act against jesuits and seminary priests 1585

Fatovic, Clement, ‘The Anti-Catholic Roots of Liberal and Republican Conceptions of Freedom in English Political Thought,’ Journal of the History of Ideas 66, 1 (2005), 37-58 details of Catholics (and other nonconformists) including (but not limited to): These numerous records can provide names, addresses Calvert to Lt. William Lewis,’ [1646] in AOMOL 3: 178-179. 9

They were sentenced to be hanged and their bodies drawn and quartered. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Parliament responded by passing the.

I, cap. Examination of John Lewgar, Question 13, [26 September 1645] in C24 690/14, NA. Indictments and Presentments – Details of Catholics fined,

calendars of prisoners, microfiche copies of summary

I can recall being present at faculty-appointments meetings where the suitability or unsuitability of candidates for teaching posts was discussed and where anyone “too Catholic” would likely be removed from further employment consideration.

May 1559. See: ‘Fenwick, Cuthbert, (1614-1675),’ A Biographical Dictionary of the Maryland Legislature 1635-1789, Papenfuse et. 1563, Oath of Supremacy. Specialist in pre 19th century ancestry and family history. Alan Orr, D., Treason and the State: Law, Politics, and Ideology in the English Civil War (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2002), 73

Record Series 71 (1986), [14] “The Society of Jesus PageViews Even the vehemently anti-Catholic Lord Chief Justice Sir William Scroggs approved of the Crown showing clemency in such cases, in order "that the world may not say that we are grown barbarous and inhumane". Ingle, who mostly pursued wealthy Catholics, brought to England under arrest the Jesuit priests Thomas Copley and Andrew White on charges related to the legislation, An Act Against Jesuits, Seminary Priests and Other Such Disobedient Persons (1585). sect registers, [49] History Working Papers

More’s account of the Copley and White trial was omitted from the published version of Historia Missionis Anglicanae.

From the mid 1570s newly trained Catholic priests began arriving in England and from 1580 onwards the Pope sent specially trained priests called Jesuits to aid them. He joined the English mission intended to reinstitute Catholicism in England, but was apprehended and exiled in 1606, following the Gunpowder Plot. White then joined the Society of Jesus and took up professorships of scriptural studies and theology in Louvain, Liège and Lisbon.

Priests who had been working undisturbed in England for decades suddenly found themselves facing the death penalty.

Baltimore’s Cause concerning Maryland,’ [23 Jan 1647] in JHL 8, 1645-1647: 684-685; ‘Maryland,’ [31 August 1652], in Journal of the House of Commons (JHC) 7 1651-1660 (London, 1802): 172-173. 66 Protestant sheriffs and justices of the peace were notably unwilling to enforce the law against their Catholic neighbours, even in such blatant cases as the Welsh squire Thomas Gunter of Gunter Mansion, Abergavenny, who in 1678 told the local vicar cheerfully that "he had kept a priest in Oliver Cromwell's time, and would keep one now". essentially used to identify Catholics and ensure the penalties in force at the [the English of the statute has been modernized] A digital copy of this legislation is HERE:  Download 27 Elizabeth c. 2.

Games, Alison, The Web of Empire: English Cosmopolitans in an Age of Expansion, 1560-1660 (Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press, 2008) ch. Catholicism, 1558 – 1642” (Harlow 1983), Coffey, 2 (1906) 124-141 at 139-140. In particular, it examines the methods employed by Fr. Importantly, this case study illustrates how English Jesuits navigated and used an immature English imperial jurisprudence to their advantage.

1559. Giles Brent (c.1600-1671/72) arrived in Maryland in 1638 as a free emigrant with his siblings Margaret (1601-1671), Mary (?-1658), and Fulke (?-1656). Since going to Surrey before Rootstech London, I’ve been trying to wrap my head around the fact that my More ancestors used stones from Waverley Abbey to build Loseley Park. David Armitage, The Ideological Origins of the British Empire (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2004), 63. ‘Report from the Comtee of forraigne Plantacons cone Maryland.’ [1645] in AOMOL 3: 164. for example, at The National archives:

newspapers often reported on criminal proceedings, Returns of Catholics for several counties PC 1/20/31, Roman Catholics: Lists of Roman Catholics who have taken the Quarter Manganiello, Stephen C., The Concise Encyclopaedia of the Revolutions and Wars of England, Scotland, and Ireland, 1639-1660 (Lanham: Scarecrow Press, 2004), 125 Questier, Michael, Catholicism and Community in Early Modern England: Politics, Aristocratic Patronage and Religion, c. 1550-1640 (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2006), 296 After the death of his wife, Lewgar took Holy Orders and died as Lord Baltimore’s chaplain in London in 1665. Recusants (those who refused to attend church) had to pay a bigger fine of £20 per month and those who tried to encourage people to become Catholic could be accused of treason. Weston probably knew about it and used the exorcisms to help the plot succeed. ; Peter Lake and Michael Questier, ‘Margaret Clitherow, Catholic Nonconformity, Martyrology and the Politics of Religious Change in Elizabethan England,’ Past and Present 185 (2004): 43-90 at 44-45. Baltimore to be heard, about his Patent for Maryland,’ [28 November 1646] in JHL 8, 1645-1647: 581-583; ‘L. ‘An Act to prevent the Growth of Popery within this Province,’ [3rd October 1704] in AOMOL, 26: 340. Remembrancer: Oath Rolls: Papist Oaths, [51] (13 April 2019),,,,,, Websites accessed various dates between 30 March 2019 var sc_invisible = 0; Their executions were so bloody and horrific that the crowd witnessing them was revolted. ; These Catholics were able to draw on their links and money abroad in order to plot against Elizabeth. British History Online (BHO)

taken nationwide in 1680, 1705, 1744, 1767 and 1780 to record the number of

Our team of exam survivors will get you started and keep you going. 1585 Act against Jesuits, Seminary Priests and such other like Disobedient Persons A further act to ‘force’ Jesuits [14] and Seminary priests [15] to take the oath of allegiance to the Queen. Shepard, Accounting for Oneself, 141. ; For the scholarship of the ‘Protestant Empire’ see: under a Presbyterian–parliamentary system, [33] Exchequer: Pipe Office: . 179. We have created a browser extension. Documents of the Christian Church, 4th ed (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2011), 257-259 at 258.

You could also do it yourself at any point in time. £18 today using 23 And the Witchcraft Act of 1563 made the conjuring of spirits—which included exorcism—punishable by death on the first offense. Mainey’s Demon, Modu, said that Sara and Fid had been bewitched by Goodwife White of Bushy, a woman who was commonly believed to be a witch. MAthew Parker becomes Archibishop of Cantebury. 400 members of clergy resigned or deprived. The Committee for Compounding with Delinquents was established alongside the Sequestration Committee in 1643 with the purpose of raising funds for Parliament by allowing Royalists to compound (pay a fine) for the return of their sequestered estates. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Even though the 1584 Act had been repealed long ago, the priest's conviction had not been quashed, and so the court could not permit it: in the absence of a posthumous pardon the court could not properly sanction a memorial to a person lawfully convicted of high treason; and that, accordingly, since no question had been raised as to the legal propriety either of the priest's conviction as a traitor or his execution and there had been no pardon, the faculty sought could not be granted, notwithstanding the subsequent repeal of the Act of 1584. Recusants fined one shilling. 83 In 1645 in the midst of the English Civil War, Richard Ingle, captain of the Reformation and under the authority of a Parliamentary Letter of Marque, plundered Maryland. This stated that if Elizabeth was murdered, Parliament would make sure that the murderers were punished along with anyone who had benefitted from Elizabeth’s death.

parish. “Chancery: Petty Bag Office: Admission Rolls of Officers.

Mainey’s Demon, Modu, appeared and said that he was accompanied by seven other Demons, “all of them Captaines and of great fame.” They acted out the Seven Deadly Sins. | Permalink, StatCounter The Demoniacs were bound to chairs and forced to drink a vile potion of oil, sack, and rue. ‘Examination of Henry Stockton,’ Answer 17, [5 August 1645], section K, in Cornwaleys vs. Ingle, Examinations, High Court of Admiralty, HCA 13/60, The National Archives (TNA). Ingle, who assisted the Protestants against the Papists in Maryland, Petition, to be relieved in Actions brought against him for it by Cornwallis & al,’ [24 February 1646] Journal of the House of Lords (JHL) 8, (1645-1647) (London: His Majesty’s Stationery Office, 1767-1830): 183-186. Coates, Ben, The Impact of the English Civil War on the Economy of London, 1642-1650 (Aldershot: Ashgate, 2004), 40 Estreats: Rolls and Nichil Rolls, [34] Including but not limited In 1585 war broke out between England and Spain. 32 The Act of 1585 made Jesuits and seminary priests guilty of treason simply by being in England. Brent held the position of acting governor during Leonard Calvert’s absence in England in 1641/1642 and 1643/44. . 1585 Act against Jesuits, Seminary Priests and such other like Disobedient Persons A further act to ‘force’ Jesuits [14] and Seminary priests [15] to take the oath of allegiance to the Queen. Archives series E169/79 – 83[50] Start studying Church and State: Elizabeth's reign 1558-89 Key Dates. Certificate as proof they had received communion in the Church of England. Oath of Allegiance and/or registering their names and estates; Certificates of Roman Catholic Chapels and priests following Vice-Provinciae primum, tum Provinciae, ad ejusdem saeculi annum XXXV. , 63-65, 75-80 and ch. These were censuses

During the course of the year, at least 500 persons converted, according to the published account. Failure to do so within 40 days was an act of high treason unless they left the country. Certificates Files 1676 – 1828, E 196 Exchequer: King’s Remembrance: Sacramental Certificates If the other two confessed, their records have been lost. and the Reunion of Christendom (Cambridge University Press 2000) (Google books), E. Rose                        ”Cases of Conscience:

Bettenson and Maunder, Documents of the Christian Church, 258.

And the Witchcraft Act of 1563 made the conjuring of spirits—which included exorcism—punishable by death on the first offense.

McCoog, Thomas, The Society of Jesus in Ireland, Scotland, and England, 1598-1606: Lest Our Lamp Be Entirely Extinguished (Leiden: Brill, 2017), 11

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