Apply for Complimentary Couple’s “Ecstatic Intimacy Strategy Session” with Ellen Eatough

Yay! You’re about to figure out exactly what needs to happen for you to experience the thrill of ever-deepening levels of intimacy with your partner as a path to personal and spiritual transformation.

Our overriding goal for your “Ecstatic Intimacy Strategy Session” is to provide true value for you, whether or not you decide go farther with us.

During your “Ecstatic Intimacy Strategy Session” we‘ll focus on the following:

  • Get clarity about where you really want your relationship to be and what it looks like to share truly ecstatic intimacy
  • Develop a vision for your greatest potential together
  • Uncover challenges you may not be seeing that could be in the way of or slowing you down from experiencing the intimacy and fulfillment you desire
  • Come away inspired to really commit and create the deeply loving and fulfilling relationship you really want

Let’s see if you qualify…

Step 1 – Begin with Part 1 of a 2-part application to the right. Upon submission of Part 1, you’ll be redirected to a secure order form for payment of a $37 fully refundable* “Placeholder” Strategy Session Application fee.

Step 2Once you have submitted your refundable $37 application fee*, you will be asked to fill out Part 2 of the application. If you are approved, we’ll contact you to schedule your complimentary strategy session. If not, we’ll let you know and refund your deposit. Please know that we have a limited number of openings per month. Appointments are booked in the order the applications are received and approved.

Thank you for filling out this application!

In support of your ecstatically intimate love life…

Ellen Eatough, MA, “The Soulful Sex Coach”

* Fully Refundable Application Fee:

In order to schedule your free “Ecstatic Intimacy Strategy Session,” you will be asked to make a fully refundable deposit of $37. As long as you show up for your scheduled strategy session or cancel within 24 hours (business day hours), your deposit is fully refundable. You will also be refunded if you are not approved for a strategy session.

  • If, during your strategy session, you determine that moving forward with us at this time
  • is not appropriate for you, we’ll refund your deposit.
  • If you decide to book a program or coaching package with us, your deposit will be applied to your investment.