bdo marketplace tax calculator

It’s important to note that you need to collect the silver with an active value pack to get the bonus. ※ Inconvenient, due to having to manage each Marketplace per territory.

You can reduce this by having a value pack active, which adds 30% to the price you would receive after the 35% tax (i.e. In addition to this, your family fame has a small effect on the tax, similar to the value pack bonus. Click the Find NPC Icon at the top right of your screen to find the nearest , Nearby NPC window. Below are some of the main features available. It can be a bit overwhelming at first glance, especially if you’re not a friend of quadratic equations… Ha, just teasing. By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies.

Some allow credits to carryforward indefinitely e.g., California.

Fixed the issue where it would appear as if you are duplicating items when using the Central Market.

※ Was convenient, since you had to move to certain areas to register or purchase items.

Now if you decide to place a buy order that already has some other buy orders, some kind of RNG system starts whenever someone sells to it, with the oldest order getting a boost on the RNG. You can manage your Warehouse through the Marketplace Directors. You can reduce this by having a value pack active, which adds 30% to the price you would receive after the 35% tax (i.e.

If the Base Price changes, the Max Price will also change. *The backpack icon next to the Notifications icon will turn yellow when a Value Pack is. For example, say you have a set of TRI grunil armor that you want your secondary characters to use.

The ‘Set Desired Price’ window allows you to set the price of the item you wish to buy your item with.

Before, items had a set price range regardless of their supply or demand. If you select a price with active sell orders you buy your item immediately. You may think the 0.5% is pedantic but it's important when dealing with high value or margin profit items. Press on the sidebar menu on the right part of the UI to see the entire menu. If there are no orders, it will be placed at the Min. Visit and talk to the Marketplace Director NPC located in each town and city. Then Adventurer ‘B’ comes along and buys the items off the market. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. When there are no orders placed and no items listed, the lowest price will be selected. The Pre-order amount is exactly what you will get, minus tax. ※ The mobile website for the Central Market is not available at the moment. The first page of the Central Market Mobile Web will show you Volatile Price Items first. Equipment upgraded to blue grade have been removed from the Central Market. BDO Center for Business Innovation When it comes to business, innovation is changing everything. You have a broken calculator lol, 6.5 x3= 19.5, +65=84.5% you can add an additional .325% or .65% based on how much family fame you have. For example, when the units are in 1,000s and the graph of an item hits 100 on the Y-axis, that means the item’s real price is 100,000 Silver. Family Fame of 0 – 500 : 0 additional items, Family Fame of 501 – 1000 : 5 additional items, Family Fame of 1001 – 1500 : 10 additional items, Family Fame of 1501 – 2000 : 15 additional items, Family Fame of 2001 – 2500 : 20 additional items, Family Fame of 2501 – 9999 : 30 additional items. The Desired Purchase Price and Set Price will now stand out more conspicuously within the price list of the Purchase and Sell window at the Central Market. You can now purchase any +13-15 Green-rating gears selectively (choose Enhancement Level) as they are now grouped together in the Central Market. Number of Pearl items you can register is limited to 5 by default. 6 days left with a boat load still up for sale meant that the item was still consistently selling in most cases, even if there were a bazillion up.). Cancel Pre-orders: Click Status button on the top right, then Cancel on the item you would like to cancel a Pre-order on.

(Currently unavailable). When your network connection is unstable.

Registration count will reset weekly. Working Mother Names BDO USA, LLP as one of the 100 Best Companies. For example, Black Stones have a limit of 100. ※ For your convenience, we are currently developing a web version of the Central Market. You can receive an X% bonus with an active Value Pack.

The scrollbar on the Set Price window will be adjusted according to the initial desired price for purchase/sales in the Central Market’s Purchase/Sell window. With grades 1, 2, and 3 Reform Stones, you will have a chance to upgrade up to yellow grade (ultimate) equipment. You can use the ‘Retrieve Items’ menu from a Marketplace Director NPC to retrieve items (or retrieve Silver from selling items) which were registered at the previous Marketplace before this update. Or the foul, unchanging heart of a developer!!! Simply click on the button “Manage Warehouse” and begin your buying and selling process. ■ The difference between the Central Market and the previous Marketplace in a nutshell. Here you can select how many items you wish to sell and at what price. Before, you had to keep items and silver in your inventory or a town storage, but the Central Market will come with its own Warehouse for you to store them now.

This price gives you a rough idea of Central Market pricing, but does not always reveal actual value or demand from the player community, because of Developer MIN/MAX caps.

However, if the capacity exceeds due to a certain purchase or sale of an item, the item can be moved into the character’s Inventory. ), Sell from anywhere in Black Desert. Please be aware that this Central Mobile Web Page is still being updated, and future changes will be announced as it is updated. Please keep in mind you must have logged into your account before accessing your Central Market.

Now you can buy, sell, and browse items on Central Market anywhere and anytime, all from your mobile device. You will receive 65% of the Silver from your sales. In addition to this, you can sort by highest lowest price, number of items for sale or item grade by using the tree small buttons just above the list of items. If there are no items listed, it will be placed at the Max price. Enhanced boss gear has a limit of 1.

Due to the removal of the limits to the amount of Silver you can possess, you can now select where to receive your Silver when you sell items worth more than 500,000 Silver at NPC’s. Fixed the graphical awkwardness on the icon of the Volatile Price Items in Central Market. Once you have found an item you wish to purchase from the purchasing screen you can click it and then again to enter the window you see below. Use of the evaluation tool, including information provided by you, is governed by the BDO USA Website Terms and Conditions. However, you’ll have to talk to the Marketplace Director or use a Transaction maid/butler to move the items and Silver stored in the “Central Market Warehouse” to your Inventory/Storage. From a person that was horrible at math in highschool and hated everything beyond the basics thanks.I kept going to websites that you just punch in the number and the percentage to find the answer you are looking for.

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