money, he offered the guy that he sold it to — a guy named Joe Miller — who, Joe Miller was a guy, I think that used to play football for UCLA or something, but his family's very rich. So obviously he had this profound impact on you. Why was he such an inspirational figure for you, as a musician and even as a person? And the rest is history. I think it finally got to the point where, if he saw me coming, he just took it off and handed it to me. He said, "Yeah," he said, "I think I could do that."

And, you know, there were periods of time when they didn't have a mandolin player. Clarence White took out the gun and fired. Wow, that's an incredible story. Thank you for re-telling that for me. In fact, the guitar was not played for about nine years when the subject came up, you know, as to who had the guitar, where it was, because the whole world thought the guitar was just inaccessible to anybody. And, as a result of my inability to play like Clarence White, out of that came my own identity as a separate musician from Clarence White altogether, with the exception of, you know, a few things like rhythm style and some of the techniques he used. And I said, "Joe Miller," I said, "I'm in Kentucky. White when he was playing with us. I said, "Well how about $550?"

And such as the case, you know, as it is here. Holding his right hand to his chest, he announced, “I am speaking in my real voice,” to a crowd filled with applause and tears. But in The Byrds he fell into that loud rock thing But nonetheless, it's like not knowing what happened, there's a reason why Clarence never was allowed to get that guitar back from Joe Miller. And him and his wife, Susie, had not been together for a long time, but they decided that to get married. It was dormant for about nine years, and the subject came up when I was with J.D. He said, "There are so many things in all music forms that there is only one word you can use to describe some of the different facets involved in any music forms," and he said, "That word is mysterious." Albums        And the person that answered the phone said, "No, Joe is not here, but he'll be back probably in about an hour. Home       

I do remember coming to an age where I was pointed out certain licks my father did on the guitar that no one else could replicate…. In Well, from that moment on, to somebody like myself, it's like, and being that young — as young as I was — it just automatically became a situation whereby I saw him and that old ragged-out guitar and I thought, "Okay, well, this is the way it's supposed to be done," because it sounds to me more pleasant than anybody else playing rhythm than I had ever heard.

How about we do it that way? There used to be a radio show in Southern California in Los Angeles where I grew up — it was called Town Hall Party. And he brought it there and I brought the cash there and give him the cash, you know, got the receipt, walked out of there with that instrument for $550. And then what happened later on … like a sort of conflict happened or I have no idea, even Owens was vague about it to some degree. Now, Rice has lent his voice to another poignant IBMA Awards moment — this time on behalf of his dear friend and personal hero, guitar pioneer Clarence White.

went on to make after that was pretty bad. with Clarence and it's so loud. It wasn't one Was there anything that he did — like you were saying, sort of the way he played without guard — was there ever a part of you that tried to emulate that or sort of any approach that he took that you said, "I wanna incorporate this into my playing"?

Because from the time I heard that guitar, there was something about every other guitar — and this exists to this day — that one particular guitar has a sound that's so unique that there's nothing else out there that can compare to it. There's no words, you know, in the English language, or in any other language for that matter where you could describe to me what a rose smells like.

It's very multi-faceted. Clarence White, far left. its toll on the live performances. Yeah, I can, although it's on the Internet about 500 times. And I did go through a period where I wanted to play like him and would practice that and practice that and practice that and I think I was even into my mid-teens before I figured out I ain't gonna be able to do this. But the guy told Joe Miller, he said, "Well, this guitar is in pretty ragged-out condition," he said, "even though it is a Martin D-28," he said, "I'd say if it was in real good shape, it might be worth around $600, but in the shape that it's in," he said, "I would put it in the $450 to $500 range." So one day, it was in 1960, my father got ahold of somebody over there and asked them if they could put me on the air singing a song. shows with him before I left in a bit of a stormy departure. He's gonna come back with some figure that's gonna be off the scale that there's gonna be no way in the world that I could afford it.". we made some good records, but the lack of experience in the business took Well, one of the members of J.D. Well, we can't talk about Clarence without talking about the guitar a little more. He just played Don Parmley would later on become a full-time member of the band and different people would come and go over the years: Vern Gosdin and Rex Gosdin were part of the band and what not. Crowe." No, there really wasn't because, like I said, at the time, he wasn't playing lead guitar.

Lyrics        He said, "Yeah, I do." He was like having a loaded machine gun You listen to the later Byrds He claimed he didn't mean to shoot his wife. The next good part was the onstage fun I had with Clarence And I run into that situation a lot. I'll be 64 in a number of weeks, and I think now that all things He was just a genius at syncopating things.

Well, she give me a number and the first one I got, I called and I said, "Is Joe Miller there?" happen for a reason. White will be inducted into the Bluegrass Hall of Fame at this year’s IBMA Awards in Raleigh. Well, I personally went through it right up until the very end, when I again, living way out of LA and playing in country groups in bars and

-- we'd go out there and just kill the audience every time.

My only regret is that I

Clarence White was cut down in the prime of his life after he was struck by a drunk driver in 1973 at the age of 29. He noted that he was the one who first called 911. And geez, you know, when I think back at the years that went by before anybody else was even known about — and not that many people even knew about Clarence, in terms of his ability to play lead — and then, next, I think around 1963, Doc Watson would come along and a couple of other people people would come and become more familiar with Norman Blake.

It might have been a year or two after — or maybe even three years went by — and Roland got drafted into the Army and that left a void there of another instrumentalist that took solos as an integrated part of the band. Unbelievable. And, well, the rest is sort of history. So many things that you know them in your conscious mind, but you can't put 'em in words. So we got him to help us on a couple I don't think Clarence The fact that Clarence had no fear of the guitar when it came to playing rhythm and throwing in different board substitutions and syncopations that had never been done in bluegrass before. Lede image: Tony Rice, 2005 RockyGrass. I have an imaginary line if you're good you'll come up to, and

And, you know, the confidence to, whenever you have that confidence to play rhythm guitar as an integrated part of a band and do so in such a different way as to not step on anybody else's toes that are a part of the band, if I'm making any sense here. was like a jazz musician, always improvising, and he had this thing about

always bumping into each other, but when I joined The Byrds I lost track I do remember this very well: Whenever Clarence and the White Brothers and myself and my brothers ended up playing a lot of those places in L.A. — Ash Grove, the Troubadour, you know, so many places that were out there at the time. exciting. So Clarence didn't have any need for the guitar.

So Clarence sold the guitar so that he would have enough money to buy this guitar from Don Rich, who played with Buck Owens — so he'd have enough money to buy the guitar and an amp from Don Rich and also take him and his wife on a honeymoon. The Byrds Well, the next day at home, just to play a long shot, I got on the phone.

No, this was great. I'm sure it's a story you're always asked to tell. Chris Hillman - Connect Savannah, Jim Reed, Well, I hope I haven't overtalked myself here. and he said, "No, this is a D-28.".

The D-28’s sad condition may have led to the dumbest of all dumb-kid stunts: the day Clarence leaned the guitar against a … I don't wanna keep you too long.

It would come on every Sunday afternoon; it was a live radio broadcast. But, anyway, my father and I went back there.

It's really an honor and a pleasure. Crowe's band was Bobby Slone. Whenever I was together with Clarence White and whenever we were at the same show together, I would always ask Clarence, "Clarence, when I do my show, can I play that old D-28?" When I was in The Hillmen, we were And it was actually discovered how good he was by a very renowned country electric guitar player named James Burton. I remember this vaguely. And, of course, later on, that's one of the things that I developed, too, is that lack of fear of the instrument. And Bobby was a fiddle player for a while with the Country Boys, who were then called the Kentucky Colonels. And I remember asking Clarence, "Is that a D-18?" and he never refused. The beauty of Clarence White was on 'Time It was much better with Clarence. That's still open for speculation to some degree. There's some of those things that are just like the scenario with the rose. But other than that, I really don't know. And James Burton sort of took him under his wing and helped Clarence develop a unique style of electric guitar playing and Clarence went on to play with Ricky Nelson and various, different country bands out in the L.A. and Bakersfield areas. Clarence White - Clarence interview Holland 1971 (Stringbender) by Toon de Corte. You're presented with choices.

told Roger to hire Clarence White, and I only wound up doing one or two And, as it turned out, Clarence had either sold or pawned the guitar — one or the other, I'm not sure; nobody's sure. And so I told Joe Miller, I said, "Well, Joe, would you be willing to split the difference?" I know, it's hard to summarize what someone means to you when they mean so much. And I can't remember that guy's name, where Clarence had took it. New on ‘My Dad Was in a Band’: My dad was in The Byrds! I could talk to you forever. I asked him … it looked to me a little bit like a Martin.

Clarence White - Clarence interview Holland 1971 (Stringbender) by Toon de Corte. But there was only two bands there and then, I don't know, it seemed like bluegrass in general started to take off around that time and sort of run a parallel with the revival of the folk boom that was happening — the folk music boom.

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