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They argue, and then part ways as Carl reenters the room. It claims to have all of the wisdom in the universe, but it does little to reinforce its claim. Meatwad tries to bond with it by stapling ears made from pipe cleaners onto its head just like a rabbit, but it angers the snake and eats him. ATHF:Movie for Theaters is an outlandish and random look into the creation of the aqua teen hunger force. Every episode in this season was written and directed by series creators Dave Willis and Matt Maiellaro, who have both written and directed every episode of the series. View production, box office, & company info, Top 10 Worst Animated Films of the 2010 Decade. It originally aired on Wednesday December 31st, 2003. Carl tries to remove the wig and place it upon a mannequin head, but finds it stuck to his head. Carl gets a new head of hair and doesn't wait to show it off to the Aqua Teens. At the Aqua Teen's house, an examination of Carl's hair reveals that he is infected with Clown DNA. The first eleven episodes from season two were released on the Aqua Teen Hunger Force Volume Two DVD on July 20, 2004, along with two final episodes from season one. It ends up in the hands of a caveman, Oog, who gains super-intelligence and longevity with the help of the computer, then takes out a patent on it.

Frylock asks the real cube the paradox, but the cube leaves him with a flaming bag that contains "the answer".

Plus, a few other episodes that don't start with "The."

The huge vat of oil left over from Shake's Labor Day feast creates a foul environment in the Aqua Teens' front lawn.

DVD is scratch free and came a day early, no complaints here! About the previous two collections of ATHF episodes I said the following: "Who Named Us 'Click-Click-Click-Click-Click-Click-Click'? Carl tries to remove the wig and place it upon a mannequin head, but finds it stuck to his head. Sticks in the Broodwich and reprised his role as Mothmonsterman in "The Last One", Isaac Hayes III was the voice in "The Broodwich" and "The Last One", in "The Cubing" and "The Last One" Jon Schnepp voiced the first Wisdom Cube and Brian Posehn voiced the second Wisdom Cube, Patton Oswalt voiced D.P. Only the Rabbot, the Mooninites, Mothmonsterman, Happy Time Harry, the Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future, and Major Shake get to South Jersey. After Frylock adjusts some crossed wires, Turkitron starts doing the Hustle. Frylock informs him that paying the overdue bills will be the only way to restore their services, but an impatient Shake decided to mooch off Carl instead, much to his anger. As Carl leaves the room, his mannequin head speaks to a floating head with a clown wig on. The show premiered on Cartoon Network on December 30, 2000 with its pilot episode, "Rabbot."

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