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[291], The national economy grew significantly through agrarian reform, major modernization projects such as the Helwan steel works and the Aswan Dam, and nationalization schemes such as that of the Suez Canal.

[227] The message had been originally received by Amer on 2 May, but was withheld from Nasser until the Sinai deployment on 14 May. [178] Nasser recognized the new government and stated that "any attack on Iraq was tantamount to an attack on the UAR". He preferred to spend most of his free time with his children. [145] Egypt also expanded its policy of secondment, dispatching thousands of high-skilled Egyptian professionals (usually politically-active teachers) across the region. [188] He also dismissed Sarraj in September to curb the growing political crisis. [133] When British and French forces landed in Port Said on 5–6 November, its local militia put up a stiff resistance, resulting in street-to-street fighting. [170] The former sought to unite with the UAR, while the latter sought Lebanon's continued independence. [53] Nasser organized the Free Officers' founding committee, which eventually comprised fourteen men from different social and political backgrounds, including representation from Young Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Egyptian Communist Party, and the aristocracy. "[286] Sherif Hetata, a former political prisoner[287] and later member Nasser's ASU,[288] said that "Nasser's greatest achievement was his funeral. I have taken a decision with which I need your help. [194] Consequently, Egypt became increasingly embroiled in the drawn-out civil war until it withdrew its forces in 1967. [117] The official reason given for the nationalization was that funds from the canal would be used for the construction of the dam in Aswan.

"[128] Nasser assumed military command. On July 14, 2017, Nader agreed to a 4-year, $6M deal with the Celtics. Amer committed suicide on 14 September. In May, Nasser received word that Farouk knew the names of the Free Officers and intended to arrest them; he immediately entrusted Free Officer Zakaria Mohieddin with the task of planning the government takeover by army units loyal to the association. [2], Nader enrolled at Northern Illinois University and appeared in all 31 games starting in 29 of them. [169] While most members of the Iraqi Revolutionary Command Council (RCC) favored Iraqi-UAR unity,[180] Qasim sought to keep Iraq independent and resented Nasser's large popular base in the country. [193] Other coups influenced by Nasser included those that occurred in Iraq in July 1958 and Syria in 1963. [334] Abdullah al-Sallal drove out the king of North Yemen in the name of Nasser's pan-Arabism. He succeeded in lobbying the attendees to pass resolutions on each of these issues, notably securing the strong support of China and India. [344] He is portrayed by Amir Boutrous in the Netflix television series The Crown. A failed counter-coup by a Nasserist colonel followed, after which Nasser condemned the Ba'athists as "fascists". When it comes to his love life, Nader is a quite confidential person to his fans and followers. Abdel averaged 23.8 points, 8.6 rebounds and 2.8 assists per game as a senior at Niles North and led the Vikings to a 24–6 record and their first sectional championship and Central Suburban League titles in the school's 47-year history.

[13] During his rookie season, he received multiple assignments to the Maine Red Claws. [347], Although he was a proponent of secular politics, Nasser was an observant Muslim who made the Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca in 1954 and 1965. [321] Liberal writer Tawfiq al-Hakim described Nasser as a "confused Sultan" who employed stirring rhetoric, but had no actual plan to achieve his stated goals. [32][36] Nasser focused on his military career from then on, and had little contact with his family.

[155] Nasser also decided to cooperate with the Soviet Union in the construction of the Aswan Dam to replace the withdrawal of US funds. [128], Despite the commanded withdrawal of Egyptian troops, about 2,000 Egyptian soldiers were killed during engagement with Israeli forces,[130] and some 5,000 Egyptian soldiers were captured by the Israeli Army. [233], Nasser told an East German newspaper in 1964 that "no person, not even the most simple one, takes seriously the lie of the six million Jews that were murdered [in the Holocaust]. [224][225] According to Kandil, without Nasser's authorization, Amer used the Soviet warnings as a pretext to dispatch troops to Sinai on 14 May, and Nasser subsequently demanded UNEF's withdrawal.

[217] Nasser's tilt toward a Soviet-style system led his aides Boghdadi and Hussein el-Shafei to submit their resignations in protest.

[156], As political instability grew in Syria, delegations from the country were sent to Nasser demanding immediate unification with Egypt. The world will never again see five million people crying together. Naguib assumed the additional role of prime minister, and Nasser that of deputy prime minister. The expedition was led by Rabbi Shlomo Goren and Nasser personally accompanied him, ordering the Egyptian soldiers to stand at attention. [217] With these measures came more domestic repression, as thousands of Islamists were imprisoned, including dozens of military officers. [33] From his readings, Nasser, who frequently spoke of "dignity, glory, and freedom" in his youth,[34] became enchanted with the stories of national liberators and heroic conquerors; a military career became his chief priority. Nasser's popularity in Egypt and the Arab world skyrocketed after his nationalization of the Suez Canal and his political victory in the subsequent Suez Crisis. [212] Nasser retracted the initiative after Amer's allies in the officers corps threatened to mobilize against him. He scored in double figures 13 times, including three games with 20-plus points. According to Sadat, it was only when the Israelis cut off the Egyptian garrison at Sharm el-Sheikh that Nasser became aware of the situation's gravity. Previously, he signed a 3 year / $4,164,095 contract with the Boston Celtics. [208] Beginning in 1958, Nasser had a key role in the discussions among African leaders that led to the establishment of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) in 1963. At the meeting, Khrushchev pressed Nasser to lift the ban on the Communist Party, but Nasser refused, stating it was an internal matter which was not a subject of discussion with outside powers. [54] Nasser was unanimously elected chairman of the organization. His failure to respond to Israeli military action demonstrated the ineffectiveness of his armed forces and constituted a blow to his growing popularity. [147][148] Also in January, the elected Jordanian prime minister and Nasser supporter[149] Sulayman al-Nabulsi brought Jordan into a military pact with Egypt, Syria, and Saudi Arabia. Negotiations between Israel and Egypt finally resulted in the ceding of Faluja to Israel. [283], Almost immediately after the procession began, mourners engulfed Nasser's coffin chanting, "There is no God but Allah, and Nasser is God's beloved… Each of us is Nasser. [263], On 30 March, Nasser proclaimed a manifesto stipulating the restoration of civil liberties, greater parliamentary independence from the executive,[261] major structural changes to the ASU, and a campaign to rid the government of corrupt elements. [11] On April 14, 2017, he was named the 2016–17 NBA Development League Rookie of the Year, becoming the first internationally-born player to be named NBA D-League Rookie of the Year and the third Red Claws player to earn the honor. Early life. By 1968, Nasser had appointed himself Prime Minister, launched the War of Attrition to regain lost territory, began a process of depoliticizing the military and issued a set of political liberalization reforms. [59] Naguib won overwhelmingly and the Free Officers, through their connection with a leading Egyptian daily, al-Misri, publicized his victory while praising the nationalistic spirit of the army. Abdel Nader (Arabic: عبد الرحمن نادر‎; born September 25, 1993) is an Egyptian-American professional basketball player for the Oklahoma City Thunder of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Nasser agreed to establish a loose federal union with Yemen—the United Arab States—in place of total integration.

[101], Following Bandung, Nasser officially adopted the "positive neutralism" of Yugoslavian president Josip Broz Tito and Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru as a principal theme of Egyptian foreign policy regarding the Cold War. [37], In 1941, Nasser was posted to Khartoum, Sudan, which was part of Egypt at the time. [3] Nasser's father was a postal worker[4] born in Beni Mur in Upper Egypt,[5][6] and raised in Alexandria,[3] and his mother's family came from Mallawi, el-Minya. [58] Nasser recalled that her wails "haunted" him and firmly dissuaded him from undertaking similar actions in the future.

[12], Aburish asserts that Nasser was not distressed by his frequent relocations, which broadened his horizons and showed him Egyptian society's class divisions. Calls for pan-Arab unity under his leadership increased, culminating with the formation of the United Arab Republic with Syria from 1958 to 1961. [346] Nasser and Tahia had two daughters and three sons: Hoda, Mona, Khaled, Abdel Hamid, and Abdel Hakim. He played college basketball for the Northern Illinois Huskies and the Iowa State Cyclones before being drafted by the Boston Celtics with the 58th overall pick in the 2016 NBA draft.

[295], Until the present day, Nasser serves as an iconic figure throughout the Arab world,[289][310] a symbol of Arab unity and dignity,[311][312][313] and a towering figure in modern Middle Eastern history.

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