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Enjoy. Add this board to your summer quiver ASAP! Jamie O’Brien - Who doesn’t love the man, the myth, the legend? The round nose is ideal for getting into waves early and the square tail will have you making old school turns reminiscent of the first pro’s of the 1970’s. Some of these names you’ll probably recognize.

The rounded nose is great for increasing surface area, making wave catching a breeze. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; I don’t know whether it’s the rail design or the stiffness of the board, but it’s definitely possible to do some rail to rail surfing on this softtop. No digging rails, no pearling. Meant for either big swells or small Summer sets, there’s a reason why so many professional surfers endorse this board. Legends like Kalani Robb and Jamie O’Brien have been seen riding their signature Catch Surf models in everything from tiny California summer surf to pumping Pipeline on Ohahua’s North Shore. You’ll definitely receive a lot of compliments on its retro style. It’s a 5-foot longboard if that makes any sense. Most soft top boards are made to help beginners learn to surf, so people who weigh more get larger boards. As an alternative, we would recommend looking at the Wave Bandit Performer 5’6″ which is part of the Catch Surf family. The LOG is a legit board designed by real surfers in California.

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This is largely because the standard color of a surfboard blank is white and the resin is translucent. Welcome Skateboards paired up with Catch Surf to create its own signature 54 Special. It also comes with the classic tri-fin set up so you’ll have good maneuverability once you’re on the wave. His board comes with the signature tiger and striped flowers. The potential buyer also needs to consider the performance of the surfboard. However we found the board difficult to balance on.

Don’t buy an expensive board just to get it all beat up. Additionally, the board comes in a fish outline that is perfect for catching small waves, yet its slight rocker and performance thruster fins give it a high-performance feel. “I was looking for a new style of board I hadn’t ridden before, but was also worried about going with a foam top board, since they are typically for beginners and not that responsive. Noa Deane has a fun purple bottom deck with black 8 balls, and Harry Bryant uses a black and white speckled HDPE bottom with a maroon top deck. “We test and review foam surf boards. i didn't even know they made a 6 foot log. They are both also shaped by expert designers and pro surfers, so you know performance is guaranteed.

The Odysea is known for getting you into steep waves and launching you high up in the air with ease. Oh baby! Other features include a stiff dual composite core, three maple stringers, HDPE slick bottom with graphic, and the old-school PE deck with a retro design. If you’re looking for a board to increase your wave count this summer, pick up the Softech Toldedo Wildfire softboard. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, and Although this thing was make for the younger rider in mind, well as older gentlemen who like to get like to get their party on out in the water and don’t care who’s watching or young at heart (or you are down right immature and act like you are ten years old) then you can also ride this board., Does Catch Surf own Wave Bandit? Getting barreled on the Odysea is a one of a kind experience because your ride is so stable, you’re going to forget it’s made of foam!

Find more Softech Flash Eric Geiselman FCS II 6'6" Surfboard information and reviews here. As more of a younger board, it is perfect for the beginner or intermediate rider who is looking to advance his or her skills and eventually transition to the next level. The Odysea Safety-Edge Quad Fin Set will make you charge even harder! I’ve been surfing since I was seventeen and haven’t ridden a foam board since my first time. The wide outline also increases speed own the line. Each 54 Special has its own pro model with different graphic designs to choose from. We tried two spins on the board and stacked it both times.

He’s an Aussie who loves to have a good time and shred big waves. These are necessary characteristics of the board that a beginner needs. The board is tall and quite voluminous, so it works for heavy guys as well. Jamie O’Brien Pro: 54" x 19.75” x 2.5” (32 Liters), Kalani Robb Pro: 54" x 19.75” x 2.5” (32 Liters), Taj Burrow Pro: 54" x 19.75” x 2.5” (32 Liters), Blair Conklin Pro: 54" x 19.75” x 2.5” (32 Liters), Harry Bryant Pro: 54" x 19.75” x 2.5” (32 Liters), Welcome Skateboards model: 54" x 19.75” x 2.5” (32 Liters). The Taj Burrow board has bright pink bottom deck with a palm tree leaf overlay. The board is relatively narrow, which makes it possible to turn the softtop like a longboard.

Quickly becoming one of the top selling soft top surfboards on the market.

It’s perfect for those small days that would be a problem for the traditional fiberglass shortboard. Made with new-age polyethylene foam, this board has a sleek graphic on the bottom, triple maple wood stingers, and that dual composite core for the stiff, sturdy feel. When my friends and I ride these boards we have a lot of laughs and a lot of fun. Last but not least, the 54 Special Thruster model displays a high contrast black and white tile pattern with pink rails. On steeper wave faces it’s trickier, we often ended up digging the nose into the face of the wave. As we mentioned earlier, there are so many familiar faces who have thrown their support behind this incredible longboard. Catch Surf suggest that this board can be ridden in whole host of different conditions. Both lines of surfboards make it a goal to emulate a fun and retro color scheme and brand vibe. The base is actually convex a bit like a log. The South Bay Surfboards Hybrid Surfboard Huevo takes a classic mini simons shape and wraps it in a softboard form. Find more Almond Surfboards R-Series 5'4" Secret Menu Surfboard information and reviews here. The Almond Surfboard R-Series Secret Menu brings sustainability to the softboard world with its 100% recyclable construction. The shape of the Elefante resembles a classic mid-length that brings cruisey performance surfing to small waves.

If you have money to spare for an extra board, yes it is. Crafted with professional surfer Eric Geislman in mind, this board has a unique feel and performance compared to other softboards that rivals the surfing experience of normal hardboards. So, how is the performance of this Catch Surf foam board?

It feels like you could cross the Atlantic with it. From professional surfers like Tyler Stanaland and Jonny Redmond to young groms who are jumping in the water for the first time, the Log is a great all around board. Catch Surf describe the Beater as the “all purpose customizable shred stick”. Tri-fins allow you to make strong bottom turns, and to easily maneuver on the wave. This three fin, rounded tail longboard softboard is the ultimate summer surfboard for new and experienced surfers alike. Odysea series boards are versatile, fun and smooth riding. Hi! Odysea’s idea of using foam to create their boards is to offer advanced surfers a new and novel experience with a new style of board.

All in all, a great longboard for both kids and grownups. The wide, egg shape gives the board speed but also gives it a forgiving nature for surfers who are learning to execute turns.

The Log has a classic look, a dual composite core and triple wood stingers. I picked up a 6'0 catch surf log a couple days ago.

Find more Wavestorm 8ft Classic Surfboard information and reviews here. If you think you need something with even more volume to ensure wave catch-ability, then we recommend stepping another foot and going for the Odysea Skipper Quad which comes in a 5’6″, 6’0″ and a 6’6″. Riding it without fins was a whole other challenge. It felt like it lacked the volume to get into smaller waves. by FoamieCrew | Posted on September 28, 2020 September 28, 2020. 3838 Camino Del Rio N #102 San Diego, CA 92108.

Cheers!”. it's not a log at all, but more of a twig.

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