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And one replied telling him 'that BLM badge is a bit dodgy'. The official Twitter account of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) UK movement has also been caught up in an antisemitism row. Bürgeranfragen: Beschwerdeformular Tel.

Saying I am not racist is not good enough, because we know to be racist. The Premier League have not provided any funding to BLM UK and chief executive Richard Masters told MPs on Tuesday that his organisation remain apolitical. But ten days ago Redknapp did wear the BLM pin on his suit (right), Redknapp (left) and Evra (right) were discussing the Premier League match on Sky Sports last night with host Kelly Cates (centre) as the row over the Black Lives Matter's anti-police and anti-capitalist aims rumbled on, Sky Sports News presenter Mike Wedderburn – who last week issued a powerful speech after a 'White Lives Matter Burnley' banner was flown over a match - was still wearing a BLM badge on this morning's programme (above), Kelly Cates, right, wore the Black Lives Matter badge when she performed pitchside interviews for Sky Sports on June 27, Sky Sports News appeared to still be backing the movement, carrying the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter before ad breaks today, Patrice Evra said in a video just over a month ago (on June 8) that his 'heart is burning' as he spoke out against racism following the murder of George Floyd in the United States. Looks like you already have an account! Black Lives Matter UK - or @BLMUK on social media - is the British offshoot of its US counterpart, but the group's leaders, who are largely anonymous, have been accused of using its financial muscle for a range of far-Left aims, and criticised for a lack of transparency with no formal governing structure and having never filed accounts. Meanwhile Henry has called for a 'new inclusive and politically-neutral anti-racism movement' after savaging the UK group online. We're living in special times at the moment.'. ', The Premier League has distanced itself from Black Lives Matter and said it 'does not endorse' the group after pundit Matt Le Tissier said he only wore their badge (circled) on TV after being asked to by Sky Sports bosses, The body said in a statement that while there is 'no room for racism in football', it does not support any 'political organisation or movement'. Le Tissier said bosses at Sky had asked him and other pundits to wear the logo for their appearances and he agreed, but pointed out he supported 'the cause, not the organisation'. Well you're in luck, because here they come. In December that year it endorsed the complete closure of all Britain's prisons and detention centres, saying they were 'inhumane, overcrowded and unsafe'. It has attacked everyone from Oxfam ('big charities are nothing more than colonisers for the 21st century') to Sir David Attenborough. BSL Black Lives Matter Tote Bag GiveGiftsDesigns $ 10.11.

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