best recoil reducing shotgun stock for trap

None of them have anywhere near as much effect on recoil as a properly fit stock, suitable gas action and target weight, and light load. To lower mathematical free recoil you want to shoot the heaviest gun you can and the lightest load. But the amount of recoil reduction is the same. Unfortunately, it couldn't fire twice and… The Limbsaver recoil pad is slightly lighter than the Kick Eez in the same size. However, none of these methods will compete to a proper stance and shooting posture: if these aren’t correct, no product will help you.

Speaking of shotguns used today, 10 gauge has the most recoil, followed by 12 gauge, 16 gauge. Since their body is less developed to absorbing impact, compared to a full-grown adult. Limb savers are definitely worth it. A recoil pad prevents you from getting a sore or even injured shoulder. Limbsaver claim 70 percent reduction in recoil, and while I would argue that the actual felt recoil is slightly lower, it functions well and costs relatively little in comparison to other accessories. If your stock’s buttend has pre-drilled holes, it’s as easy as placing the pad and tightening the screws. The larger the bore of the shotgun, the more recoil it has. The shooter to my left quipped, “Richard, don’t you know you can’t shoot Super Handicaps in an 870?”, The softest recoiling O/U is generally thought to be the Krieghoff. While the other ones are slip-on pads. Keep in mind that it changes the shape of the stock as it slips on like a sock on a foot and widens the width of the stock slightly. Whereas the Kick Eez pad uses squishy sorbothane material for this effect. Buying a recoil pad may seem easy, but there are certain factors you must keep in mind before choosing one for yourself. Steps 3 & 4 may not be necessary as most pads come pre-fit these days. The screw size may differ from gun to gun and also with the recoil pad. Assemble back your shotgun and it’s done. I found this product tremendous value for money for the amount of recoil it reduces. Kick Eez pads are easier to grind than limbsaver due to their plain and simple design. There are so many variables to calculating the expressed recoil of a firearm it would be a lie to say that this is an industrywide standard, but with that being said, the most common variables include: material of the stock, weight of gun, load of shell used and type of shotgun. The pad will fit like a glove and can be removed very easily if not needed. Sorry but in addition to the 1290 fps loads, Herters from Cabelas are also available in 1 oz at 1060 fps. Recoil is also inversely proportional to the weight of the gun. This recoil pad is an effective permanent solution for even the most unforgiving shotguns. I’m sure there are others deserving of this distinction. Additionally, each gauge has ‘low-recoil’ ammo variants available for them. The average 12-bore shotgun with a typical 1. ounce load will produce approximately 20 foot pounds of recoil. It’s exactly the same calculated free recoil, but the perceived recoil sure is different!

As far as a shotgun is concerned, a good answer will be ‘always’. The price is very reasonable and the pad is both durable and comfortable for the shooter. You might want to add some styrofoam if you have a concave buttplate to add this pad upon. Well, not exactly, but pretty close. Bottom LineGet the Bisley adjustable recoil pad for a more versatile fit and function with your shotgun. The next stage is figuring out what works best for you and your choice of shotgun and ammunition. Having a good recoil pad on a shotgun is an absolute necessity. I’ll keep with my semis.. It compresses as expected from a recoil pad and doesn’t cost as much as other expensive alternatives. That will then hopefully reduce the side effect of spending too many hours in pain or discomfort when you are breaking clays. ( Log Out / 

Best I’ve found, Beretta A400 Xcell, with a G2 recoil reduction system. I have shot many on International Trap targets in practice and they will even break those harder in construction clays with authority. But overall it is an easy to install product backed firmly by the company. Whereas some have to be strapped on. There are two basic ways to lower perceived recoil. I was about to quit when I tried a semiauto 20 ga. 400 Explor Action. Thankfully, each of these products is available for between £40-45  andnone of them are extortionately expensive so there is some room for trial and error. If, however, the shoulder pad accommodates your movement and was sitting flush with your body it reduced the recoil, but not by much. But if not, measure the exact center of the buttend and draw a vertical line. Which is often not a case with recoil pads showcasing such levels of performance. Bottom LineFeaturing a very soft but durable construction, this recoil pad is impervious to anything except high temperatures. The Technoid writing for Shotgun Report, LLC Some pads can offer an on-the-go adjustment for LOP, eliminating the need for spacers or tactical stocks. In my experience and memory of the last half-century, the hardest kicking 12 gauge shotguns have been the Winchester 101 and 21, the Browning Superposed Traps and Double Automatics, the Beretta Sidelocks, and the Remington 870. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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