chiappa rhino 200ds

The Rhino is the first carry-size revolver I've shot that I would load with .357s and not worry at all about recoil. A leather ambidextrous belt holster with slots for vertical or forward cant, three moon clips, clip unloader, a cleaning brush and practical trigger lock are … group: 110 gr Hornady Critical Defense .38 Spl.—3.0 in. For more info: Time will tell. The cylinder release is a lever on the left side of the frame that rotates downward under your thumb. But there is less muzzle flip allowing me to get back on target faster. It’s bad, but easily correctable by simple training; like not wrapping your off-hand thumb around the back of your strong hand when shooting an auto-loader. Trigger pull on my test sample was the same as on the numerous other Rhinos I have fired: excellent. This is no joke because this gap is much closer to your hands in a revolver firing from the bottom cylinder. Hornady XTP .38 Spl.—2.6 in. This means the barrel is directly in line with the shooters hand, wrist and arm. The Rhino is accurate too. More About Chiappa ».

Largest avg. even shooting .357 loads. group: 158 gr. In 1997 we saw the introduction of the Mateba Model 6 Unica, an "autorevolver" designed by Emilio Ghisoni. In addition, the alignment also gives the shooter a more natural point of aim. From Smith & Wesson, the M&P Shield M2.0 is a great option for a carry gun with optics option. Dropping the … My first handgun was a .357 Magnum S&W 586. The grip angle also makes the boxy looking Rhino a natural pointer like the P-08 Luger. I’ll always love my traditional revolvers, but they’ve been outclassed by the Rhino. But, if the Rhino shoots so well, why doesn’t everyone carry one? These two characteristics work to reduce muzzle flip by diminishing the upward leveraging force of the recoil impulse. The Rhino is not the first revolver with a bottom-chamber barrel design.

The Rhino’s DA trigger pull is a smooth 9.5 lbs., and the single-action broke at three lbs., the same as my favorite old S&W. Frank’s wife Odessa repels borders. Do you remember the first time you fired a gun? Packages may require more time to be delivered as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 impacts on carriers.

It succeeds in the function of rapidly delivering six screaming .357 magnum bullets to the target like no other before. The Rhino’s controls are simple like a conventional revolver, but operate in an unconventional manner. Accuracy results are the averages of four five-shot groups at 25 yards from a sandbag rest. I know, I know … heresy. The Rhino 200DS comes in a hard case with everything the first-time gun owner would need to use it immediately for personal defense. That’s a shame, too, because the Rhino is a simple case of form following function. You need to keep the thumb out of the way! When combined with the Rhino’s soft rubber grip — designed with a rearward raking grip angle compelling the hand to grasp the revolver high on the frame — the recoil impulse is further reduced, directed more rearward than upward. Firing full power Black Hills Ammunition .357 Magnum, 158-gr. If I crossed it over my strong thumb, as I’m inclined to do with normal revolvers, it sometimes blocked the rearward travel of my trigger finger interfering with the pull and spoiling my shot. In some rapid fire DA firing drills using Black Hills .38 Special +P 100-gr. Grips are available in wood or rubber, with or without finger grooves and Hogue will be offering a custom grip soon. I tested the 2″ concealed carry, fixed sights model, but there are 3″, 4″, 5″ and 6″ barrel Rhinos with Picatinny rails at the bottom and adjustable sights. With .357 Magnums, muzzle rise isn't much more, although you can hear and feel the difference, especially in the palm of your hand. If you're like most, you were somewhat. Compact Carry Pistols Are Effective With Practice, Taurus 856 Defender Ultra-Lite Revolver Review, Ruger Announces New Wrangler .22 LR Single-Action Revolver, Finish: black aluminum frame, blued cylinder, Grips: black rubber (tested), wood laminate, Sights: serrated ramp front, fixed notch rear.

The Rhino revolver design features a lower bore axis compared to other revolvers. Not only does this drastically lower the bore, because of the rearrangement of the internal parts, the grip itself—available in black rubber or wood laminate—can be put higher on the frame of the gun. Unless, that is, they’re prop-masters in the entertainment industry. Okay, I’m easily distracted. of all ammo tested (4 types): 2.8 in. This results in almost no muzzle rise and, because energy is better absorbed and controlled by the entire arm, it reduces the amount of recoil felt by the shooter. If the Mateba looks like a more complicated cousin of the Rhino, that's because Ghisoni helped design the Rhino as well. A combination of grip angle and firing from the lower chamber translates to low recoil,

What looks like a hammer is not a hammer at all. A practical feature the futuristic Rhino shares with old-school revolvers is the ability to use moon clips. You can tell the pistol is cocked when a red indicator pin is sticking up through a hole in the left rear of the frame.

The MSRP on this chrome-finished model is about a grand, but actual online retail prices are between $850 and $900.

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