7mm remington ultra mag vs 7mm remington mag

2)) Load both of them with exact same bullet grain weight(150, 165, or 180 grain, etc.) Mike, I’m not sure which cartridge you’re claiming isn’t the equal of the 270 Wby., but you are correct that many folks overestimate the performance of the 6.5 Creedmoor. But in this case the velocities would not be similar. I skipped over all other 30 caliber magnums and picked it, simply because it’s the king of 30 caliber cartridges. Actual real world velocities usually fall way short of what the claimed velocities are.

If one chooses the biggest and baddest, one MUST train to operate it properly, and recoil recovery/follow up shots is an important part of that. I’d probably own a few less rifles that have been discontinued.

Which calibre should I choose? I really like the model 70 extreme weather. Thank you. Ron, perhaps overlooked- 7 REM VS. 300 Win? Out of the box it weighs about 6 3/4 lbs. 7-mag can’t go wrong. My 338 250 NP dropped a bull elk at 175 yards, lung shot on the spot! A calibre that you, deep in your heart, aren’t afraid of, no flinch to compare accuracy with 300 mag. More power and more wound channel diameter through heart and lungs does not stop the brain and running gear from continuing to function for several seconds. My father was keen on the 30-06 cartridge performance, after carrying an M1 Garand around the E.T.O.

Even if there’s a certain does of hyperbole involved, the entertainment value remains high.

That is why a 180-grain .284″ (7mm) bullet will performa better at long range than a 180-grain .308 (300 WM) bullet (this assumes identical form factors, i.e. As I stood there looking at all of the fine

Because I’m always ready to entertain enlightenment and learn new things, I ran some ballistic calculations using your basic information above. I have no real explanation except good luck. Just choose the right bullets. 3.89 lbs. I plan to shoot the 180 grain Berger bullet for large game.

Mag. I feel that I don’t need the Weatherby any more since the 7mm rem. As an Alberta, Canada resident I can tell you there is no such thing as Canadian regulations on caliber size other than you must be above .223 for big game. Overview. I once hired a 130-grain atop a 270 WSM cartridge to cleanly take a mature B.C.

If you do the above, given practise, the shots that you create, make happen, will defy the laws of physics. Mag. I’m thinking the 300 Win is everything the 06 is and more of a good thing and right in-between the 7 Mag and 338. Size matters, so let’s stick to the two older magnums. I understand the variables, but watching friends shoot elk with 0-6s, the elk bolt! Bull moose have fallen to one 120-gr. The 7mm (.284-inch) bullet drops less at all ranges even though the .308-inch bullet has a more efficient, minimum drag B.C. Thank you help me make this decision, any info would be appreciated. in a 700 26″ heavy barrel. Shared the meat, brought home a quarter and the antlers. I’ve found it most illuminating to compare bullets of similar B.C. All of my sheep and goats but two have been taken with 6-pound and lighter rifles out to 400 yards. Either will neatly terminate deer, sheep, elk and larger game so long at the shooter delivers the right bullet to the right spot. One can drive a 500-grain bullet carrying 4,000 f-p energy completely through a big bear or even a little one without stopping it. No bullet gains speed once launched, but some retain it better than others. I’m a deer Hunter from Texas, I hunted with a 25:06 for around 27 years. Went up the moutain, took the deer, returned with the quarters.

a 22 250 Remington 700 ADL, 3 to 9×40 scope nine o’clock at night, free standing un supported, on the back of a ute, cold bore shot on an Emu (a bloody big fast running prehistoric bird like an ostrich) shot and killed @ measured 1400 yards!!

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