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A - Here you go, bosmang. The Expanse Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community.

"Sabaka" = Belter swear (from Russian собака, or dog) "Sefesowng" = Safe "Setara" = Star "Schlauch" = …

A Paine × MacTane Production, created by Hanne Madeleine Gates Paine (it-reaches-out) and Kagan MacTane. That page is a mish-mash pf both Book Belter and Show Belter. Kemang sasa keweting “Belter Creole” imim gonya du ere da Expanse RPG? And as talented storytellers as T&D are, they’re not linguists, and book Belter is linguistically gibberish.

List of words in the Belter Creole language (TV-version).

used to make a sentence into a yes/no question (ex: sasa ke?) A Paine × MacTane Production, created by Hanne Madeleine Gates Paine (it-reaches-out) and Kagan MacTane. w - Im tenye wɒt, im tenye “grammar”, im tenye “syntax”, unte desh walɒda walɒda pashangwala pagal (lik mi) demang ando xunyam im. :-D. I seriously hope that Nick will publish a Belter Dictionary a la Okuda's Klingon Dictionary of Star Trek flavor. To that end I have the following already in the Fictionary taken from The Expanse Wikia: "Acima" = Up/towards the outer skin of a station or ship (Portuguese) 1 year ago. * -

Sasa is "to know"; adding ke on the end turns something into a yes/no question. C 'est signé Jb HIRAM interprete et auteur du personnage HUBERT NIKELL et son équipe virtuelle d'acteurs LoL.

D - I’d like to get you on a slow ship to Luna. The system described here is the one used by Nick Farmer when discussing the language in the real world, and the one used on this wiki. Another reason lang belta is awesome; Im wa English-based creole, deradzhang kang du ɒta we fong wang language to the other unte bek. Greetings & Introductions. a - [On Reddit there is r/LangBelta. 0-9 - This page lists Belter Creole dialogue and text from The Expanse.

08:50, discussing Belter physiology in the bar: 14:10, looking for the executive officer: 26:15, Miller watches a protest video on his hand terminal: 11:00, a protester nearly hits Octavia with a thrown bottle: 22:34, after dockworkers attack a Martian: The Expanse Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. keng. b -

N - [3] Many of its words were derived from words or phrases in one or more of these languages. HINBIN Mé roune ti parodi kréyoL GWIYANè. As its English name suggests, Belter Creole is a creole language. Q - u - This sign is written with a single glyph representing the vowel "ow". X - Did anyone manage to save those somewhere? L - keredu. That’s a small step for a person, one giant leap for humanity. Believe it or not, Belter slang — or, more officially, Belter Creole — isn't a completely made-up way of communicating.

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