280 remington elk

Year after year it it continues to perform perfectly on Pennsylvania whitetails. I puts three shots in two holes at 100 yards.

A couple years passed before I had the rifle rechambered for the 280 Ackley Imp. But such was not the case. Sorta kinda maybe… YES. It must have been about 1985 when I bought my first rifle chambered for the 280 Rem. Except… ammunition. The unpopular 280 Remington (ever seen or shot one?) The shooting world was indifferent, so a few months later it was dubbed the 7mm Express. It’s original ballistic competitor, the 30-06 Springfield had already been around for over 50 years and warehouses full of surplus military ammo remained. But it isn’t the kind of action a serious big game hunter is going to take around the world for sheep, goats, caribou, pronghorn and similar open-country game. 280 Rem data. Does this make any sense? ), Before we dig too deeply into the ballistics of this over-achiever cartridge, a bit of history is in order. Based on the .30-06 case necked down to take a 7mm, or .284-inch bullet, the cartridge was introduced in 1957. It cannot do what the fastest 7mms will do, but it burns a lot less powder and performs optimally from a shorter barrel. This caused people to confuse it …

Not a huge deal. But that was then and this is now. Go with the 6.5 prc, much better than creedmore. It features a case body nearly equal to belted magnums, but a rim that fits standard bolt faces. Remington tried to match Winchester’s 270 Win. Keep those computer keys a-rattlin. Well… (give me a second to put on my crash helmet and bullet-proof vest.) But if you handload, the 280 comes out on top again.

But also notice that, due to its slightly higher B.C. You’re going to find a lot more ammo in a lot more flavors in a lot more places with the 30-06 and 270. (Preferably an expert dangerous game shot. It has taken all North America game, most of my plains game in Africa and game in New Zealand. I went through a lot of rifles and finally built myself a .280 about 15 years later…since then it’s been used to take elk, blacktail deer, mule deer, wild pigs, and lots of coyotes. It is thus almost a cult cartridge, supported by a relatively small group who worship at its shrine.

I just purchased a used Ruger M77 in 280 Remington. It bought a great smile to my face as I remember the comments I received when I purchased the Browning 280 w/ Boss, left hand bolt. Prior to this I used the Nosler 160 Partition although a great bullet the tips tended to get deformed while riding in the saddlebags and scabbard of my saddle. Been thinking real seriously about getting a 6.5 creedmoor just to see what the fuss is all about. Required fields are marked *. The.280 Remington was introduced in 1957. Despite Remington’s worst efforts, this is one great cartridge. So I don’t. I went to the Limpopo region of SA in 2005 and hunted with a PH who carried a 7×64 as a backup for everything up to and including eland. Given a choice between a 280 Rem or my 7mm Rem Mag I would stay where I am. By the way, in addition to being necked down, the 280’s shoulder has been pushed forward .051-inch to prevent it being chambered in a 270 Win. The 270 Winchester is set at 65,000 psi.

Based on its .284-inch bullets and ballistic potential, the 280 Remington should have been an overnight success. They will also tell you that with good handloads the .280 will come within spitting distance of the 7mm Remington Magnum, in a shorter barrel, while burning a lot less powder. What are your thoughts on the .280 AI ?

Every year about this time I consider a new firearm purchase only to think back on what this round has done for me and it saves me a bunch of money. Maybe just maybe a 280AI ? Not too hard, not too soft, not too fast, not too slow, but just right because it shoots mid-caliber .284-inch diameter bullets.

I also have a 7mm-08, 7mm rem. It can be loaded with everything from 100-grain Sierra Hollow Points to 195-grain Berger Elite Hunters. Because 140- and 150-grain bullets are a common weight for deer hunting in a variety of calibers, that would seem a good size for comparison testing against a 270 Win. The 280 Remington could be the Goldilocks of standard-length action hunting rounds. Realistically, the damage was probably already done. Hi Ron, first time posting on here. Did I just claim that the little known and less appreciated, sadly unpopular 280 Remington is a better big game hunting cartridge than the sacred 270 Winchester and 6.5 Creedmoor? Your support will contribute significantly to the information I can produce, so I thank you for it. The concept of a rebated rim was also used in the Remington Ultra Mags--only scaled up. This was and is a great short-action cartridge, but good grief! case. It’s my go to gun-and “no” she’s not for sale!! Pete. But since Nosler offers a 270 150g with a BC of .591, wouldn’t it be safe to say it would have done better than the 280 in this comparison? I acquired an M77 in .280 Remington in the ‘mid-’70’s for elk hunting in New Mexico.

If given the opportunity, Remington could screw-up marketing a 338 Laser Beam shooting a 275 gr. He dropped in his tracks, the way the .280 Remington always drops game if you do your job. Hope to have it up by this weekend. Its near ballistic twin, the 270 Winchester, had been out since 1925 and had garnered a following that included Jack “Mr 270” O’Connor. …but i was 13 and didn’t have any money. Also…kind of like the short mag’s were loaded to the gills from the factory….there weren’t any converted military rifles chambered in short mag cartridges to blow up like what might possibly happen with a stout loaded 7 rem. I still like the .280 and I’m not parting ways with it. Should a firing pin reach the primer and strike hard enough to detonate, a complete case separation could result. It can be loaded with everything from 100-grain Sierra Hollow Points to 195-grain Berger Elite Hunters. If measured, one would score 380; the other 375. Scratch that release. The resulting cartridge was based on the.30-06 case necked down to 7mm (.284”). Cameras, microphones, guns, optics, ammo, vehicles, travel, computers… Your support can play a pivotal role in freeing me up to increase the quantity and quality of my work, much of it in answer to your direct questions. I was so astonished at how well how well my rather utilitarian, flimsy barreled 280AI Kimber Mountain Ascent performs with handloads (Australia) that I’m about to take delivery of a Cooper Jackson Game rifle in the same caliber. performance and marketing success by unleashing its 280 in 1957, but they screwed it up. that rifle is one of the sweetest I have ever owned and the accuracy was unbelievable. It was a good shooter and joy to haul around the mountains of Western Colorado. Shooting a Remington 7600 in this caliber has been a pleasure and super performer in the thick hardwoods as well as reaching out across a cut corn field.

You can “shop” for the perfect B.C. My hunting rifle is an old Rem 700 shooting 7mm Rem Mag. Ballistically all four use the same case. As you might already know or have guessed, the 280 Remington, like it’s 270 Winchester cousin, sprang from the loins of the old 30-06.

Always exercise due diligence before purchasing any product or service. I believe I had 59 or 60 grains of Alliant Reloader 22 pushing that Barnes 3,100 fps, give or take 50 fps. Or does the 270 lose too much speed since it’s more overbore than the 280? Wait just one doggone minute. I have a Model 70 in .280 Remington, bought it in 1995 or 96 and have killed several deer with it.

Not too hard, not too soft, not too fast, not too slow, but just right because it shoots mid-caliber.284-inch diameter bullets.

would squeak a win over both the 270 and 30-06. Which gives you, the patron, more of the information and entertainment you enjoy. Winchester beat Remington to the punch and speed when it created its now famous 270 in 1925, but Remington beat Winchester to the belted magnum party with its 7mm Remington Magnum in 1962. The key word there is “ballistically.”  Before everyone runs for the comment box and points out the difference between the 270/280/30-06 and the 284, yes, they are different, but ballistically identical. I just love good articles about the often overlooked and misunderstood 280 Remington. The unsupported case head ruptured and ruined the gun. Wait just one doggone minute.

a 30,06 with Sako action. I still a .270, 7MM, 30-06, and above because I’m a rifle nut; but the .280 is my favorite. Like Steve Hornady and Jim Carmichel, I’ve taken it sheep hunting, and it’s well-suited to that role as well. Why not?

rating of around .616, this ABLR features a bonded lead core and an extra thick, strong boat tail base. Ron, I am happy that you took time from moving snow to teach again. As long as ammunition is available that rifle is staying in the stable. About all they did to convert the 30-03 to the -06 was trimmed back a bit of its neck length and mount shorter, lighter, more ballistically efficient 150-grain spire point bullets. At any rate, just five years later, 1962, Remington unveiled its 7mm Remington Magnum and the already under-appreciated 280 became last week’s fish. M 700 Mountain rifle in 1988 and when Hunting for whitetails in South Dakota and have taken several mule deer, antelope and several elk in my home state of Colorado. I have never hunted elk with the .280, but I surely would, especially with 160 or 165-grain bullets. The point of this experiment was to squeeze a 270/280 out of a short action capable of handling 308 length case. Now for some quick ballistics. Good Luck! But it’s a great round.

It truly does combine some of the best attributes and capabilities of both great cartridges—and that’s saying quite a lot. Big Sky Elk Hunting, Competitive Shooting, Outdoors and Some Humor. Patreon is a way to help fund RSO content by donating as little as $5 each month. Keep up the good work! None of this, in my estimation, makes any difference to a deer or moose and shouldn’t make any difference to your above-average shooter at reasonable hunting distances. Plan accordingly. Been shooting a 7Mag for 46 years. But at least they got the speed up where it belonged. I’m going to choose some of the highest B.C. Shot placement reins supreme. and 30-06. Still, it’s fun to discover the ballistic and performance fine points. However, I love the .270 Winchester for its flat-shooting capabilities in open country…and I love the .30-06 for its heavier bullets and tremendous versatility. Some extremely knowledgeable riflemen will continue to choose the .280, but there’s another more casual group that needs to give it a look. This variety makes it adequate for everything from wood chucks and coyotes to moose and brown bears. nady bullets have really performed well. Despite initial hype sales weren’t fantastic, and some consumers got confused. Much better to shoot well. Be great to read what you’re feeding yours – even if just digitally. I think this is done so that this truly awesome cartridge can be marketed at its full potential in accurate and strong bolt action rifles without the worry of being fired in the remington M740 or 760 rifles… I know the argument well, when we were children my brothers and I fought over who got the biggest piece of cake. My 280 Rem shines with 140-168 grain bullets. In 1978 Remington renamed the.280 the 7mm/06 Remington.

Sounds like a good blend of the best hunting features. If each of the mentioned rifles were of the same make, model and outfitted with similar sights and sling, neither you, nor the elk will know the difference. Lord, could that guy shoot! In 1963, Winchester released the 284 in its Model 100 semi-automatic and Model 88 lever gun. Which one do you shoot? All competing claims of the superiority of the one cartridge over or under the 280 aside, I have seen no difference in the field.

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