biology, health and society major umich

Microbiology Program Guide (PDF) *Effective Fall 2019*, Microbiology Program Guide (PDF) *Effective Winter 2019*, Microbiology Program Guide (PDF) *Effective Winter 2017-Fall 2018*. Prerequisite(s): BIOL 130 and (CHEM 124 or GEOL 118), BIOL 320     Field Biology     4 Credit Hours. Student seeking graduate credit should elect BIOL 556.

BIOL 100     Principles of Biology     3 Credit Hours. They may also not elect a minor in Biology; Ecology and Evolutionary Biology; Plant Biology; Chemistry; or Biochemistry. BIOL 498     Independent Study in Biology     1 to 3 Credit Hours. Restriction(s): Can enroll if Class is SeniorCan enroll if Level is Undergraduate, BIOL 420     Advanced Field Ecology     4 Credit Hours.

The previous “General Biology” major has been updated and will now be “Biology, Health and Society.” The redesign creates an interdisciplinary major that allows students to learn the core concepts in biology while exploring their impacts on society.

First-year students can also apply to more than one U-M school or college at a time as dual-degree applicants, with certain limitations and guidelines. Prerequisite(s): (BCHM 471* or BIOL 471* or CHEM 471*) and (BCHM 472* or BIOL 472* or CHEM 472*), BIOL 474     Molecular Biology     4 Credit Hours. Biology-supervised majors in that students have the opportunity to undertake an honors thesis outside of a biology laboratory if it is appropriate for the theme of the major (biology’s impacts on health and society). Biology (3 hrs) BIO 301D Biology I (For non-science majors) BIO 301L Molecules to Organisms (For non-science majors) BIO 301G Genetics in the 21st Century (For non-science majors) BIO 302D Ecology and Evolution Total Credits and GPA Requirement for General Biology: Biology Group Options:(Courses with an asterisk (*) may overlap with the lab requirement). Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology: BIOLOGY 205      (3) Developmental Biology, BIOLOGY 207*    (4) Introductory Microbiology, BIOLOGY 230      (4) Introductory Plant Biology. (F, S). Neuroscience is the study of the nervous system. Microbial structures are discussed and correlated with their function. The second half surveys the field of animal viruses, with emphasis on recent discoveries, including replication, pathogenesis, and viral association with cancers. Disease-causing bacteria, fungi, viruses, and protozoa are studied. (F). Title in Schedule of Classes changes according to content. Laboratory exercises introduce the student to basic, practical microbiological techniques and illustrate various principles of microbial life. A minor or concentration consists of 12 credit hours of upper- level courses in biological sciences (BIOL).

This program is designed for students enrolled in the College of Literature, Science and the Arts. Human Biology and Society, B.A. (F,W). This is an annual opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate exceptional staff contributions to the success of the College . Our program represents a collaboration between the departments of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology ( EEB ) & Molecular, Cellular, & Developmental Biology ( MCDB ) and encompasses a breadth of disciplines spanning all levels of organization. This course will address the effect of race, age, gender, religion, and economic status on medical research and health care. GPA is calculated from all mandatory prerequisites, all courses used for major requirements (including cognates), and all courses in BIOLOGY, EEB, and MCDB. Three hours lecture, four hours laboratory. A major in microbiology prepares students for graduate study in microbiology, biochemistry, agricultural science, and food science as well as for study in other areas of biology which emphasize cellular structures and their function.

View our Campus Day presentations and information from wherever you are. The laboratory will emphasize the application of recombinant DNA technology to the study of biological problems. This course complements BIOL 140, which need not be taken as a prerequisite; together they constitute an introduction to biology. These are not science courses, but courses that treat science or scientific issues from a historical, cultural, ethical, or political perspective), BIOLOGY 241 (effective Winter 2016, retroactive to Fall 2008), ENVIRON 256 / ANTHRCUL 256 — Culture, Adaptation, and Environment, ENVIRON 270 — Our Common Future: Ecology, Economics, and Ethics of Sustainable Development, RCNSCI 270 — New Biotechnology: Scientific, Social, and Historical Perspectives, RCSSCI 275 / HISTORY 285 — Science, Technology, Medicine, and Society, WOMENSTD 220 — Perspectives in Women’s Health. Four hours laboratory. A laboratory course to accompany BIOL 290. Permission of Instructor. How do I report test scores during the COVID-19 pandemic? The major is appropriate for pre-health students, as well as those who wish to pursue professional school (e.g., law school) or other non-biology-specific career options … In addition to completing all the requirements for the major, an honors degree requires: For more information, consult the Program in Biology Honors Program Information page or a Program in Biology advisor. All liberal arts degrees help CLA students develop their Core Career Competencies, and BSE majors develop specific skills that are applicable to lots of different careers. A maximum of three credits of independent research, 2020 Regents of the University of Michigan. Topics include cell structure and function of nerves, muscles, the lungs, heart, blood vessels, kidneys, digestive tract, endocrine glands, brain, and reproductive organs. (W, AY), Prerequisite(s): BIOL 140 and CHEM 225 and (BIOL 370 or BIOL 470 or BIOL 301), BIOL 455     Immunology     4 Credit Hours. Students cannot take both BCHM 370 and 470 or 471 for any combination of concentration, cognate or minor requirement. This course will emphasize the molecular biology of eukaryotes, and topics will include genome organization and complexity, chromatin structure and function, gene expression, DNA replication and repair, genetic rearrangements, and the molecular biology of development. Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology: BIOLOGY 230*    (4) Introduction to Plant Biology, BIOLOGY 252*    (4) Vertebrate Evolution and Diversity, BIOLOGY 256      (4) Animals Functioning in Environments, BIOLOGY 381*    (5) General Ecology  (SU at U-M Biological Station). Additional Courses:Choose additional courses to reach 24 major credit hours from: A. Topics include behavioral genetics, natural selection, sexual selection, kin selection, optimality, game theory, evolutionary stable strategies, phylogenetics, and the comparative method. MCDB Program Guide (PDF)  *Effective Winter 2019*, MCDB Program Guide (PDF)  *Effective Fall 2020*. A concise but comprehensive survey of various areas of biochemistry designed for non-biochemistry majors. BIOL 291     Biology and Society Laboratory     1 Credit Hour. required for the major. Data are analyzed at a computer terminal. One hour seminar. Information regarding eligibility, nomination, selection, notification, and winners can be found here. Intermediary metabolism, bioenergetics, energy transformation, metabolic interrelationships, biochemical regulation, highly structured subcellular biochemical systems. All rights reserved. One cognate course from the "General Biology Cognate List." The program is recommended for those who wish to study biology as part of a liberal education, to prepare for a teaching career in secondary schools, or to prepare for graduate study in biology or the health professions. You can also contact our admissions office or representatives in the schools or colleges for assistance. BIOLOGY 252*    (4) Chordate Anatomy/Phylogeny. *Applicants to the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts (LSA) and the Stephen M. Ross School of Business (for First-Year Direct Admission), if admitted to both units, have the option to enroll in the Ross School BBA program as first-year students. In the 30 credit hours required for the major, students may use either.

(W). The course may be repeated no more than once under a different topic. endobj BIOL 385     Microbiology     4 Credit Hours. They may also not elect a minor in Biology; Ecology and Evolutionary Biology; or Plant Biology. BIOL 370     Principles of Biochemistry     3 Credit Hours. The structure, function, and inheritance of genetic material in prokaryotes, eukaryotes and viruses are discussed. Explore this Major. BIOL 381     Biotechnology & Bioprocessing     4 Credit Hours.

Students should enroll in these courses as early as possible. Connect with us in a drop-in or appointment! Directed laboratory research performed under the guidance of faculty member. MATH 114 is recommended. One course from: MATH 116, 121 (AP), 156, 176, 186, or 296; STATS 180, 250 or 280; STATS 400-level or above (min. (F,S).

Aspects of cellular metabolism pertinent to microorganisms are emphasized. Prerequisites, introductory science courses, and non-specific (departmental) transfer courses are EXCLUDED from the 24 cr. Restriction(s): Cannot enroll if Class is Graduate, BIOL 430     Medical Virology     3 Credit Hours.

We will explore through lectures and readings of primary literature a number of important brain disorders, including autism spectrum disorder, traumatic brain injury, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, Huntington’s disease, and Alzheimer's disease. It is a pathway to graduate study in areas of biology and medicine that emphasizes a quantitative and analytical approach to the life sciences. Prerequisite(s): BIOL 140 and BIOL 130 and CHEM 134, BIOL 353     Ornithology     3 Credit Hours. The homeostatic effects of fluids, electrolytes, and acids and bases throughout the integrated human body are analyzed. An approved teaching experience which integrates material from different subdisciplines of biology. Three hours lecture, four hours laboratory/recitation. BIOL 290 Topics in Biology and Society 3 Credit Hours. Topics include: a) interactions of plants with the physical environment; b) ways in which the environment acts to shape plant populations through evolution; c) intra- and interspecific interactions among individuals; and d) large-scale patterns and processes at the landscape-level. BIOL 422     Conservation Biology     3 Credit Hours, This course is a study of the historical and current preservation of global biodiversity. Three hours lecture. BIOLOGY 171, 172/174 and 173; or BIOLOGY 195 and 173; PHYSICS 125/127 and 126/128; or PHYSICS 135/136 and 235/236; or PHYSICS 140/141 and 240/241. Biology: College of Literature, Science, and the Arts (LSA) Biology, Health, and Society: College of Literature, Science, and the Arts (LSA) Biomedical Engineering: College of Engineering Biomolecular Science: College of Literature, Science, and the Arts (LSA) …

Three hours lecture, four hours laboratory. 4 0 obj Lecture and laboratory. �,.��YQ�9Scu �%K,�?�9�� ���8� ��o��Ua�PE#���ĜJi� �@�r�L*�b��K�'���O� ���%�Fb������EZ{H�����O#ZT)�RO�%%K/���k9�^4��6[4Y���d��(&�9,�������XdE���p�Q��I�OҲh@�R"�R�Ҏ�[o��Os v�@�Ni�+��H1�n ��-2��DJ��:�LoV��Bn�jr��7����������l����P�����D��0��c��^2|���ѳ@B�ݤ�4���J"x�Z� �H�`�� (OC). These skills include research and quantitative skills, ability to work independently and collaboratively, laboratory experience, and problem-solving skills. Methods in metabolism.

It differs from other Biology majors in that it requires fewer credits, less laboratory work, and has more breadth.

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