call me a legend game all beauties

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Do not forget to go on some dates with them so that you can unlock their hero increasing capability. And while on subject of beauties, how do I get Delia second voice over?

The higher level they are, the more cash you will need to upgrade them, but this is the first thing you should attempt to do before anything else. You will need to fight them with a smaller team than usual, so take that into account. Anyways, once you determine where a Beauty is, head into that area. As you progress through the campaign, you will unlock additional areas for you to search. The game will warn you if you attempt to fight a battle in which you will lose a lot of troops if not outright lose the battle, so if you see this message it is time to power up. Thanks for watching! For example, Delia is tied to Jason, your starting rare unit. The first thing you should note are Operations. Tap the pile of cash on the main desk to go to the Operations menu, where you can collect various resources from your established resource centers.

When their favor-ability increases all the way, the Beauty will be yours! Look at and read all … Agreeing will net you some resources, while disagreeing will grant you an Affair Event, an item that you can use to automatically get a new Affair to deal with. Once you get around 12 intimacy, the Beauty will unlock her first skill which will power up the tied hero significantly. That is something most people do during a zombie outbreak, right?

Between the base building and rescuing, commanders can also start their own family and carry on their legacy.

Heroes have special abilities that are unlocked when they are high enough rarity. Diamonds are considered the premium currency of the game, so you need to make sure you spend them wisely. When you are here, you will need to do a town-wide search to narrow down your spots.

To do this, you will need to recruit more Beauties, and we will walk you through the slightly convoluted process.

When you get a new Beauty, you can see what hero they are tied to. It only takes 30 minutes to recover one point of energy, so you do not have to wait that long.

You can pick what Beauties you desire by tapping on them to raise their profiles. Once you progress far enough in the campaign, the town will unlock. You will be presented with a situation, and you must either agree or disagree to it. Your pet can find you valuable items and boosters, but you must remember to send it out. Stuck in this game? Ask a question below and let other gamers answer your question or view answers to previously asked questions. Here, you will setup your Headquarters, where all of the important decisions happen, and where most players start. Next are the Political Affairs, accessed by the laptop on the main desk. The amount of time you need to wait depends on the hero, but it is usually around an hour or so. You can only search three times before you run out of energy, at which point you must wait for your energy to recharge. When their favorability increases all the way, the Beauty will be yours!

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