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Research includes acoustic Measuring temperature in such tiny devices is a challenge. To create their thermoelectric coolers, Regan’s team, which included six UCLA undergraduates, used two standard semiconductor materials: bismuth telluride and antimony-bismuth telluride.

“Once we understand how thermoelectric coolers work at the atomic and near-atomic level,” he said, “we can scale up to the macroscale, where the big payoff is.”.


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While thermoelectric devices have been used in niche applications due to advantages such as their small size, their lack of moving parts and their reliability, their low efficiency compared with conventional compression-based systems has prevented widespread adoption of the technology. As the team varied the amount of power applied to the coolers, the devices heated and cooled, and the indium correspondingly expanded and contracted.

James Rosenzweig. theories, non-perturbative gauge theories, quantum gravity and string theory.

Doctoral students can participate in a variety of research projects. Groundbreaking research, cutting-edge A team led by UCLA physics professor Chris Regan has succeeded in creating thermoelectric coolers that are only 100 nanometers thick — roughly one ten-millionth of a meter — and have developed an innovative new technique for measuring their cooling performance. We are a physics research group with skills in both experiment and theory, and interests that are both fundamental and applied. particle physics is to attain a fundamental description of the laws of physics, the constituents of matter and their To be clear, these miniscule devices aren’t refrigerators in the everyday sense — there are no doors or crisper drawers.

is a multidisciplinary field that attempts to illuminate the mechanisms underlying human learning in an effort to optimize education. several postdocs and students each year.

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To supplement the PEET measurements, the researchers invented a technique called condensation thermometry.

The UCLA AMO group

All members of the Division carry out active research programs that garner widespread international recognition. 99% of the visible mass of the universe; as well as the fundamental nature of the neutrinos. Associate Professor Condensed Matter Office: Knudsen 6-130M Phone: 310-825-4444 Email: Website.

The nuclear physics research is The search for new physics is the major thrust of current research in particle In 2015, Regan’s research group developed a thermometry technique called PEET, or plasmon energy expansion thermometry, which uses a transmission electron microscope to determine temperatures at the nanoscale by measuring changes in density. When heat is applied, one side becomes hot and the other remains cool; that temperature difference can be used to generate electricity. Rahul Roy. “PEET has the spatial resolution to map thermal gradients at the few-nanometer scale — an almost unexplored regime for nanostructured thermoelectric materials,” said Regan, who is a member of the California NanoSystems Institute at UCLA. LinkedIn is the world's largest business network, helping professionals like B.C. © 2020 Regents of University of California, “We have made the world’s smallest refrigerator,” said Regan, the lead author of a, In 2015, Regan’s research group developed a, Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) information for the UCLA campus community, Interactive map will crowdsource hate crime reports, Whether Californians vote may hinge on race, ethnicity, UCLA health survey finds.

To measure the temperature of their thermoelectric coolers, the researchers deposited nanoparticles made of the element indium on each one and selected one specific particle to be their thermometer.

“Its small size makes it millions of times faster than a fridge that has a volume of a millimeter cubed, and that would be already be millions of times faster than the fridge you have in your kitchen,” Regan said. In the future, similar devices might be used to help capture heat from your car’s exhaust to power its air conditioner.

A team led by UCLA physics professor Chris Regan has succeeded in creating thermoelectric coolers that are only 100 nanometers thick — roughly one ten-millionth of a meter — and have developed an innovative new technique for measuring their cooling performance. This electron microscope image shows the cooler’s two semiconductors — one flake of bismuth telluride and one of antimony-bismuth telluride — overlapping at the dark area in the middle, which is where most of the cooling occurs. Professor Chris Regan is principal investigator of the Regan Research Group. “We have made the world’s smallest refrigerator,” said Regan, the lead author of a paper on the research published recently in the journal ACS Nano.

Read more. quantum statistical mechanics and field theory, topological states of matter, and Majorana fermions.

By measuring the indium’s density, the researchers were able to determine the precise temperature of the nanoparticle and thus the cooler. If your cuticles were manufacturing these tiny coolers instead of fingernails, each finger would be churning out more than 5,000 devices per second.

This technology scaled up might one day replace the vapor-compression system in your fridge and keep your real-life soda frosty. technology, award-winning faculty – UCLA’s Division of Astronomy & Astrophysics offers a rewarding environment to pursue higher education The small “dots” are indium nanoparticles, which the team used as thermometers. spans the areas of perturbative gauge theories, lattice gauge The group has an active research program in microrheology, Read more. Your email address is used The EBIC images produced previously unseen resolution and contrast. An additional distinguishing feature of the team’s nanoscale “refrigerator” is that it can respond almost instantly.

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