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South of the village you'll be met with a maple woods across a river. Or have access to all the biomes. To the north of the island there is another large island with Prairie and Pasture biomes, while a dozen or so smaller islands surround the rest of Grove Island. Posted originally by, and moved here by Ilijasibinovic12. These 10 seeds all have assets from Tinker's Construct, Pam's HarvestCraft, Forestry, Botania, and Natura and possibly Blood Magic. I am a Pilipino too! Directly behind said islands is a small Jungle biome island, and south of that island is a Rainforest biome island. Travel south for more islands and two ocean monuments near each other. The other biomes surrounding the mystic grove is are some regular biomes such as: wooden hills, forest, and plains. Overall, this is a fantastic Survival seed, especially for looting!

These mods don't effect terrain generation, but they do add to the aesthetics of each biome. These 10 biomes are a simple taste of what is available, even to the laziest of players in the game. good find), Mystic Grove: 3625 65 -6237 (Mystic Grove and marsh area. Seed: FLP2013. As was said earlier, try to be as accurate and precise as possible with descriptions, although massive paragraphs describing seeds are often unnecessary and annoying, so try to keep the description of seeds short, preferably around 35-50 words per entry.

Jade Cliffs are probably some of the most interesting biomes in the entire Biomes o Plenty mod for Minecraft. #7DD671 Foliage Color: #98EF56 Dunes.

and using the exact BOP build number is strongly recommended, which can be found in the mods settings. Note that this seed was found on the wiki for Origin Island in the discussion section. To the north of spawn, right over a hill, is a quaint little village. Seeds or descriptions that contain offensive or inappropriate language will be removed.

The rare, 232858085590774416 — You spawn near the shore. Also because I didn't add very many village, temple, etc coordinates either, because although they're cool, I really just wanted to put this together because a builder like myself likes to build random houses in every biome.

79999982- You spawn in a Shrubland biome on the coast, with a Vanilla Mesa nearby. -3669518809747573702 - ALPS ISLANDS Spawn right on the very lower edge of an Alps Foothills biome island. 149438395276413054 - EXTREME HILLS AND SHRUBLANDS ISLAND Spawn at the edge of an Extreme Hills biome island. A couple more Desert-like biomes are around, like a Brushland, and Lush Desert.

this seed is also need an ocean, -7844701202256987846 - Spawn right in the middle of a Sacred Springs. Numerical seed entries are preferred, but seeds that contain letters or a mix of numbers and letters are accepted too. Because of this and other mitigating factors, persons who post seeds are not held to any standard of accuracy whatsoever, although submitters are encouraged to be as accurate and concise as possible when adding seed entries. sooo glad i found this gem), Land of Lakes: 1570 64 -1809 (Loveee this biome so had to include it, also its very large). For the plant named Reed up until version 1.1.0, see River Cane.

Large and sprawling savanna with quite a lot of acacia trees. Near spawn - and the swamp - there's a mangrove biome. Upper left is Lavender Fields. All seeds generated using the BOP build number New seed entries should be listed under their corresponding version of Minecraft and BOP. There will be one tree on the smaller island right off the northern shore. You spawn in a taiga. North West has Desert, Oasis, and Village. Just off the southern tip of the island there will be a small Gravel Beach island. They are decorative.

That means a distinct lack of exploration, mining, and even building the biggest of structures over a lengthy period of time. Players will spawn next to a nearby shore, which should be interesting enough for many people to build a coastal fortress. ), Cherry Blossom 1: 7964 109 5940 (mountian right beside cherry blossom forest. 5280078656355243189 - Very diverse spawn. There is also a large ravine under the island. Rather large and tall island too, surrounded by other tall Alps Foothills islands. Added in by a non-signed in user. -3747896763061264549 - SAVANNA AND BRUSHLANDS ISLAND Spawn on the beach of a Savanna biome island. There's even a Bayou to your right! It's rather large. You can now get to BOP biomes easily in any world using the /bop command, has this naturally-generated insane place to jump, You spawn right next to a decently sized mystic grove biome. An image of the mushroom biome connected to the volcano island at the above-mentioned cords. when you make the worl make sure to click more options then world options and change it to biomes o plenty Quote: doesn't work. Upper left is one of the Ocean Monuments. Travelling a short distance to -393 70 422 you will find a Volcano Island connected to a Mushroom biome. biomesoplenty — You spawn on the border of a Grove and very hilly Chaparral biome, southwards is a large ocean with savanna west. -6457583245248222882 - You spawn in one of the rarest biomes, the Mystic Grove! 1324447946994157030 - You spawn in a Fir forest that is bordered by an ocean, a spruce forest and a regular forest. Other mods besides Biomes O' Plenty may alter world generation, thereby producing unexpected results when generating worlds with the seeds listed here.

North of the village you'll find a coniferous forest and fir clearing. The player will find themselves surrounded by wheat all over the ground, all of which can be harvested for a vast food supply. Center Island is Rainforest.

This locale is one of the most majestic for building, and some players spend hours searching for the location on their randomly generated map. I'm proud to be a Pinoy!!! Upper right is Jungle Biome. However its very far away from the spawn and the exact coordinates are X: 15000 and Z: 17500. Dozens of small sand. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. To go along with the new biomes, it adds new plants, flowers, trees, building blocks, and much more! 4348477292579057999 ----Spawn right next to a Desert Temple, Head North from spawn and there is a second Desert Temple. A vanilla desert is also directly behind spawn, with an Oasis (lacking Palm trees). A forest biome consisting of tall, thin Eucalyptus ... #74D374 Foliage Color: #66E266 Fungi Forest (Nether) 107. In addition, there is a jungle temple located nearby at -440, 85, 1700 and also nearby the temple is a large Bamboo Forest biome. BOP build number used is "BiomesOPlenty-1.12-" Added by ShackTi1. There's also a wetland biome, where a regular dark forest resides nearby.

I'm not lazy just doing this for a mod showcase soo and the other people here are not lazy!!! There is a large, 79999982 - You spawn near the shore. Thanks! If you go through the mystic grove some more, there's a coniferous forest. Twitter: [Take me back to GameSkinny's Ultimate Minecraft Seed Guide]. Biomes within 500 blocks: Lavender Fields, Desert, Oasis, Lush Desert, Steppe, Brushland, Highland, Meadow, Shrubland, Birch Foret, Coniferous Forest, Tundra, Cold Desert, Snowy Forest, Glacier. However, travel a little ways to the south, and you will come across a Seasonal Forest. In order to grow reeds, one must place them in a … ), Sacred Springs: 4822 69 -1027 (Large sacred springs biome!!

You can now get to BOP biomes easily in any world using the /bop command, and /locatebiome in 1.16.1+. 1541679577080634965- This seed is a true tropical paradise! For the lazy player who would rather not spend hours at a time exploring the entire world in search of an interesting biome, this seed offers multiple new biomes right near the spawn location. Depending on the version of your game, however, you could either spawn on land, or over the top of a lake. qwertyuiop — You should spawn in near the edge of a huge Shield Biome, to the north there is a Highland biome and large gravel beaches and ponds a tiny bit to the west.

Additionally, a Silkglade can be found at -1304 74 -501.

Rainforest Biome island (-460, 83, 845) is located right in between the two monuments to the east and west. Of course, mountains also house abandoned mines and caves to explore, all right near the game's spawn.

-8333485523184029374 - Origin Island spawn point. BOP build number used is "BiomesOPlenty-1.12-" Added by ShackTi1. 2294727229951414757 - Very rare spawn. Reeds are usually found in the Fen and Quagmire biomes. Quite a few trees, with a number of shallow lakes dotting the island. You'll spawn in the ocean right beside a Seasonal Forest. There's also a wetland biome, where a regular dark forest resides nearby. Does have a small mystic grove and sacred springs.

Along with the new biomes, the Minecraft mod also includes new items, new trees, plants, and even new mobs.

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