adam gussow how to bend

It has made me feel more comfortable with The lessons are great and I have learnt heaps from them. It bores me how often I hear something described as "awesome". After that, I had to have more. Did he get help? You have provided something very unique. Just a note to let you know about your lesson/teaching method.

I own every jam track track that is on the net and a ton of great gear, but I keep finding myself playing the same thing for each song. Thanks again. Thank you, sir, and may there always be music in your life and heart. We both are barely 21 years old, and yet we are some sort of champions. It really is a case of "give a man a fish feed him for a day, teach him how to fish and feed him for life". I wanted to thank you for everything. I want to thank you again and keep up the good work! The main reason I am writing today is to tell you that last night I finally got the 2-hole bend and it was awesome. Not only that I can prictice on the job when I’m not on a call. There's another way: "choke" the note in your throat instead, a bit like if you wanted to make a snoring sound (though not as much); the deeper in your throat the "choke", the deeper the bend. Since taking your lessons now I get asked by other players to get up and join them, its a great feeling . I have the 4-hole down and almost have the 3-hole as I have been working on the blues scale. Finally the dispatch calls us for a man wanting to end his life and we are called to help the police who are already there.

Today, I start with your lessons… My own lessons now. Cheers.

You made me realize all the possibilities of the harp. A few weeks ago I was on the job and it was a boring day. My partner was looking at me with this big question mark on his face saying what the hell are you doing? That was 3 months ago. If you are a BEGINNER searching for lessons, please click THIS LINK to be taken to the "Harmonica Blues Lessons for Beginners" page, A number of harmonica students, many of them novices, have emailed me over the past few years to thank me for teaching and inspiring them. Gussow fights to remember our roots and why we play blues music today.

Well that is pretty much the story. Everything went smooth as butter and I wish you could have been there, I was standing next to the Satan and Adam poster the whole time thanking you for your help and feedback. We get to the man’s house and all we hear is yelling. A PDF tab by Adam Gussow of Satan and Adam focusing on an important basic technique that all developing blues harmonica players must master. also appreciate that you stress learning from others yet developing your own I cannot wait to download the music and MP3 from Tradebit.

I am a paramedic here in Quebec and have been for 4 year now.

Also, Erin Mitchell wants me to sit in with her for an entire show but after listening to your critique I have really been thinking about it and I am not ready at all to play 2 to 3 sets. Good Evening, That video nailed it for me; it answered many of the questions no one could. But if you’ve ever had the luxury of playing one of these beautifully crafted and designed harmonicas, you can see why professional players are drawn to it. It's kinda both bluesy and funky, but neither of them at the same time !!

I have watched about 1/2 of them so far, and my playing ability has drastically increased.

Then get another harp, in another key. I have played the electric guitar for about 16 years, but purchased my first harp 6 weeks ago. I am not much of a storyteller so I told it the best that I could. Aside from teaching English and Southern studies with a specialty in Blues literature and culture at the University of Mississippi, Gussow also takes his teaching to the online platform. In addition to this book, is documentary titled Satan & Adam (2019) available on Netflix and iTunes to watch. Because this is such a complicated harmonica maneuver to master, it quickly brought Adam Gussow a well-deserved audience, awards, and recognition. It only takes a minute to sign up. As soon as I had it, I knew it right away. ALSO That is when I stumbled upon your youtube videos.

That is why professionals like Adam Gussow will always be drawn to the Hohner Marine Band harmonicas. A PDF tab by Adam Gussow of Satan and Adam focusing on an important basic technique that all developing blues harmonica players must master. Adam Gussow is an American blues harmonocist and modern day legend. ... "It's quite easy really" he said and, to my surprise he took a harp from his pocket and showed me how to bend a note.

Complete album/collection available here: BEGINNER / ADVANCED BEGINNER. Anthony's answer. After watching the overview video, try one of the lessons below to experience a lesson at Seconded! Is Harmonica Mugig 10-hole 20-tone Blues Harp similar to the others in view of blows and draws? I first succeeded at bending notes using Gussow's "eeeee-ooooo" technique involving the shape of the tongue inside the mouth, i.e. My name is Alek Jacoby from Brisbane in Australia I am 17 years old. You should also check out a few instructional videos by the gods of harmonica on YouTube: Jason Ricci, Adam Gussow and Paul Lassey (in French at the time, but he's starting to make a few in English) are really helpful in my opinion. The man who is in his late 50's does not want to go to the hospital and all he wants to do is die. After purchasing your recent video on how to properly mic one’s harp/amp, my tone improved 100%.

This page offers a sampling of those testimonials. PLEASE do not stop would be a terrible loss. I actually played Ol Suzzana completely through in just a few hours of practice over a 7 day period. Learn about the music of Howard Levy, who recently reunited with Béla Fleck and the Flecktones. As I practiced for a few days, and reviewed the things I was exposed to in your videos, I actually put some things together. These lessons have benefitted me and I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate what you are doing.

I moved to the next video where you show the position with your thumbs up. Would a mouthpiece attachment that does the "work" invalidate the ritual use of the Shofar?

Hello Adam,

In any event I just wanted you to know how pleased I am with your whole approach - I find this extremely understandable, can keep playing the mov back and forth to understand everything you are saying and demonstrating. Should I get a 12 hole or 16 hole chromatic? And you're not just a model to imitate. People always want to jam with me because i'm the only harmonica player around, not like guitarists ! Hey Adam, just wanted to say thanks for the plethora of knowledge you put on youtube and the great lessons/tabs sold on your site. After watching the overview video, try one of the lessons below to experience a lesson at I could never get that wha sound, no matter what I did. Before I was trying to play along to records looking at harp tabs and I was in a bit of a rut to say the least.

The related technique of scooping is also covered. I live in Australia and I am 52 years old but most the time I feel about 15 so I don’t see age as a barrier. You can learn about bending at the page called How to Bend Notes and on the FAQs page. About the only thing I was doing right was that I held the harp in my left hand.

I put all the things i learnt into playing and have been playing harp everywhere including playing in a underground car park while on my shift at a supermarket to on the toilet hahah. Yet I keep returning to "Mother Mojo" (I bought the album the day I heard the song) and these videos, and there seems to always be something more. Then I kept moving on to your other videos.

I have only been playing for three weeks but I love this instrument and I am putting a lot of hours in at the moment. It just locked in. For the sake of other raw beginners like myself you should make that information a stand-alone video. USB 3.0 port not mounting USB flash drives on Windows 10 but it is mounting unpowered external USB hard drives, Suggestions for braking with severe osteoarthritis in both hands. Thanks for posting. As I mentioned

I feel that the word "awesome" should be reserved to describe something that is truly above & beyond expectations and not only surpasses the current standards, but raises the bar to a whole new level of achievement.

Everyone had the same question on their mind including me, what in the world just happed. Your tongue takes the form of a half-pipe. I think it is a very unique thing you have offered on YouTube. Keep it up!! where my fledgling talents lie..and being more of a lover with the harp rather than a warrior, for example, as I really love the slow playing by Big Walter and Junior Wells. To learn more, see our tips on writing great answers. Tongue Blocking Study 2 – This study is for the newer player or the player new to tongue blocking; Bending Study 5 – This is for the advanced player looking to improve their bending … I have been told so many times, "you just need to feel it". I've been playing seriously for a little over a week.

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