calamity devourer of gods theme

This page was last edited on 21 August 2020, at 11:16. So I spruced it up and decided to release it. 4 hours ago. is a reference to a line spoken by the, The Devourer of Gods' quote "Nothing personal, kid."

The Devourer of Gods can move through air as if it were solid blocks in this mode, and the Warped debuff is inflicted on all players, exaggerating their vertical velocity. The Devourer cannot fly in this phase but will gain more speed. The Devourer of Gods (and the Cosmic Guardian) cannot be hurt by any attack that would deal more than half of their health in one hit, such as another mod's butcher function or an incredibly powerful weapon.

The Devourer of Gods has 82 segments in total during phase 1, and 102 segments in total during phase 2.

It will also gain the ability to teleport close to the player once a laser wall ends, or if the player strays too far from the Devourer. You need to enable JavaScript to use SoundCloud. It will descend to the ground, and charge at the player regardless of height.

This was originally a failed practice project of mine. The Devourer of Cods is a craftable post-Moon Lord fishing pole.

Click Roblox.dmg to run the Roblox installer, which just downloaded via your web browser.

This guide will mention Expert Mode and Revengeance Mode exclusive accessories with no special formatting and will follow the intended progression. The Devourer agreed, and soon after Yharim captured his two most hated traitors, Braelor and Statis.

The Devourer wields their strength, and they in turn are infused with the Devourer's might.

Calamity Mod Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. username. 16, 2017. It happens twice in this phase: The Devourer will summon one Guardian at 60%, and two at 20%. The same laser wall pattern will never appear twice in a row.

This theme contains a motif from The Devourer of Gods' theme. This can, however, give the player more time to react to the boss’ attacks.

The Sentinels of the Devourer are the three entities that answer directly and only to The Devourer of Gods; they hold no loyalty of any kind to anyone else, except under their master's orders. This item's name is a play on The Devourer of Gods, the boss this pole is based on, and Cod, a type of fish.

The fight against this boss is lengthy and difficult, with several phases and numerous varying attacks and behaviors. Replacing Warped, the Extreme Gravity debuff is inflicted on all players, disabling infinite flight and reducing flight time by 66%. When hit by such an attack, the damage is reduced to 0.

Summoning and canceling minions is a very effective strategy against the Devourer since the body segments have extremely high damage reduction. Read More. Due to firing 10 lines at once, The Devourer of Cods can be used to summon multiple Duke Fishrons or Old Dukes at once. (When the player gets hit by its tail), "Of all my segments to get hit by..." (When the player gets hit by its tail), "Don't get cocky, kid!"

This phase is indicated by the sky turning blue and the Warped debuff being inflicted on the player, which exaggerates vertical movements. All Updated. The Devourer of Gods, originally known as a mere myth in Terrarian legends, is a monstrous cybernetic serpent from the depths of an eldritch-conceived pocket dimension. The Roblox installer should download shortly.

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