best dog food for staffy australia

When it is time to switch to adult food (based on veterinary recommendations, food guidelines and/or your individual dog's needs), be sure to do so gradually to avoid stomach upset. When you’re introducing a new food to your pup, keep an eye on it at all times for any signs of illness or distress. The key is to ensure you don’t overfeed or underfeed your dog.

Break the recommended quantity into 2-3 meals a day. Don’t be scared to bulk out your dog’s meal with cooked pumpkin or raw grated carrot. The same goes for switching protein sources, even within the same brand, until your puppy's stomach is fully developed. RSPCA Pet Insurance is distributed and promoted by Greenstone Financial Services Pty Ltd (GFS). Your Vet Online provides animal owners who have animal health queries 24 hour online access to registered veterinarians, 365 days a year.

Unnatural colours and flavours also don’t hold any nutritional value. Proteins are the building blocks of life, and that’s why it is so important to feed your dog with foods based on Animal Protein.

The idea behind this comparison is to make you aware that what goes into the dog food is much more important than the brand or the pretty picture on the front of the bag.

As your pup gets older, you can gradually reduce the number of feeds to twice per day. Use a high-quality commercial dog food, making sure it’s appropriate for the life stage and health status of your dog.1. They are almost always obedient, and want nothing more then to please their family. Onions are very toxic to dogs. According to Dr Leigh, many dogs lack enough fibre in their diet, and the addition of cooked pumpkin or grated carrot can improve their bowel health. Which food is best and how to feed your staffy pup will depend on your vet's advice, the ingredients of the food, the size and age of each puppy, and your budgetary limitations. Especially since there are so many dog food companies trying to get your attention. For others, it’s about keeping things the same as before. Have a veterinary nutritionist formulate the diet for you.

Look for the best food in a price range you will be able to sustain.

She's been employed in the pet industry, but more significantly has been involved in all aspects of rescue, working with cats, dogs, horses, even spending time with rescued wolves. As your staffy pup grows and matures, his needs and tastes will change too. You want your dog to be lean, which means you should be able to feel their ribs when you run your fingers firmly over their side and see a defined waist. If your dog reacts strongly to milk products, it’s best to avoid them. Be careful to make sure your dog isn’t consuming the whole bone as this can lead to constipation. Cat Insurance Kat Toland has worked with animals for over 20 years. For more information on how to feed your dog bones, visit the RSPCA Australia knowledge base. Also, fatty foods can lead to illnesses such as pancreatitis.

Puppies have a high nutritional demand and can’t go for long without food.

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