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Once your membership is confirmed, you will be added to the feed. LARGE BULLISH ALERT: This alert triggers when a yellow call sweep (opening transaction) fills at the Ask and meets the minimum notional amount traded. Our comprehensive, 3-hour introduction to stocks, options, and the BlackBox platform!

REMEMBER – System alerts are algo-driven! Details on how to access the trading rooms are posted daily in the main chat area on BlackBoxStocks. Another neat feature of Black Box Stocks is the platform’s live audio broadcasting functionality. Do you know someone who needs to upgrade their trading with BlackBox? Education is an essential component for success in trading. Download the app … This is a great place for new members to get extra help in between other educational classes! Check out the curriculum on these courses! The charts produced by the software are very nice looking and included are a large number of indicators, markup tools, time frames, and customization options. BlackBox Bootcamp is offered twice weekly and covers the basics of trading stocks, options, as well as how to use the features of our platform.

Our system continuously scans the NASDAQ, New York Stock Exchange, CBOE and all other options markets analyzing over 8,000 stocks, and up to 900,000 options contracts multiple times per second. How do I check my system if BlackBox is running slowly? Common Questions. Simply click on the menu button (3 lines at the top of the screen), select ‘Live Channels’ then choose the channel you want to listen to! There are a number of very experienced traders in this community, and the knowledge that they share is extremely valuable. Next, send a direct message to Maria or Jenny and give them your BlackBoxStocks user ID (the user name you use to log into the BlackBoxStocks platform). This trading tool is very well-thought out and incredibly effective when it comes to providing the best trade ideas.

We also pay $250 for every yearly member you refer to BlackBox! Built-in to the dashboard of Black Box Stocks is a charting panel that instantly loads charts whenever you click on a particular ticker. Q & A – Key Points About Selling Options Part 13, Pin Risk – Key Points About Selling Options Part 12, Options Assignment – Key Points About Selling Options Part 11, Exercise Options – Key Points About Selling Options Part 10. Join our private Twitter feed!

While the app is in the works, Apple mobile users can access all options data using the Desktop Browser app from Spicy Apps. Can’t join the Options Crew on Discord? Read More. Our moderators are here to help you get the most out of the BlackBox platform.

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