best glue for flocking

Our GLUE makes the difference... Make your efforts last....use Aero Ure-Glue. Dusting works but does not break the surface tension. Stain resistant Share it with us! This "Flocking Foofer" that was a genius idea as it covered things quite evenly, completely, and took little effort/time. When choosing the adhesive to use, you must consider the material of the substrate that you will be flocking onto and the desired characteristics of the ultimate flocked product. Well, they weren't technically velvet, they were flocked! It didn't really work in my current apartment, but I thought it would be fun to dress up this piece of history and turn it into a keepsake I still want to hold on to. Please contact Nyatex sales staff regarding specialty colors. Urethane base creates a tough abrasion resistant surface- scratch resistance.Flock lasts longer.

Smart ducks and geese know decoys, but Velvet Feather™ fools even nylon fibers. For hobbyists and professionals. Test. thanks for demystifyingthis flocking thing? Only apply glue to an area to which you can apply the flocking fiber in 8 minutes or less. Bad fumes and solvent clean up. Your directions are clear, and theaccompanying photo's are clean, uncluttered, and well-staged. Durable Paint provides a good adhesive for the flocking to attach to. the most discriminating birds.

Your products are first class and Fill the bottles about 1/2 -3/4 full and shake. on Introduction.

decoys when they were flaring away from guys in the next The links you've embedded are not onlyhelpful instructions-wise - they keep your narrative tight and inviting toread.

This characteristic makes it ideal for forming bonds with everything from paper, cardboard, fabric, and foam to plastic, metal, wood and much more. 3 years ago. Water-resistant This is a photo of the flocking I used (listed above). The type of adhesive you require will depend both on what you want to do with it and how you want the card to be used.

Flocking is made of precision cut industrial grade

Save fibers which are not dirty, to be re-used.

Tack set in two (2-4+) hours, and ready to hunt in 48+ hours. Testing will determine this. Test adherence of glue/flock. Most others require solvent to Or Comparison page link: Aero Ure-Glue and Rustoleum Paint. (Solvent based paint/glue meant for solid surfaces.). See above comments.

What is the best glue to spread (or spray) over the foam before flocking? completely revamped our mallard setup and were instantly 2.What glue can I spray over the flock afterwards, to further secure it? GLUE: Choose color to match or complement the color- to give a slight variance in the flock shade by under color. The Spruce Crafts uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. Flock and glue scratched and came off.

Custom Formulation of Adhesives and Coatings, Custom Formulation of Adhesives & Coatings. clean. Note: After applying the flocking kit to your decoy, please do not spray (Time can be less or longer, due to temperature, humidity, etc.). Apply only one color at a time, then when tact set in a few hours or more, gently shake/tape/blow off and capture excess fibers. While sticking a couple of elements together to make a card may seem like a pretty straightforward task, it can be surprisingly tricky. You will find a list below of 15 adhesives that should be in every crafter's toolbox. Supplies you will need: A Christmas Tree- Real or Faux; Self Adhesive Christmas Tree Flock: This is the one I usually use The force of the air foofing out the flocking even got into the small nooks and crannies very well. Solvent based glue in can. I hate seeing the z-axis resolution on prints and this would be a great way to hide it! System to prop up, hang, set items as they are processed so they will not bump into each other or fall over.

Water for cleanup, water in a glass jar for brushes for quick rinse/storage during the application, however the glue will set up in the water if left over night. Tursub, 160°C =    2-3mins I have used. Did you make this project? cleanup, were not as durable, and did not have great adhesion.

This technique works great with glitter too, but I recommend spraying a few coats of clear coat after you apply glitter to a surface with spray adhesive. Application Tips: Buy a good artist brush or use/trim any brush for edges. If you prefer it a little lighter, you could get away with flocking two 6 to 7 ft trees with a 5 pound box. I'll credit you if I ever post an i'ble about it :D. I would be honored :-) You do great work! Both the inner and outer tube were capped at one end. Supplying the largest range of flocking fibres, flocking adhesives and flocking equipment in the world! Krylon sealer on top of the flocking. I think you could run clear acrylic ink and then flock it afterward....Just a guess, but it would probably work! This will prevent it flaking off when it comes into contact with other surfaces. Pour out only what will be used- do not pour back it.

Waterborne & Solventborne systems specifically designed to meet the automotive requirements for interior flocked trim in addition to a wide variety of other 3 dimensional substrates including plastics, metals and glass. Storage: Use dish soap such as Joy and brush lightly, then rinse.Wash with a hose (not high pressure nozzle) or under faucet. GREAT instructable! To avoid the flocking dust from sticking in awkward clumps, the mini strainer works like a flour sifter to distribute the flocking powder evenly across the surface of the figurine. All Rights Reserved. // follow me to see what I'm up to: Trim the top level 1/2 off. I’ve got a drawer I’ve been thinkingabout flocking, but stymied by what seemed like a project that would take meseveral hours and bad words. Optimum adhesive performance does require the flocked parts to be oven cured.

The spray adhesive you choose will specify how long it remains tacky for, in this case, the adhesive I was using would remain sticky for 30 minutes before it began to cure. all the awesome classes on Instructables. Brushes are water cleanup before it cures.

Start by painting the figurine with acrylic paint.

Give the paint a full day to cure. Broom and dust pan to clean up ALL loose fibers after each color, before applying the next, to prevent lofting fibers tainting the next color. Suggest turning the jar/bottle over a couple times before you use.

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