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The manual is very detailed?maybe even too detailed. Download the Arcus Brochure for more details. See the video below for details. The combination of the versatility of using a Discus-2cT and the easy usage of its engine  make it the ideal piece of sports equipment for competitions or ambitious cross-country flights, the perfect companion for soaring safaris - or simply the robust favorite glider of any gliding club.

Blip the throttle and it?s suddenly downfield and disappearing fast. A propeller stopper and the new ILEC engine control unit with large colour display make operating the system child’s play even in difficult situations. While continuously reaching top positions at World Championships, European Championships and Nationals, its pleasant handling has also made it popular as an all-round glider. Krebenstraße 25 73230 Kirchheim unter Teck Germany T. +49 7021 The mechanism is  something to see: : the nose cone extends forward, leaving an opening in the fuselage for the propeller blades to extend while rotating. The auxiliary channel can be used to directly control the extension of the motor in flight. If anything happens to the servo, the airframe is lost. Arcus 8m, scale sailplane, ICARE. Only a section of the servo spline engages to the servo arm. *PLEASE NOTE: Aircraft specifications are subject to verification by the purchaser.

Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. This 18m glider combines agile and harmless flight characteristics with gliding performance reserved to open class gliders only a few years ago. plane listings. have been improved, and sure it will be an other successful design. all carbon moulded kit, The compact and nicely designed Arcus M is without a doubt a head-turner, and a trip to the flying field quickly confirms that fact.

The ailerons are connected to one channel with a Y connector, and so are the air brakes. In reality, in order to optimize many phases of the flight and to manage the lift and speed, gliders are often equipped with systems not found in classic propeller airplanes, at least in their basic form. The motor extending and retracting does change the CG location, but not to degree that the plane becomes difficult to control. Give it a hand launch, and it settles down into smooth, easy-handling flight almost immediately. AIRPATH C2300 COMPASS.

- All wires installed with sub-D connectors Arcus (8 m) all carbon moulded kit, price tag: 8500.00U$, inquir y for current pricing. Being able to pilot the plan to take-off on its own is great fun. Search aircraft for sale for free! The impressive achievement is to have been able to incorporate all of these features without having added much weight, and while keeping the price tag impressively low. Interested in this 2015 Schempp-Hirth Arcus M Self Launching Glider Aircraft? The power is not over-abundant but sufficient to get the plane to altitude at roughly a 15 to 25 degrees climbing rate. Badshot Lea Road Badshot Lea Badshot Lea GU9 9LS Map & directions The motors are usually gas engines, but some electrical gliders exist. See the video below for details. The completely redeveloped, smaller, thinner and therefore less resistant elevator increased performance, catches less bugs and facilitates trimming in the higher speed range. Marketed by De Scotia, Bromley brake Of course, this wouldn’t be scale, but it is sometimes relaxing after a long session of thermal chasing to loosen up with a couple of rolls and loops. This schematic?captured from the manual? You can redraw your consent to using these cookies at any time. GPS racing class. Performance benchmarks in the Two-Seater Class have been re-defined by the Arcus. © 2020 Schempp-Hirth Flugzeug-Vertriebs GmbH, Wing Tanks (optional), Capacity, per Wing.

- Huge and very efficient airbrakes

Its low drag wing helps keep the plane efficient. A power system, most onboard gear, and all hardware are ready to go, installed at the factory.

The change is really minor and does not affect the flight behavior. This broke a small piece of the wing root off. It covers the assembly of the kit version, which to my knowledge, is not available in the U.S. You can skip the build section and jump directly to the settings section. Arcus-E (8m) all carbon moulded kit with self launch system, price: inquiry for quote.

- Optional water ballast about 1 gal. The Arcus M by ST model is here to change the status-quo by introducing high-end options in a compact and affordable airframe. FOR SALE: 2014 ARCUS M s.n.91 D-KMIA Like New Located in Italy + COBRA TRAILER Showing 1-1 of 1 messages in any speed attitude. The latest 15m/18m racing sailplane from Schempp-Hirth. examples: Arcus M, ASH 30/31/32 Mi, ASG 29 E, ASW 28-18E, ASK 21 Mi. The many features of the Arcus M make the radio installation a bit more complex than usual. Self-sealing water inlet valves now allow to lay down a wing, so comfortable, autonomous taxiing for take-off becomes also possible with filled water ballast. Whether clubs are aiming to achieve OLC top positions or privat pilots plan record flights, competition results or interesting safari flights - the Arcus provides the ideal means to put these ideas into practice. Zillow has 8 homes for sale in Marcus WA.

Newly created ergonomic handles improve the handling of essential controls such as flaps, air brakes and engine. It’s been sitting for a while, so I decided to let it go. The performance of the soaring glider is on par with other models of the same size, which considering the extra weight of all of its features, is not a small achievement. It’s The Arcus M we are reviewing today, adds to these features by including a Retractable Motor System (RMS) used in take offs as well as to sustain the glider between thermals. Scale Glider > 4 m > Std The landing gear is now easily extended and retracted by a switch. The wings and elevator will start flexing more than they should, and any action on the aileron or the elevator will generate a bending moment that wraps the flying surfaces which could be fatal to the plane. The banner on the side indicates ?2.4Ghz R/C System”, but be advised this does not mean the glider comes with a transmitter or a receiver. The servos are mounted on a plywood tray. They may not qualify as real gliders for the purist, but they are none-the-less greatly beneficial for the peace of mind of the pilot who knows (almost) for certain that he or she will be able to fly back to the home airport.

Contains campaign related information for the user. Also new are landing flaps that deploy automatically with the spoilers to reduce energy during landings. I have one that I fly often. These options are rarely reproduced on RC gliders, mainly because the added mass would outweigh the benefit they provide. The robust basic construction has been deliberately retained.

3 bedroom house for sale in Arcus Road, Bromley, BR1 £439,995. Phoenix Model Bergfalke 3.3m EP Glider Almost Ready to Fly 129.9", Get the item you ordered or your money back, eBay Money Back Guarantee. retract installed, cockpit outfitted, all wires and connectors. The full-scale Bergfalke or “mountain hawk” is a German glider designed by Egon Scheibe, first flown as a prototype in August of 1951. Kit. I must note that the plane had to be trimmed significantly to fly straight. The 6 channels of the R6106HFC are sufficient for the control of the Arcus M, thanks to the RMS mixer board, which combines the motor extension and the throttle into one single channel. The Arcus will stretch your horizon and re-define your gliding experience, be it as a pure glider, with a Turbo sustainer engine system or self-launching. On the other hand they allow us to improve our content for you by saving and analyzing anonymized user data. Thanks to the perfect control balance and the harmonic gliding characteristics, you'll feel comfortable and relaxed the first moment you'll fly a Discus-2c. With a span of 8 meters this 1:2.5 scale Arcus has been specifically designed for the Skynav. The Arcus is the It even has spoilers. Add a receiver and a charged 4S pack and your departure time is minutes after you get to the field. In case of problems, clear text messages provide comprehensive assistance. Hand launching the plane is also very straight forward and equally as fun. Only flown a few times. And with its proven Turbo sustainer system, outlandings become a story of the past. Approved used: No. Easy to fly, comfortable, handy, agile - with outstanding performance: The Duo-Discus XL is the perfect device for enjoying flights together, whether in syndicates, in the family or in daily gliding club operation.

The impressive achievement is to have been able to incorporate all of these features without having added much weight, and while keeping the price tag impressively low. GARRECHT VT 01 C VC KU TRANSPONDER. If you have linked your Google Analytics and Google Ads accounts, Google Ads website conversion tags will read this cookie unless you opt-out. Whether clubs aim for achieving OLC top positions or private pilot teams plan record flights, competition results or interesting safari flights – the Arcus provides the ideal means to put these ideas into practice. Find more information regarding cookies on our Data Protection Declaration and regarding us on the Imprint. The 4-channel Phoenix Model RC version for intermediate pilots is an electric glider powered by an 800Kv brushless outrunner motor (motor not included). ST Model managed to keep the price extremely low for this model RTF despite its many options, which is impressive in itself. Scale: 1:2.5 (40%) Wing Span: 8 m (315"): Length: 3.45 m (136"): Wing Area: Starting immediately and almost impossible to operate wrongly, this system - in combination with the Discus-2c's perfect control balance and well-known harmonic flight characteristics - provides the ideal solution for both ambitious competitive pilots and day-to-day usage in a gliding club. It has a retractable motor and landing gear. Colour: Silver. Download the Duo Discus XL Brochure for more details, Ventus 3T - with Solo 2350 sustainer engine, Ventus 3F - with Front Electric Sustainer, Arcus T - with 30 HP Solo 2350 D sustainer engine, Arcus M - self-launching glider with 67 HP Solo 2625-02 i engine, Arcus E - Electric self-launching glider 56 HP EM42 motor, Discus 2a - with the narrow fuselage for peak performance, Discus 2b - with the wider fuselage for comfort, Discus 2c - with available 15m/18 m wing tips, Discus 2cT - with Solo 2350 sustainer engine, Discus 2c FES - with Front Electric Sustainer, Duo DIscus XLT - with Solo 2350D 30 HP sustainer engine. Honest, direct feedback provides you with a reassuring sense of reliability.

The speed envelope is narrower than most gliders of that size.

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