can you escape the 50 rooms 1 solution

Go to the scale and place the weight on it. Pick up the key. This is great for me, and I will make sure that my friends know about this, as well.

Go back to the TV. Tap the couch to the right and pick up the rod.

9 button puzzle: input colors from TV heads. Tap the top side of the bookcase to the left and tap the books on the bottom to open one – take the SD card. Tap the bird’s cage.

Tap the drawers under the TV and use the code to open the safe.

Pick up a napkin from below the box and notice the green 5.


Tap the panel with a “2P” on it and use the screwdriver to open it.

Tap the small Pharaoh head to the right wall and use the screwdriver to remove the panel. Tap the painting to the left to notice the colors: Blue, Red, Yellow.

Tap the wooden chest with the vase and pick up the second battery. Use the bottle opener on the bottle and pick up the paper. Tap the wooden chest with the vase and pick up the second … Tap the flower pot and take the key.

We now have a white teddy bear, a green trash can, red balls and yellow flower.


The color code on the piece of furniture below shows us which number on the paper poster corresponds to a color. Get the key and exit. 1. Tap the colored furniture piece near the door and use the hammer to remove the boards.

Go back to the safe and use the color code to open it. Tap the cabinets to the left and enter the code. 4. In this escape game, you are locked in 50 different rooms and you try to escape the rooms by finding items, using them on correct places, solving puzzles.


Get the key card and exit the room.

Pick up the key and use it to open the door and exit the room. Get the bottle of perfume.

UPDATE: If you’re looking for the other levels, we have published the solution for levels 11-20 here.

Tap the top shelf to the right of the screen and re-create the dot pattern by tapping the corresponding dots. 1.

There’s a ton of rooms left to escape from, but we’ll publish the complete walkthrough for those soon. Then tap the clock to indicate 6:15.

Tap the shelving unit to the left and pick up the screwdriver from the bottom shelf. 3.


Extremely challenging too as you will have to think outside the box and do your best to get out of each room.


Tap the moose head on the wall and take the final piece of paper on its horns. Tap the coffee table and get the pliers. Get the paper.

Use the code to open it and pick up the weight to the left.

Tap the desk and then tap the notebook to the left of the laptop. Combine the batteries and place them in the video player.

4. Tap the pillow on the ground to the left of the screen and get the hammer’s head. Complete the puzzle, which should look like this: 4.

Note numbers on robots and appearance of each of those 3 robots.

I personally used the hints to insta-solve it, which you can do too. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Tap the red luggage box on the ground and use the pliers to open it.

Notice the cube’s colors: Red, Blue, Yellow and White. Escape Game 50 Rooms 1 Levels 11 – 20.

From the top bunk bed, get the top of the pliers. 3. 2.

Tap the desk and pick up the piece of paper under the magazines.

1. Look at it and see the numbers. Tap the air conditioning unit twice and get the screwdriver’s handle. You have entered an incorrect email address! 2.

Tap the bed and get the keys from under the teddy bear and a battery from under the pillow. Tap the box on the coffee table and use the knob on the box and notice a yellow 3.




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Escape Game: 50 Rooms 1 Level 50 Walkthrough, Answers, Solutions, and Tips. Select the crowbar in your inventory and tap the box under the bed.

Tap the bed, then the pillow and pick up the piece of paper. Go back to the dresser and open the shelf with the key.

Escape Game 50 Rooms 1 gets more and more difficult as you progress through the levels, so don’t forget to collect hints in the game by watching ads in order to insta-complete stages when the walkthrough can’t help (such as solving on-screen puzzles). Judging from the white spots on it and combining that with the numbers on the paper above, we get the code 6832. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Tap the guitar twice and get the handle.

Check back soon for the walkthrough for this level and more! Is the level below different than what you are seeing in your game? Go back and tap the microwave oven. Add the cassette and tap it again to reveal the code: 8659. You will see a code: 0745.

Pick up the key that appears on top of the clock. There is one more apple on the desk. We are continuing our trip through the amazing Escape Game 50 Rooms 1 with a new walkthrough.

Tap the bed and get the keys from under the teddy bear and a battery from under the pillow. Tap the painting to the top left and notice the hard to see code: 7 3 9 x.

5. Get the mustard from one of the top shelves, the meat from the pan on the stove and the lettuce from the left side of the counters.

Angry Birds Tennis Has Been Officially Canceled. Tap the right drawers on the desk and pick up the USB stick from the bottom shelves. Tap the dresser under the scale and then the top drawer. 2. Get the key and use it to exit. Tap the masks and get a piece of paper from the mouth of a mask.

Tap the laptop, then tap the disk and tap the laptop again. 3. 3.

Tap the round vase to the bottom of the right Sphinx and use the hammer on it.

Tap the bike to the left and pick a crayola. Remembering the code, tap the dots in this order: top left, top right, middle left, middle, bottom left. 1.

Tap the shelves and add the metal thing to the top shelf, then the screw and use the screwdriver.

3. Use it with the scissors in your inventory, then with the fishing rod.

Get the key and use it to exit the room. Door puzzle: Match numbers to types of robots. Remember the code (303) and use it on the shelf to the right to open it. Use it on the door to exit the room.

I’ve been searching for this walkthrough for quite some time now, and you’ve finally published this walkthrough here. Notice a red 2. Using the code from the parchment, unlock the box and get the wooden bird.

Go back and tap the statue under the painting, then use the key to open the shelf. Tap the table and get a piece of paper from the ashtray. Tap the bed and pick up the hammer’s handle from under the pillow.

Tap the plant to the left and get the leaf with something white on it.

Notice the code: 1096.

Tap the couch and get a key from under the pillow.

Pick up the paper and tap it to see “Taki”. Use the key on the drawer above the get the pliers. 3. Tap the box on the small sofa and solve the puzzle like this: tap the bottom line, middle line, bottom one and then the top one.

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