365 days of love notes

– Sunday. Venerable Fulton Sheen explains that this lasting pain and fleeting happiness occurs because, “pain was meant to be exhausted in this life. Original Price $34.99" FREE shipping, Sale Price $7.19 She doesn’t hold back. If you’re looking for a fun and different thing to do with your significant other I would definitely recommend reading a book together! The road to sanctification is tough. Also, I watched the movie “Gimme Shelter”. Don’t be afraid. Keep on the lookout! I got to watch Miles James, my nephew. (20% off), Sale Price $4.80 The souls fell blindly into it; as they walked, so they fell.

Seriously. Although I didn’t cry, doesn’t mean I didn’t want to at some points. We learn to love more thoroughly and completely when we love during the most painful times of our lives. Anyone who has run long distance will tell you that the pain they felt during the run was worth the exhilaration they felt afterwards. -On Friday I had a date night with my boy! It included a nice gluten free dinner (still getting used to him being gluten free), a walk, some live music, and an awesome fireside chat with my sister and her boyfriend. FREE shipping, $40.00 The work they do is so important and shouldn’t go unnoticed! Original Price $33.00" Today I appreciated my sisters as Mom’s more than ever. One was broad, covered with sand and flowers, full of joy, music and all sorts of pleasures. $29.74, $34.99 A biggie that happened for me that I forgot to mention earlier was that I actually ran ALL of the Bolder Boulder this year! -On Thursday I had some much needed an exciting news for my new modesty project 30 days modesty challenge! Get out there and do it already! 1. Stories and moments from a young Catholic wife + mama who is striving for Sainthood and longing for Heaven.

Stories and moments from a young Catholic wife + mama who is striving for Sainthood and longing for Heaven. Original Price $14.95" The most exciting thing for me right now in the blogging world is I have created a 30 days modesty challenge. 4. 3. (15% off), $7.95 It’s incredible.

2. The theme of these love notes really should just be entitled “KIDS” or “BABIES” because my love note from Thursday was yet two other young ones in my life… my sweet niece and nephew, Addie Jo and Benny. Although we don’t get together as often as we should. 365 Days of Love Notes | Take 4 On July 21, 2014 July 21, 2014 By kileenmedearis In 365 Days of Love Notes , Uncategorized Leave a comment If you don’t know about this link up series I’m participating in check out storyofarose.com ! Also, this day got even better when I received a handwritten letter from Timothy. After the Sand Dunes I got in the car with my family and headed to Joplin, Missouri to see my Dad’s family there. It felt almost as if Heaven was within reach. FREE shipping. FREE shipping, Sale Price $26.40 The best part was being able to do such fun things in a place where such immense tragedy had happened to my family…. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account.

Let’s see what happens when we try to bring back a culture of modesty! Don’t let the devil tell you that you’re so far away it would be better to turn around, because if you turn around now you will miss out on the beauty that awaits.

Once Addie Jo was running around and laughing, I was also running around and laughing. (10% off), $15.00 ( Log Out /  I’m just such a wimp.” To this he would look at me with the same sweet grin and say, “It’s not meant to be easy”. Our spiritual life will make us feel pain at times, so how do we make that pain bearable? The joy of being above the clouds lasted a good while but then there was the realization that we still had yet another peak to climb, and a long road down the mountain, away from the breath taking view, and beneath the clouds that would be waiting for us. It prepares us for the goodness that we taste in happiness and joy. Find out more in our Cookies & Similar Technologies Policy. These notes can be quotes, memories, or anything positive or motivational. Sweet Little Bridget Rose always seems to make me laugh when I go over to my boyfriends house. 5. Saying no will not stop you from seeing Etsy ads, but it may make them less relevant or more repetitive. Along with a pretty wonderful gender reveal party for my older sister! FREE shipping, Sale Price $17.95 He showed me that even though we feel pain we can still smile, laugh, and joke.

Joys are not, because they belong to another existence”. I went on a beautiful (but tiring) hike with my boy! 100 Things I Love about You Sticky Note Surprise – Print directly onto sticky notes and use the prompts to come up with 100 things you love about your spouse. I am so blessed and thankful to have gotten through summer school with a passing grade AND pass my PRAXIS II Test that continues my journey towards becoming a teacher! Because my grandma from Texas was in I was able to watch the little man! Excellent! Body, soul, and divinity. To the ends of the earth would you follow Me? If Heaven is to be far greater than being high above the clouds in beautiful Colorado, I can only imagine how beautiful it will be! Reminding me to write in my thank you journal! Please pray for those who work with the elderly! Please. The love note that tops them all was actually getting to receive Christ Himself in the Holy Eucharist. (10% off), $3.95

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