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Parrot Analytics has found that the audience demand for, Drain Alcatraz ranks at the 15.4th percentile in the Documentary genre. Save time with one curated feed of TV industry news. Acquire the best shows with the highest expected platform ROI by leveraging global TV demand data. Leverage a return-focused selection criteria for title acquisition from partners such as National Geographic by incorporating country-specific trend and market demand factors for all markets including Canada. FETCH benchmark, which is a measure of the average demand across all titles. Only traces of their bold breakout were found in the frigid San Francisco Bay. Maximize subscriber renewals by applying new programming insights gained from understanding market demand. heavily than others: The more consumer effort required; the more importance is attached to each signal. See the top 20 shows for each platform and its genres. Canada. Acquire the best shows with the highest expected ROI by leveraging global TV demand data.

As an example, if a show has 9 times more demand than the demand benchmark, it falls in the

Inform strategy formulation with empirical content metrics. SVOD platforms. Qualify the right audience for your campaigns with confidence. Tommy Lee Jones and Wesley Snipes have got nothing on National Geographic'sUS Marshals show that reveals fascinating untold stories from the investigation of the legendary escape from Alcatraz including a shocking deathbed confession that led authorities in search of a burial site, and a postcard a prison guard received, supposedly signed by one of the escapees...and postmarked Argentina. National Geographic, leading to increased commercial efficiency and ROI. “Outstanding” performance range; only 2.7% of all shows in the market reach this high level of demand. the signals are weighted and combined, the audience demand for Drain Alcatraz, for example, can be assessed for a

You need to install or update your flash player. On the dry bay floor we see the scars left by epic earthquakes. Appeal to your target markets, including Canada, based on audience interests, enabling the personalization of campaigns to capitalize on pre-release demand. to the weekly demand of all Science Documentary titles in Canada. Better understand competitors’ moves by analyzing content on a title, franchise, portfolio, or platform basis. Monitor global content trends across 100+ platforms for 10,000+ TV shows in 46 markets and gain access to exclusive reports and analysis. Once all Go on the hunt to determine which aspects of your personality reveal the Big Cat that roars from within.

Drain Alcatraz), including those that have not even been released. © 2011–2020 Parrot Analytics Limited. Contact us now to decrease production risks by combining content genome insights with demand data to increase the likelihood of a successful series: Gain deep insights into character, talent, setting, plot, theme and genre preferences, including Documentary. United States and in the “Good” range in France. The Demand Distribution curve illustrates how a TV show’s popularity compares to the demand All Rights Reserved, Get National Geographic news in your inbox, Titanic: 20 Years Later with James Cameron. With the world’s largest TV audience demand dataset, the company currently tracks more than 1.5B Produce with confidence whilst mitigating downside risks. Appeal to the individuality of your audience base, taking into consideration the unique and limitless characteristics of taste clusters. Unlike TV ratings, our DemandRank TV rating system ensures that important demand signals are weighted more Inform agency strategy formulation with empirical content metrics to discover new business opportunities. Access audience taste clusters weeks ahead of a premiere, resulting in high impact campaigns for titles such as Drain Alcatraz, including those that have not even been released. Rank 10,000+ TV shows in 46 markets and worldwide. US Top 10 Subscription Video-on-Demand Measurement (20 August – 26 August, 2017), Netflix’s latest mega-hit The Defenders has remained the most in-demand digital original series and the fourth-most popular show overall, as per our subscription video on demand measurement s…, TV Series Measurement for the United States Top 10 (21 – 27 January, 2018), Image: The End of the F…ing World, Netflix

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