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Shark cage diving in California means diving with Great White Sharks. That depends on where you do it. The Farrallons White Shark day trip from San Francisco can potentially get you in front of bigger sharks, with the option to go cage diving there as well. California boasts a year round shark population so you can shark dive here 7 days a week, year round, 365 days a year.

Scared? One of them?

The Australian guy, Luke Tipple, was our dive master. You’re also on a live aboard dive boat for 5+ days that specializes in feeding you, housing you, and making your white shark diving experience something you’ll remember forever. Nope – but live aboard shark diving at Guadalupe is the single best cage diving experience on the planet in my shark-loving opinion, and a ‘Must-Do’ for anyone whose bucket list is not complete without seeing a great white shark.

You can buy with confidence on America’s Shark Boat the MV Horizon.

We depart directly from San Diego, Ca. Shark cage diving shouldn’t be expensive and yet, for divers and non-divers alike, the cost of a 5 day all-inclusive shark diving vacation seems out of reach for so many financially…until now. It’s a full day, leaving Fisherman’s Wharf at 6:30AM and returning 12 hours later. With that being said, the area is noted for very large great whites, and has seen some incredible things over the past 20 years, including the first documented encounter between an orca and great white back in 1997. By using this website, you agree to our use of cookies.

Would be kinda hard to set that up don’t you think?

Most shark cage diving in California for beginners is done from a stern-mounted cage attached by metal brackets to the boat itself. You’ll see a range of sharks here, too, from juveniles, to some pushing 20 feet. Also, if it’s you’re life ambition to see Great White Sharks, sometimes it’s better to go all-in – literally. Great white shark spotting does not get more convenient than that. Get a glimpse into the fascinating world of great white sharks when you join the crew of America’s Shark Boat aboard the MV Horizon for a cage diving experience of a lifetime. Hi Steve, Please verify these for yourself with each boat in question. Unlike shark diving in Florida, where you can swim, scuba, snorkel and even cage dive with a huge variety of different shark species, in California you’re limited to Great Whites for several reasons, with the most predominant being this:. Psst...Wanna Dive With Great White Sharks For Real? Since 1982 we have made a name for ourselves offering world-class great white shark adventures and scuba charters at great pricing. Save money and join us cage diving this year with great white sharks!. We’ll get into that in a bit. California boasts a year round shark population so you can shark dive …

We’ve seen sharks breaching behind surfers, sharks checking out paddle boarders off Huntington and Manhattan Beach. In fact, they’re such a hit these days that a whale watching operator based at Dana Point is now offering ‘coastal viewing’ 90 minute great white shark tours just off the beach.

Sadly, though, he’s been AWOL at Guadalupe since 2011, and there’s some speculation he may have moved on. Watching sharks from the safety of the boat is a great option for those looking to stay dry, while still seeing exciting shark action.

We got that on film too, which you can watch here for your gratuitous viewing pleasure.

Please look around our website for additional information on the trips we offer and please don't hesitate to contact us for more information or to book a trip. What You’ll Pay: Guadalupe cage diving is not cheap. Note that starting price for a basic charter, like on MV Horizon. You’re diving with Great White Sharks, my friend. Heck, if you’re very lucky, you may see Shredder (also called Cal Ripfin), my favourite shark on the planet, who you can easily recognize for his ‘shredded’ dorsal fin. If you want to see Great White Sharks and you live in the LA area, this is a decent option. Food and beverages (including alcohol) are included in the price. Since 2000 when we first discovered Guadalupe, we soon realized up to 260 different great white sharks patrols these pristine waters from August to late fall.

We provide all the gear you will need along with iced drinks. The most popular trip is our Shark Diving Trip where our guests have the option to go cage diving or freediving with the sharks.

Not great whites – at least, not on tour. You should also factor in a gratuity for the crew if you’re happy with the experience. Lots of hugs and pictures, and Facebook contacts – don’t forget those! Yup, I know, you saw 47 Meters Down and you’re wondering if a shark cage has ever dropped.

And while they may be up for a little breach smackdown with rival sharks in the area, negative incidents with white sharks off California are very low.

Day 5 – Arrive San Diego around 10AM-ish. We’re based in sunny southern California at San Diego, minutes from the San Diego airport with, direct departures to Guadalupe island from the harbor.

Cage diving with great white sharks in crystal-clear waters is why shark divers from around the world flock to Mexico’s Guadalupe Island. Both our shark diving and shark viewing trips take place at the same locations and can easily be combined with both shark divers and shark viewers. Glad you see them in such a positive light.

Private charters will cost more – and note that you’ll have to pack your own lunch unless you do the latter.

You can search for tours by boat or for a broader search for ‘Guadalupe’ in general. Back in 2007, I went shark cage diving at Guadalupe and it inspired me to create this blog three years later.

We'll provide a wet suit for you to wear during your dives, meals and refreshments on board.

Later in the shark season the REALLY BIG females arrive looking for eligible males.

$3100 USD + permits + alcohol + bus fees!

Covered in sparse vegetation with curtains of mysterious fog that roll off it’s high peaks, this cragged, volcanic outcropping some 160 miles off the west coast of Baja is the perfect backdrop to great white shark cage encounters. I’ve included links below where you can get more information about cage diving at Guadalupe (again, which leaves San Diego – and again, I am an affiliate). The latter shows you a variety of shark diving boats that you can inspect for pricing and amenities.

Cage Diver - $825 No dive experience is necessary. Still, if you want my objective opinion on the best shark cage diving in California, it’s the San Diego tour. San Diego – $3000 – $5000+ This is a 5 day liveaboard diving tour, in which you travel to Isla De Guadalupe, (yup, from Shark Week), about 260 miles south of San Diego.

Don’t be – this is healthy, and most of the sharks seen off LA are juveniles. We saw two highly unusual behaviours at Guadalupe on our dive. Thanks for sharing your experience in South Africa. All your meals are covered, and they’re usually very good. Wanna see great white sharks?

The visibility at Guadalupe is excellent – you can see 100 feet on a good day.

California has one of the highest concentrations of sharks in the world, making it a top shark diving destination.

Three words: ‘Great’ ‘White’ ‘Sharks’.

They’re apex predators. The Experience: Long before Guadalupe was in the picture, the Farrallon Islands were the spot to see great white sharks off California. We’ll match or beat any shark cage diving price you see online for a comparable shark cage diving vessel at Guadalupe Island, that’s our pricing guarantee. Cool guy.

Other vessel 2019 cage diving prices at Guadalupe Island: Our All-Inclusive Shark Diving Price? Cage Diving with Great White Sharks California Prices & Information,, Shark Doc Guadalupe Island Shark Cage Diving Expeditions, Channel Islands Liveaboard Scuba Diving & Lobster Opener, Guadalupe Island White Shark Production Services, discount shark diving value shark diving best priced shark diving best value cage diving, value shark diving best priced shark diving guarenteed shark cage diving guadalupe best pricing shark cage diving discount, women shark diving women scuba women cage diving women oceans, Learn to Cage Dive at Guadalupe Island | White Shark Information, Learn To Dive With Great White Sharks | Guadalupe Mexico. Speaking as a shark lover who lives in beautiful but decidedly shark-less Victoria BC, (Canada), I envy you!

Early on from June through October expect to see male white sharks battle over site supremacy, clashes between these sharks often results is big open bites wounds that soon heal up.

Remember, each Guadalupe cage diving tour is at least 5 days (1 day to get there, 3 full days of cage diving, and a day to get back).

Unlike shark diving in Florida, where you can swim, scuba, snorkel and even cage dive with a huge variety of different shark species, in California you’re limited to Great Whites for several reasons, with the most predominant being this: California is arguably the best place on the planet to see Great White Sharks. The seas can get a little rough around November. OK, so California is NOT the best all-round state for shark diving.

There's no need for you to pack your own dive gear.

Great white sharks off California are a good thing because it means the marine ecosystem is coming back. The quick version is this: Los Angeles – $500 for a 90 minute shark spotting excursion from a boat. WE ARE LOCATED AT 501 W BROADWAY STE A 294. T…

Welcome to America’s Shark Boat, the original shark diving vessel that started it all at Guadalupe Island, Mexico now offering shark cage diving for everyone at THE BEST pricing in the industry. The San Diego shark diving tours can be customized according to luxury and extra diving days, hence the higher range. Again, speak with each boat before you go out regarding their safety procedures and redundancy plans. The second trip we offer is the Shark Viewing Trip. California's waters are perfect for shark diving as the water visibility averages 40'-100' with water temps from the high 70's to mid-60's depending on season.

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