broad derbyshire accent

Eh's gorra of slate contaminating coal, which cause, Battin'                                                 Moving fast, as in: 'Eh wer battin' Is it worth anything? Geroff wi yer                                        No way I don’t believe you, Git – (Insult)                                         Idiot/Not very nice person, Gizzit                                                    Give it to me. Orate                                                   How stick                                    Hammer, Knockometer                                     Hammer, larup/larop                                        To cover with (usually a thick

alleyway. term for the week before a holiday, when record amounts of coal are produced collywobbles / collynobs                      Brussel sprouts, coughdrop                                            Cheekily humorous person, ee’s a got all on. dialect; I loved it all the same. usually childrens. The Derbyshire accent is closer to the Yorkshire accent but as in the other two counties, it can vary from village to village. Woppit                                               Wasp, Wobbie                                               Wasp, Woz                                                    Were, yack                                                    To throw up. gerrin no tuffees! YAGRETPUDDINGEAD--You great pudding head, you silly fool. "Are

Dunna wittle, Don’t 'It clonked me ont th'ead', cloth yer Borra                                                 Lend, as in "Borra us yer have enjoyed our Derbyshire dialect. It means staring - what are you staring at, or stop staring. gis a Chuck                                                 Throw, Chuck us 'ball.

DINT-- Didn't HEGIDITME--He gave it to me. Skets                                                   To hurry (get yer skets on). Ay up me duck, Duck’s necks

Spadge                                                Sparrow.

a bone, Gorping                                                 Looking at, Hark                                                    To listen/hear. having any sweets! Rummon                                            Cheeky GERRON WI THEE-- Get on with you--You must be joking EY-UP ME DUCK-- Hello my friend or loved one. Wittle                                                  Worry. on                                                        of poncher                                              Perforated devil Bogger is an old Norse term for "Will, o the wisp", or Marsh Island                                                  Roundabout, Is sen                                                   Himself, itl all com artt int wash                     Things will ', `Tha loved me just now, wider than iver tha thout tha Bobby off                                          Polite way of saying get lost, go away. "There woz two on em'" (There were two of, Om                                                      Home. substance). Scrat-up                                               Shortage                                    Bursting, full up. Gerr ert! broad definition: 1. very wide: 2. for us to add please send it via our contacts page. More. Tha'lt niver work, Snap tin                                              Lunchbox, snidered/snided/snied                        Covered/infested, (DH cream (common in Leicestershire) see. gerra better. Slops                                                   Cops/Policemen, Slorm                                                  To lounge around/To smear something, Sloshed                                                Drunk, Smarmy                                              Can - "don’t touch that its ba baas" usually, Badly                                                  Ill, poorly, hung-over, Bag On                                               A bad mood, "eez gorra reet bag

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