barnes ttsx expansion test

In a good rifle with careful load workup (charge weight and seating depth) focused on accuracy, you should be able to get 1 MOA. However, because these bullets do not expand, shot placement is vitally important.

If you’re using a slower twist, we recommend choosing a shorter (lighter) bullet for your rifle. Corrosion begins only when a bore coated with CR-10 is left exposed to air. How do these all-copper bullets perform on hogs? The hollow point, flat base bullet features a copper-tin composite core surrounded by a thin, tapered jacket with a scored nose. If you have a custom-throated barrel, you should be aware of it. We want to give our thanks to our reader who sent these .375″ Barnes TSX 270gr bullets for us to test in our Hard-Hitting Shooting Lab.

The VARMIN-A-TOR™ has all the accurate and explosive tendencies sought after by varmint shooters and vaporizes anything in its path. This is why most meat (and other) damage occurs at or just behind the entrance hole. Which .50 BMG should I choose — Bore Rider or Standard? Harder impact velocity was 766m/s (2513fps) and the lower impact velocity was 619m/s (2031fps). They simply can't open as readily when the speeds get lower. The 140 and the 100 gr TSX is about 2000 fps, the 210 gr TTSX is 1800 fps as per Dave. I can't explain that. Fax: (435) 856-1040 The larger hollow point on our .50 caliber 250 grain MZ bullet has an advantage during low-velocity expansion. Sometimes, the air you 'let in'matters less than the air you 'let out'. I would probably want around 2000 fps or faster impact velocity. The bullet expanded to the very end of the expansion chamber. The LRX also features a polymer tip along with a longer nose profile and a boattail design that delivers match grade accuracy at long range with an incredibly high B.C. This reduces pressures and virtually eliminates copper fouling. In fact, slow-motion video of bullets expanding clear ballistic gelatin indicates that almost all expanding big game bullets start to expand as soon as the tip hits the gel, and the bullet is normally fully expanded by the time it travels its own length. What kind of penetration can I expect with the TSX Bullet? Jordan Thanks … Testing was made by reloading the bullets to the 375 H&H Magnum cartridges. Whenever a new Barnes rifle bullet is introduced, its ballistic coefficient (BC) is determined by rigorous testing. Some shooters use Solids on coyotes or foxes to save pelts. See photos below for the bullet shape, weight retention (99%), and petal expansion (1.5 x original diameter). I have wondered if barnes builds these to expand a little easier at the lower speeds of the blackout. Therefore, we always recommend using our data. Yep. I guess the other question to ask is what would happen to that bullet (130gr ttsx) at 308 win speeds. Copyright © 2000-2020, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Whatever accuracy you are used to for a good jacketed lead bullet in a given rifle, double the group size for a Barnes TTSX.

That's pretty impressive for the 225-gn .338 bullet!

These amazing all-copper bullets live up their promise of “more one-shot kills”. Thicker copper jackets are one way to slow or control expansion. Campfire Guide. The bullet with impact velocity of 766m/s (2513fps) penetrated 76cm (29,9″) of wet newspapers, and the bullet with impact velocity of 619m/s (2031fps) penetrated 74cm (29,1″). I had to feel around for the exit on one elk, but the entrance was quite large. Re: Barnes TTSX low velocity expansion test.

We measured the impact velocities ca. The Varmint Grenade is highly frangible, expending its energy early, seldom showing exit wounds on larger predators such as bobcats and coyotes. SAKO75. So a simple question: what's the minimum velocity these bullets require for adequate expansion? … Pushing the 8mm 160 TTSX to 3100 fps. Also, the spitzer design has a higher B.C. Once the bullet strikes flesh, it immediately opens, creating four razor-sharp petals that slice through tissue. Features include all-copper construction, no fragmentation, rapid expansion, 28% deeper penetration than lead-core bullets, and maximum weight retention. Or if the 150 ttsx would expand about the same at 1900 fps. Some manufacturers compare their bullets only to existing size and shape models to determine a theoretical BC. (See General Reloading section for a list of our test barrel twists.). Now the argument about how far everyone shoots is another topic here.

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