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He is a commercially focused general counsel, leader, and business partner with over 25 years of experience serving retail, supply chain, marketing, manufacturing, and technology companies. Explore his Personal life and Career highlights. Since The Cosby Show's inception, Cosby had always intended for Clair to reflect the ways in which women's roles have evolved in both the home and workplace. [60] Writing for Jezebel, Hilary Crosley Coker crowned Clair "a Trojan Horse for" both feminism and black feminism. [74] Sarah Galo of Mic observed that Clair demonstrates that motherhood and having a career are not "separate entities". "[40] Second to Cosby himself, Rashad is the series' most regular cast member, appearing in a total of 212 episodes.

Sondra and Elvin eventually have children of their own, twins Winnie and Nelson,[18] named after South African activists Winnie and Nelson Mandela, making Clair a grandmother for the first time. She has also ensured her team is poised to support Claire’s and Icing into the future as we continue our international expansion.

[14] TCNJ Journal ranked Clair first on its list of "5 Feminist TV Characters — Old and New — You Should Be Watching". Claire’s survival instincts are excellent. [80] Blake Green of The Baltimore Sun described the character as "the perfect wife and mother of five who also practiced law and dressed to the nines. [15] According to Paste, Clair is the second "Funniest TV Mom"; recognizing her "flawless" insults, author Anita George described her famous rants as "the stuff of comedy legend", explaining, "it’s not just because the words themselves are elegant and witty. Had they been somewhere in the south of England, maybe. [31] Additionally, because Clair was still intended to be of Dominican heritage at the time, Rashad's own bilingualism and fluency in Spanish benefited her successful casting. "[13] Slate critic Jason Bailey observed that, during The Cosby Show's initial run, critics and audiences were too busy commenting on the race of the sitcom's main characters to notice that Cosby had imbued his series with "proud and vocal feminism" in the form of Clair.

[19] Clair's teenage cousin Pam eventually moves in with her family in the show's seventh season. "[116] Vox's Lauren Williams credits the character with teaching "me about feminism before I knew what it was". "[52][53], Representing "the exemplary good wife and mother", Clair is depicted as both composed and maternal. No, Phylicia Rashad had this lyrical, rapid-fire delivery, that made anything that came out of Clair’s mouth sound like a particularly saucy Aaron Sorkin-monologue. Her past experience includes high profile international retailers such as Top Shop & New Look, and spans marketing, PR, events, buying, merchandising, design and quality assurance. Including her on her list of "Diverse TV Ladies That Can Help Young Girls Learn How to Kick Ass", she hailed her relationship with Cliff as "something that young girls—gay or straight—really need to see", while praising her occasional use of Spanish.

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