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In the series proper, Katsuki still doesn't have a known Hero Name, as his proposed ones were rejected by, Katsuki's surname contains the kanji for "bomb", The first kanji used to write Katsuki's surname is also the first kanji that's used in the word "explosion".

Shoto Todoroki | Joke | ): Katsuki's Quirk allows him to secrete nitroglycerin-like sweat from the palms of his hands and ignite it on command, allowing him to create strong explosions. Hero Costume Occupation Kyoka Jiro | Originally, Katsuki was a very kind and gentle character who spoke without thinking and unintentionally insulted others. Mezo Shoji | He has short, spiky ash blond hair that choppy bangs that come to his eyebrows. Student Uniform Yosetsu Awase |

Eraser Head | Biographical Information Cow Lady | Many notable Pro Heroes, such as Shota Aizawa and All Might, have praised Katsuki's prowess, noting the sheer amount of potential he carries. However, it is revealed in the Endeavor Agency Arc that Katsuki has chosen a hero name for himself, but has not revealed it to anyone yet. However, it's clear he now acknowledges their importance, protecting them from harm while expecting them to do the same for him in return. 4 (First Appearance)14 (Chapters 1-2)15 (Chapters 3-4)16 (Current) During the Joint Training Arc, Katsuki displayed that, despite the cold weather conditions of the winter season weakening his Quirk, he can still fight efficiently.

Tatami Nakagame | Izuku goes through some or all of these things over the course of a day, but it builds character so it's fine. His birthday is April 20.

Episode 1 Katsuki is immensely prideful and prefers to act alone, as he hates the idea of being protected or having to rely on other people to assist him unless, in the latter's case, he is recognized as the unquestionable leading figure within a team. English Voice Mirko | Personal Description Kamui Woods | Nemuri Kayama | Starting in UA High he was as old as a kid starting highschool in japan at age 15.

Sometimes it's confronting your feelings head-on about said classmate. Centipeder | Manga Fukidashi | Edgeshot | Red Determined and thirsty for victory, Katsuki smiles eerily when in the middle of a battle. Rock Lock | Overall, Katsuki doesn't seem to care very much about what others think of him, barely containing himself from violent behavior (although he avoids other typical delinquent practices like underage smoking). However, Katsuki is unwavering in his aspirations of heroism, having outright refused Tomura Shigaraki's proposal for him to join the League of Villains, even after being offered the power and ability to "win.". While Bakugo can be aggressive and show much less than idealistic heroic behaviour, his determination to be a hero is true with him being inspired by how All Might would win. Grenadier Bracers (籠 (こ) 手 (て) , Kote? With him still determined to become the No. Kacchan (かっちゃん, Katchan?) Kesagiriman | Students vs. League of Villains, Bakugo Escort Squad vs. Vanguard Action Squad, Establishing the Bakugo Bodyguard Brigade, End of the Beginning, Beginning of the End, Goodbye Two-Digit Chapters, Hello Three Digits.

He has a superiority complex and wants to be first, to be the best at everything. Midnight | Furthermore, Katsuki has recently been wanting to help more with Midoriya's handling of his other Quirks and seems more concerned about his progress and wellbeing, with All Might hinting that this is Katsuki's way of atoning for his past of bullying him. High School, training to become a Pro Hero. My Hero Academia Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Katsuki Bakugo Have a look at how your area compares with others, or the whole of the UK. Who knew turning a year older could be this fucking hard? During round four of the Joint Training Session, Setsuna Tokage admitted that even if her team had attacked him all at once, they stood no chance of victory. Sports Festival, he was able to defeat Fumikage Tokoyami and Shoto Todoroki, who were considered the two other strongest students in Class 1-A at that point. Katsuki Bakugou (爆豪 勝己) Age: 14-16 Birthday: April 20 Height: 172 cm (5'7") Affiliation: Yuuei Quirk: Explosion Katsuki is a very aggressive person and bullies Izuku Midoriya, who he also treats in some ways as a rival.

Pixie Bob | Sometimes the toughest thing is getting up early for a classmate's birthday party.

Katsuki's fighting style is an all-out offense, using his Quirk's propulsive abilities to close the distance between him and his opponents, followed by a bombardment of close-range attacks that often start with a powerful right hook. Nobuhiko Okamoto. He has short, spiky, ash-blond hair with choppy bangs that hang over his eyebrows. ExplosionOne For All (briefly) Katsuki using his Quirk through a specific fighting style.

Team Bakugo (Leader) 172 cm[1] (5'7 3/4") His sleeves reach from within his large grenade-like gauntlets to his biceps. Katsuki trying to intimidate Shoto with Explosion. This problematic behavior goes all the way back to his early childhood days when he was known to bully a young, Quirkless, Izuku Midoriya.

Hanta Sero | Note: A change in the law means seafarers will start receiving pay protection equal to every other sector from the 1st of October 2020.. Rates for Apprentices. Horikoshi found this draft to be boring however and decided to change his character to that of a loud-mouthed and unpleasant one while still being a natural born genius. Underneath his blazer, he wears a white collared shirt with the top few buttons undone. Type of Hero Affiliation In the end, despite Class 1-B's exceptional teamwork and Tokage's strategic planning, they failed to capture a single member of Class 1-A, mostly thanks to Katsuki's efforts, adaptability, and superior skills. He equips grenade-like gauntlets which are attach around his arms.

Katsuki ranked 3rd in the First Popularity Poll. Katsuki Bakugo (爆 (ばく) 豪 (ごう) 勝 (かつ) 己 (き) , Bakugō Katsuki? Tsuyu Asui | ): Transferred to him by Izuku Midoriya, One for All allowed Katsuki to stockpile an enormous amount of raw power, allowing him to significantly enhance all of his physical abilities to a superhuman level. Katsuki tends to come off as an anti-hero, if not downright villainous for those not familiar with him. League of VillainsTomura ShigarakiAll For OneHimiko TogaDabiNomuMr. Katsuki often has difficulty accepting his mistakes and shortcomings, and will fiercely deny them whenever they are pointed out by others, regardless of who they are. High, often referring to others as "extras" and looking at them as stepping stones to his own victory.

Class 1-A Student His favorite activity is mountain climbing. Class 1-B: Hiryu Rin | Toshinori Yagi

These were first used during the Provisional Hero License Exam by Denki. Team(s)

Itejiro Toteki | Occupation Minoru Mineta | Even outside of battle, Katsuki is incredibly perceptive, having deducted the truth about One For All by just piecing together comments and interactions surrounding Izuku Midoriya, All Might, and even All For One. Kinoko Komori | Setsuna Tokage | Birthday Mister Blaster | Near Shizuoka Prefecture O'Clock II | However, after being accepted into U.A. Nezu | He prefers to self-reflect alone and in silence, becoming a bit more brooding during those periods. By doing this, he effectively trapped the League of Villains in the USJ until Nomu attacked. Enhanced StrengthKeen IntelligenceStrategic ThinkingExplosion Quirk Jurota Shishida | Explosion is a versatile Quirk, especially for battle situations, as the recoil caused by the blasts can be exploited by Katsuki for mobility purposes. Early design concept for Katsuki's hero costume. In the vol.2 of the SMASH Comics (which aren't 100% canon), much to his chagrin, several of Bakugou's "embarrassing" inner thoughts are revealed, including: "It wounds me when people suggest I'm not the nicest guy". Rikido Sato |

He is the deuteragonist of the series. Katsuki has a strong grasp on the applications of his Quirk, as stated by Best Jeanist. Mei Hatsume, Pro Heroes Moreover, Katsuki's grades are among the highest of his class and he already knew how to read perfectly by age 4, evidence that he treats studying seriously. Katsuki has also become slightly less insubordinate when paired with people and has developed a degree of camaraderie, as he utilizes his abilities to repel opponents that overpower his comrades. Nirengeki Shoda | Yuga Aoyama Family Cementoss | Reiko Yanagi | While a rather volatile hero-in-training, Katsuki is smart enough to discern who his enemies and allies are. Alias 爆 (ばく) 豪 (ごう) 勝 (かつ) 己 (き) Itsuka Kendo | Katsuki is strong enough to fight toe-to-toe and even overpower Izuku when he's using 5% of One For All.

As pointed out by many people, Katsuki loves to win above all else and cannot stand it when he doesn't, leading him to lose his already short temper or, less often, sulk.

Katsuki Bakugo Images, 14 (Chapters 1-2)15 (Chapters 3-4)16 (Current), Nobuhiko Okamoto (Anime)Rie Takahashi (Vomic, Child)Sachi Kokuryū (Anime, Child). Sir Nighteye and Izuku Midoriya and Mirio Togata and All Might, Prepping for the School Festival Is the Funnest Part (Part 1), Prepping for the School Festival Is the Funnest Part (Part 2), Ranked 3rd in Class 1-A's mid-term grades. Jump Force (2019 Video Game) Katsuki Bakugo. Tamaki Amajiki

National Minimum Wage rates and pay scales did not exist for apprentices before 2010. Gunhead | He is not particularly nice or open with people who are on his side, or anyone else for that matter, but will act less unfriendly and sometimes even kind to those that manage to earn his respect.

High School Katsuki Bakugo In combat, he sports a black tank top with x-shaped orange stripes, and a black mask. Here are fics created by various authors as gifts for their assigned giftees and for the fandom. First Appearance This equipment was first used during the Battle Trial.[6].

), also known as Kacchan (かっちゃん, Katchan?) While he occasionally doesn't have preemptive strategies like most people, he does analyze his opponent's weaknesses such as when he realized Fumikage Tokoyami's weakness to light during the U.A. Quirk High School Status

While often portrayed negatively, Katsuki's fierce character and competitive drive have actually granted him an important role among Class 1-A, as a sort of inspirational mood-maker.[4]. Once filled, he can pull the grenade pin in order to release a large blast, as shown when he fought Izuku in All Might's Heroes vs. Villains test. Appears of normal height.

Backdraft | Chapter 1

Even when fighting the weaker villains during the Unforeseen Simulation Joint, Katsuki quickly assessed which of the attacking villains were the most dangerous threat in the long term and eventually figured out a way to incapacitate Kurogiri, one of the invasion's leaders. They calculated the age groups using a different system back then. This resulted in unbelievable levels of strength, speed, agility, and durability. Gender

Katsuki is a crude, arrogant, short-tempered, and aggressive person, especially at the beginning of the series. however after receiving several blows to his pride as well as (to a point) deflating his ego, these behaviors have reduced mostly, now less smug and more serious about his aims as well as taking others into consideration.

Japanese Voice After All Might's retirement, Bakugo begins acting more aloof than usual, while eventually confronting Izuku Midoriya over his Quirk. Katsuki ranked 1st in the Second, Fourth and Fifth US Popularity Polls. Now, as the seven-day countdown to his birthday begins, Bakugou has to deal with his idiot friends pestering him, embarrassing presents at the worst possible times, and his not-so-secret crush suspiciously avoiding him. Mr. Brave |

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